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***11/29/17 note: I have not been subscribed to Cathe Live since May or June 2017 (I don’t remember exactly) and I don’t know when I will be re-subscribing. I do love Cathe Live so I imagine I will subscribe again at some point. But it’s not free, so if I am not doing Live workouts frequently, I do not see the point in paying for it. I pre-ordered Cathe’s Fit Split program, Kelly Coffey-Meyer‘s Build & Burn program and I have ordered and received Jessica Smith‘s Walk Strong 3. So I have a lot of other workouts planned for the next few months. This year I also discovered Barlates, Fit Body by Julia and other trainers with free workouts on YouTube. So there won’t be anymore Cathe Live reviews for a while. Like I said, I’m sure I will subscribe again at some point and then I will have a lot of catching up to do!***

I created this page because, unlike the majority of the other reviews on this blog, Cathe Live workouts are not available via Amazon or other retailers. Cathe Live is streaming–so no DVDs. The only way you get them is through Cathe’s website. Tho they appear and are categorized on my blog like any other workout I do, they are also compiled here for easier access. The date before the name of the workout is the date the workout aired live. I also break them down into type of workout, give the length and how long special segments are (things like core work).

I have been doing Cathe Live workouts for well over a year now. I have done more than half (127) of the 149 Live workouts she has created to date. How do they compare to Cathe’s DVD workouts? Better? Worse? Easier? Harder?

They are definitely different from her DVD workouts. Even when they contain the same exercises. I have to say I love Cathe Live workouts more than just about any other workout in my vast library and that is saying a lot. I have a long list of Cathe DVDs that are my favorites, that I love so much I cannot pick just one and say it is the best. But to be honest, I love Cathe Live workouts even more than my DVDs.

One minor difference is water breaks. You rarely get much of a break in Cathe’s DVD workouts. In a Live workout Cathe gives you time to regroup, get a drink of water and towel off. It is not a ton of time and you do not get a break after every exercise—so I don’t believe you are getting less of a workout. Also, just like her DVD workouts the intensity varies. Some workouts are harder than others. Some workouts she gives more water breaks than others. But so far, I haven’t done a single Live workout that I felt was a waste of my time. They have all challenged me. Some more than others. The vast majority of these workouts are very metabolic. Even the pure strength ones are fast paced circuits that will elevate your heart rate. So even the purely strength workouts will give you a nice calorie burn.

***1/13/17 Note: I think, thanks to Cathe Live, my lower body is stronger and has more endurance than ever, but my upper body not so much. I returned to STS Total Body this morning. I haven’t done it in a year (about as long as I’ve been subscribed to Cathe Live). I used the same weights I used last time I did it plus a 12# weighted vest for the lower body trisets. In the past, that workout always wasted me. One of the best total body workouts ever. This time through–I was struggling with the upper body work but the lower body work didn’t challenge me like it used to–even with the addition of the vest! I thank Cathe Live for both–working my lower body so well but my upper not enough. So, I do think that I lost some upper body strength doing primarily Cathe Live workouts. So starting now, I plan to supplement the upper body work in Cathe Live with some of her more heavy/focused DVD upper body workouts. Something to keep in mind.***

There are some negatives as well. Two in particular that trouble me the most. For the first negative, there is a work around. And that is the length of her stretches at the end of the workouts. In her DVD workouts Cathe almost always gives you long and thorough stretches at the end of a workout. Cathe is one of the few trainers that does that on DVD. And I have always loved and appreciated that. Well, you don’t get that with her Live workouts. In a Live workout a 3 minute stretch is long. And that is sad. Most of the stretches at the end of her Live workouts average 2 minutes. But as I mentioned, there is a work around. Cathe chapters all of her DVDs very well, so I just tack on a stretch from a DVD and problem solved. The other negative is the live aspect. I know, that makes no sense, right? There is something about the live classes I love—maybe it is the energy, maybe it is Cathe teaching a class. So what is the negative? The camera shots. It is understood when doing a real live class that everyone is at a different fitness level. But the viewer also wants to get the very best workout they can get, which means that camera needs to be focused on Cathe the majority of the time. Not just for form reasons (though that is very important, too). But especially when she changes an exercise. But sometimes it will flub you even when she isn’t changing an exercise. For instance when someone maxes out or hits muscle failure. It happens to everyone, but if the camera is focused on them rather than Cathe, and Cathe isn’t counting out loud, the viewer assumes the exercise is over, right? And so you stop too…. I have to say, it has really pi$$ed me off a few times to realize I quit an exercise early when it wasn’t finished. But this is part of doing a live workout and what you have to deal with. I am just sharing what grates on me. The same thing happens when she slightly changes an exercise—changes the tempo or adds an upper body move to a lower body move. The class is frequently lagging, so if the camera is on them rather than Cathe, you are lagging too.

