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***01/17/20 Note: I will be re-subscribing to Cathe Live again! Probably starting in February 2020 reviews will start posting again. I will definitely be doing the Live Fit Tower workouts, the PHA and Giant Sets workouts and probably the Low Impact and Kickboxing workouts as well. There were some others that also appealed to me, so more current Cathe Live reviews will soon be posting.***

I created this page because, unlike the majority of the other reviews on this blog, Cathe Live workouts are not available via Amazon or other retailers. Cathe Live is streaming–so no DVDs. The only way you get them is through Cathe’s website. And it’s not free like the YouTube workouts I review. It is $9.97 a month. But you get almost 300 workouts and she posts a new one every Thursday–so soon it will exceed 300 workouts! You can also purchase individual live workouts via download for $9.97 a piece. Tho they appear and are categorized on my blog like any other workout I do, they are also compiled here for easier access. The date before the name of the workout is the date the workout aired live. I also break them down into type of workout, give the length and how long special segments are (things like core work). (Now that they are all available via download, they have numbers. At some point I will go through all of my earlier reviews and add their number as well as link to the workout in case you want to purchase the download–but this is a work in progress! There are over 100 reviews to update. Today is 01/17/20 and I haven’t even started that project yet!)

I used to have a lot more written here but it was relevant to me when I did the workouts several years ago. But I am older and different now so I deleted most of it. What is written below is what I kept. Now that I am returning to Cathe Live the summary may change again.

Below I’ve done my best to break the workouts down by type, but I’m not perfect. Some—particularly in the Metabolic and Cardio + Strength categories were close and I had a hard time deciding which section to put them. But I decided to go by the primary thrust of the workout. If lifting heavy enough to get a good strength workout then I put it in Cardio + Strength. If it seemed more cardio focused and the dumbbell work was more of the metabolic conditioning variety that was used primarily to elevate the heart rate, then it went under Metabolic. However, all of the Cardio + Strength workouts are also metabolic. But IMHO, the workouts that I place under the Metabolic category do not also double as my strength workout (for my purposes), which is why I felt the need to separate them.

**I have added asterisks to many of the workouts listed below–pay them no mind, they are just personal notes for me that I use when I creating rotations (so I can keep track of things).

And finally, I have created some rotations that use Cathe Live workouts:

7/16/16–here it is, as promisedCathe Live Rotation.

12/01/16–here is Cathe Live Rotation #2

1/06/17–and here is one more: Metabolic Rotation (DVDs + Cathe Live)

5/21/17–Cathe Live Rotation #3

Live Classes:


7/02/15 PHA Training (PHAT 1) (50 minutes/6:30 minutes core)*

3/24/16 PHAT 2 (45 minutes)*

#278 PHA 2020 (44 minutes)

#184 PHA 3 (46:30 minutes)

7/03/14 Upper Body Sculpting (51 minutes/5:30 minutes core)*

11/12/15 Strong Total Body (47 minutes/5 minutes core)*

10/23/14 Strong Upper Body w/ Core (56:30 minutes/10 minutes core)*

10/29/15 Mish Mosh Legs (50 minutes)*

12/17/15 Total Body Tone Up (54:30 minutes/8 minutes core)*

9/24/15 Strong Upper Body Express (40 minutes/7 minutes core)*

1/29/15 Barbell Upper Body (42:30 minutes/3:30 minutes core)*

5/21/15 Upper Body w/ Ball (49 minutes/14:30 minutes core)*

1/08/15 Lean Lower Body (51 minutes)*

6/12/14 Total Body Weights (64 minutes/7:30 minutes core)*

7/31/14 Stability Ball Total Body Weights (54 minutes/6:30 minutes core)*

9/04/14 Total Body Sculpt (71 minutes/9 minutes core)*

6/18/15 Totally Toned Legs (56 minutes)*

3/31/16 Total Body Barbell & Bands (73 minutes/8 minutes core)*

3/05/15 Legs w/ Weights & Stability Ball (56 minutes/9:30 minutes floor/stability ball work)*

6/30/16 Total Body Giant Sets (59 minutes)*

#214 Total Body Giant Sets 2 (57 minutes)

#251 Total Body Giant Sets 3 (60 minutes)

