Ripped with Ripkins: 5 Must Do Booty Exercises

5 Must Do Booty Exercises is a short but tough lower body workout from Dustin Ripkins. I did this in combination with one of Dustin's other lower body workouts: 10 Minute Barre Leg Workout and, between the two, my lower body was fried. Seriously fried. Not bad for 25 minutes. I also did Dustin's 6 … Continue reading Ripped with Ripkins: 5 Must Do Booty Exercises

Lastics Lite: Stretch Express

Lastics was recommended to me by a blog reader a year or more ago and a Lastics DVD has been on my Amazon wishlist ever since. But I could never motivate myself to buy it. It was an hour long and it isn't cheap. I knew I would not use an hour long stretch workout … Continue reading Lastics Lite: Stretch Express

Classical Stretch: Back Pain Relief and Prevention

I bought Back Pain Relief and Prevention over a year ago--just in case, hoping I would never need this workout but knowing I would eventually. Unfortunately, I woke up yesterday morning with a cranky back. I have a long history of chronic back pain. In my late 20s it would cripple me with pain. It … Continue reading Classical Stretch: Back Pain Relief and Prevention

AngieFitnessTV: Mobility Strong Flexibility Routine

Mobility Strong is a flexibility routine from AngieFitnessTV. This is another little workout included in Angie's Triple Threat fitness program. I really liked this one a lot. You use a stability ball and you do a lot of dynamic and static stretching. I really felt like I needed it this morning. My back muscle are … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Mobility Strong Flexibility Routine

AngieFitnessTV: Move Healthy Mobility-Flexibility

Move Health Mobility-Flexibility is exactly what the title indicates--a long flexibility and mobility routine from AngieFitnessTV. I love long stretches like this one to add on to the end of intense workouts that clock in at 35-45 minutes. Angie includes this workout in her Triple Threat fitness program. Move Health Mobility-Flexibility is 15:10 minutes. Equipment: … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Move Healthy Mobility-Flexibility

AngieFitnessTV: Trampoline Extreme Flexibility & Stretch

Flexibility & Stretch is part of AngieFitnessTV's Trampoline Extreme Series. In fact, I have now done all of the workouts in this series. The other workouts in this series are: Lower Body Shred, Cardio HIIT + Total Body Sculpt, Cardio Kickbox & Upper Body Sculpt and Power Bounce Pilates Infused Style. All great workouts and … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Trampoline Extreme Flexibility & Stretch

AngieFitnessTV: Stretch and Release

Stretch and Release is part of AngieFitnessTV's 15 Minutes to Fit Series. Most of the 15 Minutes to Fit workouts are longer than 15 minutes because they were designed as finishers to add onto the end of another workout, so she includes a 2-3 minute stretch at the end of the workouts. This one actually … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Stretch and Release

AngieFitnessTV: Cardio Step

Cardio Step is part of AngieFitnessTV's 15 Minutes to Fit Series. In fact, this is the first workout Angie created in this series. I know I say it with every one of them I do but I adore these workouts. Angie created these workouts to be used as finishers and they are perfect for that … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Cardio Step

AngieFitnessTV: Ankle Weight Lower Body Sculpt

Ankle Weight Lower Body Sculpt is part of AngieFitnessTV's 15 Minutes to Fit Series. This is a rather deceptive workout. Mat work always is. Other than the warm up, the entirety of this workout is done on a mat wearing ankle weights. I have 2 sets of ankles weights: 1 pound and 2.5 pounds. I … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Ankle Weight Lower Body Sculpt

AngieFitnessTV: Light Handweight Cardio Crush

Light Handweight Cardio Crush is yet another workout in AngieFitnessTV's 15 Minutes to Fit Series. I am loving Angie's 15 Minutes to Fit series. I will be reviewing all of the ones I am currently capable of doing (shoulder surgery restrictions). Her 15 Minutes to Fit workouts are created as finishers--something to add on to … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Light Handweight Cardio Crush