I used to be upset by the length of Cathe’s Live workouts. There is a wide range of lengths but a large chunk of them fall in the 40ish minute range. I work out for an hour in the morning and I like it when my workouts fit into that time length. But I have started using lots of different add ons and well, I have really been enjoying doing Cathe Live plus something else in the mornings to equal out my hour, so that really doesn’t bother me anymore. And when I really thought about it, Cathe’s DVD workouts over the past few years are frequently in the same time range but I make them longer almost every time by using her premixes. So when I actually considered it, the length is similar to her DVDs.

One thing to consider when doing a Cathe Live workout is your weight selection. In these Live workouts Cathe is teaching a large class, which means she has to have enough dumbbells and barbell plates for everyone in the class. It is rare that she is using anything heavier than 15 pound dumbbells. 20 pound dumbbells appear on rare occasions. Since I have been doing Cathe ‘s workouts for years, I know she uses heavier dumbbells than what she uses in her Live workouts (STS, XTrain, Ripped with HIIT, etc..–she uses heavier dumbbells in all of them.) And I’m sure there are other reasons she uses lighter dumbbells too–for instance, she is teaching classes every day I imagine–she cannot be hitting her muscles hard every single day. So for that reason I will continue to list the weights that I used in contrast to what Cathe uses–not because I am showing off that I can lift heavier than Cathe. I am sure she can lift heavier than me easily, but to give a better gauge of what might be an appropriate weight for someone doing these workouts that isn’t under the same equipment constraints that Cathe and her class are under.

And that’s it. Overall, I love Cathe Live workouts. One of the best fitness investments I’ve made. Are there any Cathe Live workouts I won’t be doing/reviewing? Yes–any cardio workouts with complicated step choreography and cycling workouts. But it appears I am trying everything else.

Below I’ve done my best to break the workouts down by type, but I’m not perfect. Some—particularly in the Metabolic and Cardio + Strength categories were close and I had a hard time deciding which section to put them. But I decided to go by the primary thrust of the workout. If lifting heavy enough to get a good strength workout then I put it in Cardio + Strength. If it seemed more cardio focused and the dumbbell work was more of the metabolic conditioning variety that was used primarily to elevate the heart rate, then it went under Metabolic. However, all of the Cardio + Strength workouts are also metabolic. But IMHO, the workouts that I place under the Metabolic category do not also double as my strength workout (for my purposes), which is why I felt the need to separate them.

**I have added asterisks to many of the workouts listed below–pay them no mind, they are just personal notes for me that I use when I creating rotations (so I can keep track of things).

And finally, I have created some rotations that use Cathe Live workouts:

7/16/16–here it is, as promisedCathe Live Rotation.

12/01/16–here is Cathe Live Rotation #2

1/06/17–and here is one more: Metabolic Rotation (DVDs + Cathe Live)

5/21/17–Cathe Live Rotation #3

Live Classes:


7/02/15 PHA Training (PHAT 1) (50 minutes/6:30 minutes core)*

3/24/16 PHAT 2 (45 minutes)*

7/03/14 Upper Body Sculpting (51 minutes/5:30 minutes core)*

11/12/15 Strong Total Body (47 minutes/5 minutes core)*

10/23/14 Strong Upper Body w/ Core (56:30 minutes/10 minutes core)*

10/29/15 Mish Mosh Legs (50 minutes)*

12/17/15 Total Body Tone Up (54:30 minutes/8 minutes core)*

9/24/15 Strong Upper Body Express (40 minutes/7 minutes core)*

1/29/15 Barbell Upper Body (42:30 minutes/3:30 minutes core)*

5/21/15 Upper Body w/ Ball (49 minutes/14:30 minutes core)*

1/08/15 Lean Lower Body (51 minutes)*

6/12/14 Total Body Weights (64 minutes/7:30 minutes core)*

7/31/14 Stability Ball Total Body Weights (54 minutes/6:30 minutes core)*

9/04/14 Total Body Sculpt (71 minutes/9 minutes core)*

6/18/15 Totally Toned Legs (56 minutes)*

3/31/16 Total Body Barbell & Bands (73 minutes/8 minutes core)*

3/05/15 Legs w/ Weights & Stability Ball (56 minutes/9:30 minutes floor/stability ball work)*

