Essentrics: Class of 2012

Class of 2012 is another Classical Stretch/Essentrics workout that is led by Sahra Esmond-White. Sahra says this workout is a favorite in the classes she teaches so she decided to bring it to DVD for everyone to enjoy. And I am glad she did! It was an excellent mobility, flexibility and bodyweight strength workout. Her … Continue reading Essentrics: Class of 2012

Brutal Booty & Leg Slimming Workout! / No Equipment & No Repeats

Wow! This was brutal for a bodyweight strength workout! I hit muscle burn out a few times in the course of this workout. Brutal Booty & Leg Slimming Workout is a lower body strength workout from Heather Robertson, and it is awesome! This workout is done in typical Heather Robertson fashion--timed intervals, set to music … Continue reading Brutal Booty & Leg Slimming Workout! / No Equipment & No Repeats

Essentrics: Full Body Toning

Full Body Toning is another Eccentrics workout lead by Sahra Esmonde-White, daughter of Miranda Esmond-White (the creator of Classical Stretch/Essentrics). The website and description on the back of the DVD case say that this is one of the most popular Essentrics routines. It is often the first workout taught in a live class by newly certified … Continue reading Essentrics: Full Body Toning

Essentrics: Barre Workout

Essentrics: Barre Workout is led by Sahra Esmonde-White. I've been looking forward to doing a workout by Sahra. Her mother, Miranda Esmonde-White is the creator of Classical Stretch/Essentrics. I was charmed by Sahra. She did not remind me of her mother at all at first, but then, sometimes her mannerisms or the manner in which … Continue reading Essentrics: Barre Workout

Focus: Reach Further

This workout is part of Tracie Long's Focus Series. She says it is the 4th in the series and there is a total of 6 workouts in this series (I think). With this workout, I've now done all of Tracie's Focus workouts. This is an excellent workout. In 30 minutes you will get yoga, flexibility, … Continue reading Focus: Reach Further

Barlates: Gentle Home Workouts/Cardio Sculpt

Cardio Sculpt is part of Linda @ Barlates Gentle Home Workout Series. I really enjoyed this workout. I have enjoyed all of Linda's Gentle Home Workouts but this one may be my favorite so far. I use these workouts as recovery day workouts. I just read over my review for her Gentle Home Workouts: Combinations … Continue reading Barlates: Gentle Home Workouts/Cardio Sculpt

AngieFitnessTV: Live #84 Rebounding Body Works Class

Live #84 Rebounding Body Works Class is another hour long rebounder workout from AngieFitnessTV. This workout is done EMOM style--Every Minute On the Minute. All that means is every exercise is done for one minute. This is one of her more intense rebounder workouts. Angie says this is an "informal workout"--the type of workout she would … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Live #84 Rebounding Body Works Class

Barlates: Gentle Home Workouts/Combinations

Combinations is part of Linda @ Barlates Gentle Home Workouts Series. I am using Linda's Gentle Home Workouts on my recovery days. Today I did this workout and finished my morning workout with an Essentrics Stretch. Having done a lot of Linda's workouts, I think "gentle" in the instance of a Barlates workout means intermediate … Continue reading Barlates: Gentle Home Workouts/Combinations

FitPrime: G-Force Vol 2

G-Force Vol 2 is another FitPrime G-Force workout. This one is led by trainer Carol Miller. I have never done a workout with Carol before. I liked her but not enough to seek out other workouts done by her. This workout is done a little differently than G-Force Volume 1. Carol has a few background exercisers. … Continue reading FitPrime: G-Force Vol 2

URX-MT: Maximum Metabolic Interval

Maximum Metabolic Interval is workout #12 in the URX-MT program. It the second workout in this program led by trainer Kelli Roberts. Though this workout is different from Kelly's other URX-MT workout (Workout #6: Poly Performance Metabolic Plyometric Circuits) it has a similar focus. A lot of bodyweight strength moves (using the rebounder of course), … Continue reading URX-MT: Maximum Metabolic Interval