Yin Yoga Snack for Lower Back & Hamstrings

This morning I did Ilaria Montagnani's BodyStrike's Volume 1 so I needed some deep lower body stretching afterwards. A Yin Yoga Snack for the lower body seemed like a good choice. Yoga Ranger's Lower Back & Hamstrings was on my To Do list so it got chosen. This was a great, deep stretch. I did … Continue reading Yin Yoga Snack for Lower Back & Hamstrings


Yin Yoga Snack for Hips, Hip Flexors & Psoas

I have been mostly focusing on my shoulders with the Yin Yoga practices I have been doing but today I decided to give my hips some love. I did a Barlates: Barre Bootcamp workout this morning and my legs were really feeling it, so I decided to give this one a try. You only hold … Continue reading Yin Yoga Snack for Hips, Hip Flexors & Psoas

Yin Yoga for Shoulder Pain

Now that I am doing Yoga Ranger workouts, YouTube is recommending all kinds of Yin Yoga workouts to me. PsycheTruth had a short Yin Yoga workout that interested me as well as some longer (30 minute) ones that interest me. This short one is titled Shoulder Pain on the workout and by the Yogi, but … Continue reading Yin Yoga for Shoulder Pain

Walk at Home: 5 Day Slim Down

5 Day Slim Down is the last Leslie Sansone DVD I will be reviewing here. I bought 5 of her DVDs for $1 each at the yearly library sale and, now that I've done them all, I doubt I will purchase more--even if there are a bunch of new-to-me ones for $1 at the next … Continue reading Walk at Home: 5 Day Slim Down

3 Mega Miles

At this year's library sale, I bought a bunch of Leslie Sansone workouts for $1 each. I love Jessica Smith's walking workouts so much, I decided that I should try Leslie's to compare. And if I like them, I have even more walking workouts to choose from. So I bought 5 of her walking DVDs. … Continue reading 3 Mega Miles

Yoga Fusion Fix

Yoga Fusion Fix is another of Jessica Smith's new releases. This one contains 3 intermediate level yoga practices of varying lengths. Jessica is by herself. All of the workouts are set on a wooden deck with the ocean in the background. I enjoyed all of these yoga practices. The longest one, Strength + Flexibility, was … Continue reading Yoga Fusion Fix

Walk On: 4 Mile Power Walk

4 Mile Power Walk is one of Jessica Smith's newest cardio walk collections. This DVD contains 4 approx. 15 minute cardio walks plus a warm up and cool down. Choose "play all" and do a 73 minute cardio walk or pick and choose what you want to do. The workout is chaptered so you can … Continue reading Walk On: 4 Mile Power Walk

Walk On: 6 Mile Mix

I have been slowly purchasing all of Jessica Smith's workouts over the past year. I used to not bother with her Walk On workouts but cancer changed that mindset. Now that I own so many of them (I own more than have been reviewed here--so there are more reviews coming) I have found I really love … Continue reading Walk On: 6 Mile Mix

Walk On: Walk the Weight Off

Walk the Weight Off is a 30 day fitness program from Jessica Smith. It contains 3 DVDs and each DVD has multiple workouts on it. Like many of Jessica's workouts, her mother Debbie is present showing easier versions of some of the moves, and her friend Beth is also present showing more advanced versions. A … Continue reading Walk On: Walk the Weight Off

The Firm: Super Body Sculpt

Super Body Sculpt is part of The Firm‘s Body Sculpting System 1 series. This workout is led by Stephanie Huckabee (though her last name was Corley when this workout was created). Since I did not purchase any of the BSS1 workouts until after I already owned BSS2, I did not always get the original DVD … Continue reading The Firm: Super Body Sculpt