6/30/16 Total Body Giant Sets (59 minutes)*

4/02/15 Push Pull Total Body (41 minutes/3 minutes core)*

11/13/14 High Reps Total Body (63 minutes/5:30 minutes core)*

9/25/14 Total Body Reps (59 minutes/4 minutes core)*

5/07/15 Muscle Max (no step) (total body) (54 minutes/6:30 minutes core)*

8/04/16 Muscle Max w/ Step (total body) (60 minutes/7:30 minutes core)*

1/22/15 Long and Strong Legs (48:30 minutes/13:30 minutes barre)*

10/16/14 Butts & Guts Live (54:30 minutes/10 minutes core)*

5/19/16 Lovin’ Those Legs (48 minutes/10:30 minutes mat work)*

11/03/16 Vertical Loading (total body) (52 minutes)*

9/01/16 Total Body Barbell Burn (57 minutes/4:30 minutes core)*

8/25/16 Shredded Upper Body w/ Ball (49 minutes/10 minutes core)*

1/14/16 ICE Total Body Compound (43 minutes)*

3/17/16 Bun Burners, Barre & Ball (47 minutes)*

9/08/16 Total Body Band & Glide (52 minutes)*

9/17/15 Triset Legs (47 minutes)*

9/15/16 Long & Sculpted Legs (49 minutes)*

7/21/16 Rock Bottoms & Core (54 minutes/11 minutes core)*

7/07/16 Hooked on Legs (52 minutes/7 minutes floor work)*

12/14/16 Chiseled Legs & Abs (57 minutes/15 minutes core work)

12/08/16 Smokin’ Lower Body (46:30 minutes)*

2/09/17 Upper Body Challenge w/ Ball (63 minutes/9:30 minutes core)

1/26/17 Strong & Lean Reps (total body) (62 minutes/6 minutes core)

3/09/17 Upper Body w/ Core Express (45 minutes/9 minutes core)

4/20/17 Upper Body Bootcamp (57 minutes)*

4/27/17 Lower Body Bootcamp (58 minutes)*

Cardio + Strength

4/30/15 Boxing w/ Leg Blasts (58 minutes)*

8/06/15 Fitness Fusion (lower body) (53 minutes/6 minutes core)*

2/12/15 Low Impact HIIT Circuit (total body) (53 minutes)*

9/18/14 Cardio Strength Blast (total body) (43 minutes/2 minutes core)*

6/11/15 Low Impact Cardio & Strength w/ Step (total body) (53 minutes/7 minutes core)*

9/11/14 Kickbox & Barre (53 minutes)

7/23/15 High Intensity Aerobic Weight Training w/ Step (total body) (56 minutes)*

10/15/15 Total Body Cardio & Weights (52 minutes/3 minutes core)*

6/05/14 Cardio Leg Blast w/ High Step (55 minutes)*

5/14/15 Cross Train Lower Body (58 minutes/6 minutes core)*

1/15/15 Ripped w/ HIIT Scrambler (total body–no chest/back) (45 minutes)*

5/29/14 Cardio & Weights (upper body) (54 minutes/5:30 minutes core)*

8/07/14 Lean & Mean Legs (52 minutes)*

5/22/14 All About Legs (69 minutes)*

2/11/16 Athletic Training Live (total body) (48 minutes)*

8/13/15 Drill Max Live (64 minutes)*

4/23/15 Lower Body Burn (52 minutes)*

5/15/14 Step HIIT + Upper Body Weights (66 minutes/5 minutes core)*

11/19/15 Blast, Barre & Bands (total body) (56 minutes)*

4/21/16 You Can Do Anything For a Minute (total body/no back) (50 minutes)*

12/11/15 Lift it Hiit It Legs (43 minutes)*

3/10/16 Bootcamp Blast Off (total body–no chest/back) (44 minutes)*

2/26/15 Bootcamp w/ Step (total body) (52 minutes/5 minutes core)*

6/23/16 Summer 2016 Kickoff (total body) (59 minutes/2:30 minutes core)*

6/09/16 Scrambled Cardio + Weights (total body) (51 minutes)*

4/14/16 Circuit S-W-E-A-T (total body) (48 minutes)*

6/16/16 Low Impact Cardio Leg Blasts + Ball Upper Body (total body) (53 minutes/3 minutes core)*