4/02/15 Push Pull Total Body (41 minutes/3 minutes core)*

11/13/14 High Reps Total Body (63 minutes/5:30 minutes core)*

9/25/14 Total Body Reps (59 minutes/4 minutes core)*

5/07/15 Muscle Max (no step) (total body) (54 minutes/6:30 minutes core)*

8/04/16 Muscle Max w/ Step (total body) (60 minutes/7:30 minutes core)*

1/22/15 Long and Strong Legs (48:30 minutes/13:30 minutes barre)*

10/16/14 Butts & Guts Live (54:30 minutes/10 minutes core)*

5/19/16 Lovin’ Those Legs (48 minutes/10:30 minutes mat work)*

11/03/16 Vertical Loading (total body) (52 minutes)*

9/01/16 Total Body Barbell Burn (57 minutes/4:30 minutes core)*

8/25/16 Shredded Upper Body w/ Ball (49 minutes/10 minutes core)*

1/14/16 ICE Total Body Compound (43 minutes)*

3/17/16 Bun Burners, Barre & Ball (47 minutes)*

9/08/16 Total Body Band & Glide (52 minutes)*

9/17/15 Triset Legs (47 minutes)*

9/15/16 Long & Sculpted Legs (49 minutes)*

7/21/16 Rock Bottoms & Core (54 minutes/11 minutes core)*

7/07/16 Hooked on Legs (52 minutes/7 minutes floor work)*

12/14/16 Chiseled Legs & Abs (57 minutes/15 minutes core work)

12/08/16 Smokin’ Lower Body (46:30 minutes)*

2/09/17 Upper Body Challenge w/ Ball (63 minutes/9:30 minutes core)

1/26/17 Strong & Lean Reps (total body) (62 minutes/6 minutes core)

3/09/17 Upper Body w/ Core Express (45 minutes/9 minutes core)

4/20/17 Upper Body Bootcamp (57 minutes)*

4/27/17 Lower Body Bootcamp (58 minutes)*

#182 Fit Tower: Tone & Tighten (65 minutes/8 minutes core)

#224 Fit Tower Inferno (60:30 minutes/4 minutes core)

#171 Fit Tower: Total Body with Weights (55 minutes/7 minutes core)

#210 Fit Tower Light Total Body (54 minutes/8:30 minutes core)

#267 Metabolic Madness (45 minutes)

#163 Buff Upper Body (48 minutes/9 minutes core)

#281 Ramped Up Total Body (58 minutes)

#170 Metabolic Burn (47:30 minutes)

#209 Super Sets (51 minutes)

#220 Lower Body – Upper Body Dumbbell Challenge (62 minutes/6:30 minutes core)

Cardio + Strength

4/30/15 Boxing w/ Leg Blasts (58 minutes)*

8/06/15 Fitness Fusion (lower body) (53 minutes/6 minutes core)*

2/12/15 Low Impact HIIT Circuit (total body) (53 minutes)*

9/18/14 Cardio Strength Blast (total body) (43 minutes/2 minutes core)*

6/11/15 Low Impact Cardio & Strength w/ Step (total body) (53 minutes/7 minutes core)*

9/11/14 Kickbox & Barre (53 minutes)

7/23/15 High Intensity Aerobic Weight Training w/ Step (total body) (56 minutes)*

10/15/15 Total Body Cardio & Weights (52 minutes/3 minutes core)*

6/05/14 Cardio Leg Blast w/ High Step (55 minutes)*

5/14/15 Cross Train Lower Body (58 minutes/6 minutes core)*

1/15/15 Ripped w/ HIIT Scrambler (total body–no chest/back) (45 minutes)*

5/29/14 Cardio & Weights (upper body) (54 minutes/5:30 minutes core)*

8/07/14 Lean & Mean Legs (52 minutes)*

5/22/14 All About Legs (69 minutes)*

2/11/16 Athletic Training Live (total body) (48 minutes)*

8/13/15 Drill Max Live (64 minutes)*

4/23/15 Lower Body Burn (52 minutes)*

5/15/14 Step HIIT + Upper Body Weights (66 minutes/5 minutes core)*

11/19/15 Blast, Barre & Bands (total body) (56 minutes)*

4/21/16 You Can Do Anything For a Minute (total body/no back) (50 minutes)*

12/11/15 Lift it Hiit It Legs (43 minutes)*

3/10/16 Bootcamp Blast Off (total body–no chest/back) (44 minutes)*

2/26/15 Bootcamp w/ Step (total body) (52 minutes/5 minutes core)*

6/23/16 Summer 2016 Kickoff (total body) (59 minutes/2:30 minutes core)*

6/09/16 Scrambled Cardio + Weights (total body) (51 minutes)*

4/14/16 Circuit S-W-E-A-T (total body) (48 minutes)*

6/16/16 Low Impact Cardio Leg Blasts + Ball Upper Body (total body) (53 minutes/3 minutes core)*

