BeFit: Cardio & Strength Rebounding Workout

Cardio & Strength Rebounding Workout is led by trainer Fayth Caruso. Fayth is a trainer who leads a lot of rebounder workouts for Bellicon. In fact, I recently completed one of her workout programs on the Bellicon streaming site. One thing I really like about Fayth’s Bellicon workouts as opposed to other Bellicon trainers is the fact that Fayth always includes a warm up and cool down/stretch in her workouts. So far I have done workouts led by Fayth and 4 other Bellicon trainers and she is the only one who cools you down and stretches you out. And only one other trainer had an actual warm up. There are a lot of Bellicon trainers, so I am not saying they are all like that but that is what I am seeing so far.

Anyway, back to this workout. This is a short and sweet cardio + strength workout. After the warm up you do some cardio intervals then you do some lower body strength work, another short cardio burst, some push ups then another cardio interval. The final move is a plank move for your core. Then you cool down and stretch. All of the moves in this workout Fayth uses in her “official” Bellicon workouts, so I recognized everything and I really enjoyed how she stuck them all into this short workout. Lots of variety. I used this to finish off another rebounder workout I did: AngieFitnessTV‘s 40 Minute Cardio + Strength Rebounder Workout. That workout focuses on the upper body so this worked really well to get in a little extra cardio and work my legs. The two workouts worked really well together.

Cardio & Strength Rebounding Workout is 19:30 minutes; 40 second intro, 3 minute warm up (the warm up is “health bounce” variations with lots of arm range of motion exercises) and 3 minute cool down/stretch (cool down is more healthy bounces while stretching the upper body then you stop bouncing to stretch the lower body).

  1. Jack the legs (bend the knees and push into the rebounder so it is similar to a squat jack); add bent arm side lateral raise move with arms
  2. Hop side to side whole swinging arms side to side
  3. Hop forward and back while swinging arms forward and back
  4. Cross jacks
  5. Hip twist hops
  6. Squat on top of rebounder and hold squat isometrically
  7. Uneven squats (one foot on the rebounder and one on the floor); add a knee raise at top or squat (balancing on one leg on the rebounder briefly)
  8. Repeat #6 but while holding squat, do tiny bounces on rebounder (feet do not even leave the rebounder surface)
  9. Repeat #7 on other side of body
  10. Uneven squats side to side (uneven squat, squat with both feet on rebounder, uneven squat on other side of rebounder, continue alternating sides with a squat with both feet on the rebounder between each uneven squat)
  11. Jump squats on rebounder
  12. Scissor runs on rebounder while also scissoring arms front and back
  13. Push ups (Fayth shows 3 different levels, all using the rebounder)
  14. Step forward then step back on rebounder; changes to running forward and back fast (agility move)
  15. High knee runs on the rebounder; high knee sprints for 30 seconds
  16. Get into forearm plank with forearms on the rebounder and feet on the floor and do little bounces, pressing forearms into rebounder (arms do not actually leave the rebounder surface)

For more info on BeFit and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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