Kettlebell Kickboxing: Scorcher Series

KBscorcherI was a bit hesitant to do these workouts after doing Kettlebell Kickboxing: The Body SeriesScorcher and The Body Series are both created by Dasha Libin and I wasn’t thrilled with The Body Series. It had a few good workouts but overall it was beginner level, I didn’t like Dasha as trainer, I felt the program was poorly put together, and so on. Since Scorcher Series came before The Body Series I was not expecting an improvement. Well, I was wrong! It appears she started strong in Scorcher and it went downhill from there!

Scorcher Series is very well done and challenging. There are 4 workouts in this series: Power, Strength, Longevity and Diversity. I have no idea how the titles of the workouts relate to what is contained in them, but they are solid workouts. Also there is an 11 minute clip on each DVD labeled “Bonus” in which Dasha talks about diet (eating clean), how to use the workouts (3x a week), what she likes about kettlebell training and her program, form basics and some of her other thoughts such as tracking your progress. I did not like Dasha in The Body Series. Even tho in Scorcher she still talks too much, her persona is somehow different and more likeable. I cannot explain it but it is true. She seems very full of herself in The Body Series whereas in Scorcher she seems like a normal person (one not in love with herself) and pleasant to be around. Very odd! The workouts are much more intense, there is actual kickboxing, Dasha is prepared and makes the most of my workout time, even the warm ups are more active and intense than some of the actual workouts in The Body Series! The graphics are much better and accurate. This is a winner! I am relieved! I literally love these workouts. No exaggeration. Strength and Power are my favorites. Longevity is also excellent. I do like Diversity but as it is a core workout it’s just not as intense or fun as the other 3, but still a great workout to tack on to the end of one of the other 3. It actually fits together nicely with Power; the two of them together will give a solid one hour workout.

I hesitate to even think this but I am considering purchasing her newest DVD collection Scorcher 2.0. I’m tempted because it has “Scorcher” in the title but I’m scared because it is recent. The Body Series is more recent than Scorcher and pales in comparison to these workouts. Did she continue to go downhill? Or is Scorcher 2.0 as challenging and well put together as this Scorcher? What a conundrum!

Strength is 39 minutes long with a 6:30 minute warm up and a 4 minute stretch. This was an excellent, fun and intense workout. I was sweating and breathing hard. There wasn’t a single KB swing, btw and I think you could have used a dumbbell just as easily in this workout as a KB, but it doesn’t matter. It was a great workout and I will definitely be returning to it. There is some strength work but this is more of a metabolic weight training workout. Lots of cardio using a KB. Each exercise is done for a full minute. And yes–you get your full minute of work! Dasha doesn’t waste it with talk. That’s not to say she is not talking, but she and her exercisers begin the exercise immediately and you can follow along if you are familiar with the exercise being done. Then she stops (but not her exercisers) and illustrates form. The only minor drawback, for me, is the water breaks were a little too long. They weren’t a full minute, but 45 seconds I think. I think in the future I will do a KB swing during the break.

Exercises (each exercise is done for one minute):

1. KB Chop – Right (tap KB to ground near right foot, pivot and raise overhead on left)
2. Cat Squat –  Snap Kick (stand with feet sideways but torso facing front, front foot lifting slightly with toe touching ground and hold KB racked at shoulder in front hand; squat, tapping KB to ground, stand and rack KB again, front snap kick while doing an overhead press with KB)
3. Monks Walk (same starting stance except feet are both flat on ground; lower back into very deep side lunge, when you come up, don’t stand but come forward, both hands on ground, bring front foot back to plank, do push up, then bring other foot forward; when you stand you go through it all again on other side of body)
4. Triple Elbow – Sprawl (triple elbows is a martial arts block; do 3 then sprawl)
Water break
6. KB Chop – Left
7. Cat Squat – Snap Kick (other side)
8. Monks Walk
9. Double Snap Kick (one snap kick each leg then sprawl)
Water break
10. Full KB Raise (hold KB by handles; squat and raise KB overhead)
11. Long Lunge & Teep (hold KB by horns near chest; reverse lunge then front push kick with same leg)
12. Sun Rise (hold KB by horns near chest; hinge at waist then straighten bringing KB overhead into an overhead tricep extension, then a halo)
13. Double Front Kick – Sprawl (two straight leg front kicks (one each leg) touching toe with opposite hand then sprawl)
Water break
14. Full KB Raise
15. Long Lunge & Teep (other leg)
16. Sun Rise
17. Burpee Sprawl
Water break
18. KB Triangle (hold KB by horns; alternating side lunge bringing KB overhead in the middle)
19. Stiff KB Lift (deadlift and as you stand, toss KB up and catch by bell and do overhead press)
20. Boxer Halo (get into sumo squat; halo KB then press in front of you)
21. Snap Kick –  Teep – Burpee Sprawl (alternate legs)
Water break

Longevity is 43 minutes long with a 7 minute warm up and a 7:30 cool down/stretch. Another excellent and enjoyable workout. Slightly less intense than Strength, but lots of fun. Water breaks are still too long, but otherwise I loved it. Dasha talks a mile a minute but somehow she is so much more likable in Scorcher workouts than in The Body Series.

