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I created this page at the request of a reader. There is no way that I can create just one list of the top 10 best workouts but since I am already creating a Workout Types page, I decided that I can try to create a top 10 list associated with each type of workout. The task was still very hard!

Here are a few things to keep in mind. The Workout Types page and therefore this page are ongoing works in progress. I have been working on them for over a year and there is no end in sight. There are a lot of categories that workouts can be organized into and just sifting through the 1000+ reviews on this blog is very time consuming. And I have to do it for each individual category. While also working full time, living my life and creating blog review posts on every new-to-me workout that I do. So it will take a long time for me to complete these tasks.

The other thing to keep in mind is the date I created each list. I will notate the date each list is created beside the list title. I mention this because after I create that list, I might encounter an even better workout that deserves a place on the list. I may or may not return to the list to update it. And it might be too hard to update because, with only 10 spaces to fill, that would require me ousting one workout from a list I have already labored over. And having (as of this writing) only created one top 10 list–they are labor intensive! I thought long and hard before whittling that first list down to 10 workouts. And I am sure I will struggle just as much with each list I create. It would have to be a really spectacular workout to motivate me to make the swap.

Remember–these are just my personal opinions. You probably will not agree with every workout on these lists.

Top 10 Rebounder Workouts (finalized 03/18/21). This was so hard. Mostly because there are so many different kinds of rebounder workouts: HIIT, cardio + strength, intense but non-HIIT level cardio. I have truly struggled over this list. And the final 3 I finally ended up having to strip away to finally narrow it down to 10 pained me. I felt like they belonged on this list! But so do the 10 listed below.

  1. Naomi Joy Fitness: Rebounder HIIT Total Body Circuit / Strength + Cardio
  2. Naomi Joy Fitness: 30 Min Mini Trampoline Rebounder HIIT Cardio Workout
  3. Body by Simone: Trampoline Cardio
  4. Naomi Joy Fitness: 30 Min Mini Trampoline HIIT Cardio Workout
  5. Barlates: Bounce Total Body/Cardio Band
  6. Naomi Joy Fitness: Jump Lower Body Strength & Cardio
  7. SanFran Fitness: 132BPM Bounce Fit Remake, part 1SanFran Fitness: 132BPM Bounce Fit Remake, part 2 (they are an entire workout split into 2 parts)
  8. Naomi Joy Fitness: Mini Trampoline Workout with Weights / Interval Workout / Cardio + Strength
  9. Barlates: Bounce Express (five 16 minute workouts that you can mix & match + warm up & cool down)
  10. Naomi Joy Fitness: 45 Min Rebound / Burn Calories Workout at Home 

Top 10 Fusion Workouts (finalized 05/24/20) These workouts successfully fuse different fitness modalities into some of the best workouts I’ve done. Some of these contain multiple workouts on one DVD/collection. Unless I specifically refer to only one of the workouts on the DVD/collection, then I think they are all equally excellent. And they also get the bonus of being 2 for 1s–meaning the entire DVD/collection gets to occupy only 1 space on the list.

  1. Barlates: Fusion Flow Box Set
  2. Feel Good Fusion: Fusion Strength
  3. Xtende Barre: Lean & Chiseled
  4. Extreme Shed & Shred
  5. JessicaSmithTV: HIIT Strength Pilates Yoga Mash Up
  6. Barlates: Stretch Sculpt Lower
  7. BodyFit 360 Volume 1
  8. Signature Series Volume 1
  9. Walk Strong 2: Build Balance + Inner Strength
  10. Barlates: Yoga Barre Fusion

Top 10 Kettlebell Workouts (finalized 05/20/20)

  1. Kettlebell HIIT // Full Body HIIT
  2. 30 Minutes to Fitness: Slim Sculpting
  3. Cardio/Kettlebell Mash Up
  4. Kettlebell Kickboxing Scorcher Series: Power Workout
  5. 30 Minutes to Fitness: Build & Burn: Kettlebell/Kickbox Fusion
  6. Kettlebell Krush
  7. Kettlebell Cardio Shred
  8. Kettlebell: Butts & Guts
  9. Cardio & Kettlebell
  10. Shred it with Weights: Workout #1

Top 10 Cardio Workouts (finalized 05/17/20) This list includes high impact cardio workouts. And as you can see, they are almost all Cathe workouts. When it comes to intense HIIT level cardio, no one kicks your butt better than Cathe. I did include a favorite cardio from Kelly Coffey-Meyer that is not HIIT level but it is high impact, excellent and one of my favorites.

  1. X10
  2. Xtrain: Tabatacise
  3. Crossfire
  4. Intensity
  5. Imax 2
  6. Ignite
  7. Cathe Live: Cardio Core Circuit
  8. Cathe Live: Cardio Core Blast
  9. To the Max
  10. 30 Minutes to Fitness: Amped Up Cardio

Top 10 Low Impact Cardio (finalized 05/16/20) This list was pretty hard because some of the best low impact cardio workouts are actually included in Jessica Smith‘s fitness programs, but since I am only listing workouts that can be purchased as stand-alone DVD workouts or downloads (or are free on YouTube) they are not included in this list.