7/28/16 Smokin’ Upper Body Blast (53 minutes)*

9/22/16 Ramped Up Cardio & Weights (total body) (45 minutes)*

10/13/16 Sweat, Jump & Pump (total body) (55 minutes)*

1/21/16 ICE Chiseled Upper & Lower Body Blast (total body) (51 minutes)*

10/20/16 Shock Circuit (total body) (39 minutes)*

10/27/16 Legs on Fire (49 minutes/8:30 minutes stability ball work)*

8/20/15 Legs & Glutes (55 minutes)*

1/19/17 Total Body HIIT (60 minutes)*

1/05/17 Body Blast Boot Camp (total body/no back) (52 minutes)

12/01/16 Circuit Works Plus Barre & Core (total body) (54 minutes)

2/16/17 Rock Body Boot Camp (total body) (50 minutes)

2/02/17 Body Works (total body) (55 minutes)

3/02/17 Love Those Legs (42 minutes)

3/30/17 Fit Body Bootcamp (total body) (49 minutes)

4/06/17 Step Blasts + Weights (total body) (49 minutes)

4/28/16 Legs w/ Weights & Barre (52:30 minutes)

Metabolic Workouts

5/28/15 Super Cuts w/ Cardio Blasts (46 minutes)

6/19/14 Hard Strikes Low Impact Boxing (58 minutes/4 minutes core)*

3/19/15 Metabolic Conditioning (42 minutes)*

7/09/15 Compound Giant Sets (42 minutes/6 minutes core)*

12/04/14 Kickboxing & Compound Weights (49:30 minutes)*

5/08/14 Kickbox Bootcamp (56 minutes)*

4/09/15 Crossfire Express (36 minutes)*

2/04/16 Gloved Up & Ready (50 minutes)*

7/10/14 Metabolic Circuit Blast (46 minutes)*

3/03/16 Metabolic Mashup (50:30 minutes)*

8/27/15 Cardio Circuit Challenge Express (38 minutes)*

10/22/15 HIIT Fit Circuit (47 minutes/9 minutes barre)*

9/03/15 Fit ‘N’ Firm (48 minutes)*

5/05/16 Quick Fix Kickboxing plus 100 Reps Boxing Bonus Challenge plus Step & Weight Drills (52 minutes)*

5/26/16 Cardio Circuit Mash Up (45 minutes)*

4/07/16 Cardio Boxing + Plyo Legs (41:30 minutes)*

11/10/16 Cardio Boxing & Metabolic Conditioning (48 minutes)


12/03/15 Power Step (39 minutes)*

7/30/15 Cardio Mish Mosh (44 minutes)*

1/07/16 Crush it: Low Impact  (35:30 minutes)*

11/05/15 High Energy Kickboxing (47:30 minutes)*

11/06/14 Solid Cardio + HIIT (45 minutes)*

10/02/14 Cardio Boxing w/ Stability Ball Abs (47:30 minutes/12 minute core)*

12/11/14 High/Low HIIT (42 minutes/7:30 minutes core)*

2/19/15 Hi-Lo Cardio Kickboxing (41 minutes)*

7/24/14 Cardio Band Blast with Weights (48 minutes/6 minutes core)*

6/26/14 High Intensity Cardio Step (44:30 minutes)*

8/14/14 Hi-Lo Cardio & Core (50 minutes/10:30 minutes core)

9/10/15 For the Love of Cardio (44 minutes)*

3/12/15 Cardio Core Circuit (46 minutes)*

8/18/16 Cross Fire Quick Fix + Core (34 minutes/7:30 minutes core)*

8/11/16 Boxing HIIT Blasts & Core (48 minutes/9:30 minutes core)*

9/29/16 Old School Cardio + Kickboxing (47:30 minutes)*

12/31/15 Rock It Sock It Kickbox (53 minutes)*

12/18/14 Hi-Lo HIIT w/ Step (42:30 minutes/7:30 minutes core)*

1/12/17 Kick Punch Cardio (51 minutes)*

12/22/16 Keep the Cardio Coming (55 minutes)*

3/16/17 Low Impact Cardio HIIT (34:30 minutes)*

4/13/17 Cardio Core Blast (53:30 minutes)*

5/04/17 Quick Fix Cardio (32:30 minutes)

5/11/17 Warrior Kickboxing (59 minutes/10 minutes core)*