BeFit: Cardio & Strength Rebounding Workout

Cardio & Strength Rebounding Workout is led by trainer Fayth Caruso. Fayth is a trainer who leads a lot of rebounder workouts for Bellicon. In fact, I recently completed one of her workout programs on the Bellicon streaming site. One thing I really like about Fayth's Bellicon workouts as opposed to other Bellicon trainers is … Continue reading BeFit: Cardio & Strength Rebounding Workout


BeFit: Hard Out HIIT for Fat Loss

Hard Out HIIT for Fat Loss is another mini workout from BeFit that moves non-stop from beginning to end. The HIIT factor in this workout is based primarily on metabolic weight training--so dumbbells are used in most of the exercises. Just like Strong Ass Glutes and Plyo Box for Lower Body, this workout is pieced … Continue reading BeFit: Hard Out HIIT for Fat Loss

BeFit in 30 Extreme//90 Day Program

I already have a blog post called BeFit in 30 Extreme which is the review of a DVD workout I checked out at the library. It contains three 20 minute workouts. You do each workout once a week and repeat for 30 days. Well, that DVD was just the first month of the BeFit in … Continue reading BeFit in 30 Extreme//90 Day Program

BeFit: Maximum HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

Maximum HIIT Workout for Weight Loss is another 15 minute workout from BeFit. This workout is led by Mike Donavanik. I actually own one DVD by him: Extreme Burn Total Body Interval Training. I only did it once but I remember not liking it. So I was a bit hesitant when I realized he led … Continue reading BeFit: Maximum HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

BeFit: Plyo Box Lower Body Workout

Plyo Box Lower Body Workout is a super intense 15 minute workout from┬áBeFit. The perfect finisher for a lower body workout or even as I used it today--to finish off a Cathe Live cardio workout. According to my Fitbit, 13 of the 15 minutes of this workout I was in my peak heart rate zone. … Continue reading BeFit: Plyo Box Lower Body Workout

BeFit: Strong Ass Glutes Bootcamp Workout

This is not technically my first BeFit workout, but it is my first using YouTube. The other BeFit workouts I've done are part of a program (BeFit in 30 Extreme). I checked out level 1 on DVD at the library and was notified by a reader that the entire program (which includes levels 2 and … Continue reading BeFit: Strong Ass Glutes Bootcamp Workout

Be Fit in 30 Extreme

***Update--I just posted this review today, but I already received a comment (below) giving me information I did not have before I posted it. Apparently, everything on the YouTube BeFit channel is free! I had no idea. Since this was posted before I had that information, I am not changing the review post, just adding … Continue reading Be Fit in 30 Extreme