Exercises: (each move done for 1 minute)
1. Double Handed Sumo Swing (KB swing but w/ feet in sumo stance)
2. Warrior Squat (rack KB at right shoulder shoulder, keep feet in sumo stance but put all weight on right foot and raise left foot so only the toe is touching the ground–one leg squat)
3. SL High Pull (swing the KB and bring up and out at shoulder)
5. Jab, Cross, Hook Jump Switch (after the punches you do three 180 jump squats touching floor at bottom of squat)
Water Break
6. Repeat #1
7. Repeat #2 other side of body
8. Repeat #3 other side of body
9. Double Push Kick & Switch Jump (push kick each leg then 180 jump squat once, touching floor at bottom of squat)
Water Break
10. Single Handed Sumo Swing Switches
11. Warrior Walk (hold KB at chest; raise one knee while pushing KB overhead then hinge forward into Warrior 3 pushing KB to floor)
12. Suit Case Raise (stand with feet hip width apart and KB in one hand; keeping KB on one side of body, squat down and when you stand bring KB overhead)
13. Alt Teep – Donkey Kick & Switch Jump (front kick, back kick, 180 squat jump, touching floor at bottom of squat)
Water Break
14. Repeat #10
15. Repeat #11 other side of body
16. Repeat #12 other side of body
17. Triple Elbow & Switch Jumps (3 elbow blocks then three 180 jump squats touching floor at bottom of squat)
Water Break
18. Swing Switching High Pulls (same as #3 but alternate hands)
19. Alt Short Lunge Lifts (alternate reverse lunges; between each lunge push KB overhead)
20. Sumo Walk (get into sumo position holding KB at chest; squat side to side, alternate lifting one leg at top of move while pushing KB down toward leg that is lifting)
21. Triple Elbow Thrust Switches (3 elbow blocks, jump, burpee and when you come up from burpee you are in opposite stance)

Power is an incredible workout–definitely my favorite of the 3 with Strength a close second. This workout is intense! IMHO the most advanced and intense of the 4 workouts. Especially if you go as heavy with your KBs as you can. I was actually struggling to get out the last few reps on some of the exercises. I was breathing hard and at the end I was drenched in sweat. What an intense and incredible workout! And yes, Dasha ran her mouth endlessly. Somehow when she delivers a superior workout like this, it is completely bearable. I used 25 and 20 pound KBs during this workout. Power is 36 minutes long with a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute stretch. Each exercises is done for one minute.


1.  Double Handed Swing

2. Boxer Squat – Snap Kick (rack KB at shoulder and stand with other foot slightly behind KB foot–all weight will be on KB side foot; squat then snap kick with non-KB leg)

3. Clean & Push Press

4. Jab Cross – Jumping Switches (jab cross, then 180 jump twice)

Water Break

5. Double Handed Swing

6. Boxer Squat – Snap Kick (other side)

7. Clean & Press (other side)

8. Jab Cross Thruster (jab cross burpee)

Water Break

9. Single Handed Swing (one minute of swings, all with the same hand–harder than it seems when you are using a heavy KB)

10. Crescent Squat – Crescent Kick (rack KB at shoulder; curtsey squat and crescent kick)

11. Full Clean & Press (actually a snatch)

12. Cover Cover Jab Cross V Jump (2 elbow blocks, jab cross, then vertical jump)

Water Break

13. Single Handed Swing (other arm)

14. Crescent Squat – Crescent Kick (other side)

15. Full Clean & Press (other arm)

16. Jab Cross Thruster (jab cross jump burpee)

Water Break

17. Swing Switches (alternating one arm swings)

18. Goblet Squat (squat while holding KB by horn in front of you, then bring up as if you were doing a row, but instead toss it so you catch it by the bell and do another squat; alternate these two squats)

19. Muay Thai Plum (hold KB by bell; alternate raising knees and crossing them in front of body while twisting KB in opposite direction)

20. Jab Cross Full Burpee (jab cross jump burpee w/ a push up)

Diversity is 24 minutes long. There is no warm up and it ends with a 3 minute stretch. This is a unique and solid core workout. I really like it. It isn’t the hardest core workout I’ve ever done, but it is a good one. It’s varied enough to keep it interesting and has some unusual and effective moves. Each exercise is done for one minute.


1. Turkish Sit Up (partial Turkish Get Up–you just sit up–no standing)

2. Alt Plank Push Up (get into elbow plank and push yourself up into straight arm plank)

3. Jiu Jitsu Sit Up (sit on bottom knees bent, feet on floor, holding KB by horns in front of you; lay back, raising hips into bridge while pressing KB overhead to floor then sit back up)

4. Swing Through Switches (get into high plank; alternate jumping foot up between hands; similar to a mountain climber)

Water Break

5. Turkish Sit Up (other side)

6. Alt Plank Push Up (same as #2 but add a side plank after each down/up; alternate sides)

7. Oblique Knee Sit Ups (sit on knees holding KB by horns; keeping calves/knees on floor and in same position the whole time, straighten thighs/hips/torso, pushing KB overhead and when you come down, bring hips/bottom to floor on one side of calves; alternate sides)

8. Full Jiu Jitsu Sit Up (same as #3 except once you sit up, you come up on one knee; alternate sides)

Water Break

9. Turkish Sit Up to Side Plank (same as #1 except you go into side plank when sit up–the first few reps she has you do sans KB)

10. #9 other side

11. Two Handed Diver Sit Up (hold KB by horns and lay on back with KB raised to ceiling and straight legs raised to ceiling; lower both KB and feet to floor and raise)

12. Boxer Sit Up (hold KB by horns and lay on back with KB raised to ceiling and straight legs raised to ceiling; twist and raise hips side to side)

13. Two Handed Turkish Sit Up

14. KB Deck Squat (hold KB by bell and squat until your butt touches the ground, roll onto back, then roll back up to feet–never using hands)

15. Race! (sitting on bottom in a C sit, scooch bottom side to side, moving backward)


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    1. You’re welcome! And thanks for letting me know. I’ve been on the fence about those workouts but if they are even better than the original Scorcher then I want it! And I love tabata!


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