  1. Xtrain: All Out Low Impact HIIT
  2. Low Impact HIIT Cardio + Legs
  3. Feel Good Fusion: Flow Cardio
  4. Barlates: Sweat Series (3 of the 4 workouts are low impact)
  5. ICE: Low Impact Sweat
  6. LITE: Cardio Party
  7. LITE: Rev’d Up Rumble
  8. Ripped with HIIT: Low Impact HIIT (Workout #2)
  9. Walk On: Walk Off Belly Fat
  10. Cathe Live: Time to HIIT it Low Impact

Top 10 Kickboxing Workouts (finalized 04/22/20)

  1. Cathe Live: Warrior Kickboxing
  2. Kick, Punch & Crunch
  3. KIckbox Burn
  4. Rapid Fire 2: Results
  5. Martial Fusion: Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing
  6. Power Strike 6
  7. Rapid Fire 3: Rock Steady Rock Hard
  8. Martial Fusion: Kickboxing Cardio Burn
  9. Rapid Fire 4: Sweat
  10. Cathe Live: Hard Strikes Low Impact Boxing

Top 10 Total Body Strength Workouts (finalized 03/30/20; updated 12/14/20)

  1. STS Total Body
  2. Cathe Live: Push Pull Total Body Heavy Weight
  3. Strong & Sweaty: Total Body Giant Sets
  4. Signature Series Volume 2
  5. 30 Minutes to Fitness: Muscle Up (this DVD contains two 30 minute split session workouts, I do both workouts back to back for an excellent hour long total body strength workout)
  6. Cathe Live: Fit Tower Tone & Tighten
  7. Fit Tower: Total Body
  8. Push Pull
  9. Cathe Live: Total Body Giant Sets 2
  10. Cathe Live: PHA 2020

Top 10 Total Body Cardio + Strength Workouts (finalized 03/27/20) These are total body strength workouts where cardio exercises or circuits are alternated with strength exercises or circuits.

  1. High Step Challenge
  2. Cathe Live: ICE Chiseled Upper and Lower Body Blast
  3. Cathe’s Original Bootcamp
  4. 30 Minutes to Fitness: Trim Down (combined premix)
  5. Walk On: Get Strong/Stepping Strength
  6. Cathe Live: Fit Tower Bootcamp
  7. High Step Training
  8. Reboot: Real Evolution Volume 1
  9. Extreme Shed & Shred
  10. Cathe Live: High Intensity Aerobic Weight Training with Step

Top 10 Upper Body Workouts (finalized 03/30/20; updated 03/18/21) This list includes both total upper body workouts and split set upper body workouts. If it is a split set upper body workout, I will include both workouts in a single position since the idea behind this list is workouts that give you the best thorough upper body workout. So if it’s a split set then both workouts are needed to accomplish that.

  1. Chest, Back & Shoulders Workout // Strength Supersets (42 minutes)
  2. Ripped with HIIT: Lift It Hit It: Back, Biceps & Shoulders + Chest, Triceps & Shoulders
  3. Cathe Live: Burn Sets Back, Chest & Shoulders and Biceps & Triceps
  4. Gym Style: Back, Shoulders & Biceps and Chest & Triceps
  5. Strong & Sweaty: Ramped Up Upper Body
  6. Sculpted Upper Body // Dynamic + Isometric Workout (43:30 minutes)
  7. Xtrain: Burn Sets
  8. Cathe Live: Toasted Trisets Upper Body
  9. Cathe Live: Smokin’ Upper Body Blast
  10. 30 Minutes to Fitness: Build & Burn: Upper Body Super Sets

Top 10 Lower Body Workouts (finalized 02/04/20; updated 03/18/21)

  1. Pyramid Lower Body
  2. LITE: Strong Body Stacked Sets Lower
  3. Barlates: Stretch Sculpt Lower
  4. HIIT Booty Bootcamp + Brutal HIIT Workout for Legs, Glutes + Thighs (this is not a tie, these two workouts need to be done back to back to create a full, intense and awesome lower body workout; I suggest starting it with her Leg Day Warm Up Routine which, combined with the other two workouts, gives you an intense, hour long lower body workout)
  5. Slo Mo Challenge: Lower Body
  6. Cathe Live: Totally Toned Legs
  7. Cathe Live: Legs with Weights & Stability Ball
  8. Killer Leg Day // Lower Body Strength Workout
  9. Great Glutes
  10. Xtrain: Cardio Leg Blast

Top 10 SHORT Total Body Strength Workouts (finalized 02/18/20) This is not a list of the best total body strength workouts–that is still in the works. However, if you are short on time and you need a thorough and effective total body strength workout, then that’s what you will find in the list below. Some of these contain two short strength workouts on one DVD. Unless I specifically refer to only one of the workouts on the DVD, then I think they are both equally excellent. And they also get the bonus of being 2 for 1s–meaning the entire DVD gets to occupy only 1 space on the list.

  1. Metabolic Strength Volume 6: Heat it Up (30 minutes)
  2. Metabolic Strength Volume 3: Well Built (30 minutes)
  3. Metabolic Strength Volume 1: Coming on Strong (31:30 minutes)
  4. Walk On: Get Strong!/Strictly Strength (41 minutes)
  5. 30 Minutes to Fitness: Cardio Pump Workout #2 (33 minutes)
  6. Lift & Shred (2 approx. 30 minute workouts)
  7. 30 Minutes to Fitness: Your Best Body (2 approx. 35 minute workouts)
  8. Boost Metabolism + Muscle: Workout 3 Total Focus (35 minutes)
  9. Killer Full Body Workout (39 minutes)
  10. 30 Minutes to Fitness: LIFT (2 approx. 30 minute workouts)

Top 10 Bodyweight Strength Workouts/Programs (finalized 02/19/20) These are a mixture of individual workouts as well as programs. They are not all total body either. Some are lower body focused.

  1. EFX
  2. Riptensity
  3. PiYo
  4. Bodyweight 2.0
  5. Intense 30 Minute Full Body HIIT
  6. Barlates: Stretch Sculpt Lower
  7. Body Strikes 1
  8. Body Strikes 2
  9. YAYOG
  10. Barlates: Feel Good Series


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