7/28/16 Smokin’ Upper Body Blast (53 minutes)*

9/22/16 Ramped Up Cardio & Weights (total body) (45 minutes)*

10/13/16 Sweat, Jump & Pump (total body) (55 minutes)*

1/21/16 ICE Chiseled Upper & Lower Body Blast (total body) (51 minutes)*

10/20/16 Shock Circuit (total body) (39 minutes)*

10/27/16 Legs on Fire (49 minutes/8:30 minutes stability ball work)*

8/20/15 Legs & Glutes (55 minutes)*

1/19/17 Total Body HIIT (60 minutes)*

1/05/17 Body Blast Boot Camp (total body/no back) (52 minutes)

12/01/16 Circuit Works Plus Barre & Core (total body) (54 minutes)

2/16/17 Rock Body Boot Camp (total body) (50 minutes)

2/02/17 Body Works (total body) (55 minutes)

3/02/17 Love Those Legs (42 minutes)

3/30/17 Fit Body Bootcamp (total body) (49 minutes)

4/06/17 Step Blasts + Weights (total body) (49 minutes)

4/28/16 Legs w/ Weights & Barre (52:30 minutes)

#160 Fit Tower Live (61 minutes)

#238 PHA Plus Cardio Blasts (54:30 minutes)

#167 Fit Tower Cardio Legs (62:30 minutes)

#268 Fit Tower Bootcamp (49:30 minutes)

#224 Fit Tower Inferno (60:30minutes/4 minutes core)

Metabolic Workouts

5/28/15 Super Cuts w/ Cardio Blasts (46 minutes)

6/19/14 Hard Strikes Low Impact Boxing (58 minutes/4 minutes core)*

3/19/15 Metabolic Conditioning (42 minutes)*

7/09/15 Compound Giant Sets (42 minutes/6 minutes core)*

12/04/14 Kickboxing & Compound Weights (49:30 minutes)*

5/08/14 Kickbox Bootcamp (56 minutes)*

4/09/15 Crossfire Express (36 minutes)*

2/04/16 Gloved Up & Ready (50 minutes)*

7/10/14 Metabolic Circuit Blast (46 minutes)*

3/03/16 Metabolic Mashup (50:30 minutes)*

8/27/15 Cardio Circuit Challenge Express (38 minutes)*

10/22/15 HIIT Fit Circuit (47 minutes/9 minutes barre)*

9/03/15 Fit ‘N’ Firm (48 minutes)*

5/05/16 Quick Fix Kickboxing plus 100 Reps Boxing Bonus Challenge plus Step & Weight Drills (52 minutes)*

5/26/16 Cardio Circuit Mash Up (45 minutes)*

4/07/16 Cardio Boxing + Plyo Legs (41:30 minutes)*

11/10/16 Cardio Boxing & Metabolic Conditioning (48 minutes)

#195 Low Impact Step Bootcamp (46 minutes)


12/03/15 Power Step (39 minutes)*

7/30/15 Cardio Mish Mosh (44 minutes)*

1/07/16 Crush it: Low Impact  (35:30 minutes)*

11/05/15 High Energy Kickboxing (47:30 minutes)*

11/06/14 Solid Cardio + HIIT (45 minutes)*

10/02/14 Cardio Boxing w/ Stability Ball Abs (47:30 minutes/12 minute core)*

12/11/14 High/Low HIIT (42 minutes/7:30 minutes core)*

2/19/15 Hi-Lo Cardio Kickboxing (41 minutes)*

7/24/14 Cardio Band Blast with Weights (48 minutes/6 minutes core)*

6/26/14 High Intensity Cardio Step (44:30 minutes)*

8/14/14 Hi-Lo Cardio & Core (50 minutes/10:30 minutes core)

9/10/15 For the Love of Cardio (44 minutes)*

3/12/15 Cardio Core Circuit (46 minutes)*

8/18/16 Cross Fire Quick Fix + Core (34 minutes/7:30 minutes core)*

8/11/16 Boxing HIIT Blasts & Core (48 minutes/9:30 minutes core)*

9/29/16 Old School Cardio + Kickboxing (47:30 minutes)*

12/31/15 Rock It Sock It Kickbox (53 minutes)*

12/18/14 Hi-Lo HIIT w/ Step (42:30 minutes/7:30 minutes core)*

1/12/17 Kick Punch Cardio (51 minutes)*

12/22/16 Keep the Cardio Coming (55 minutes)*

3/16/17 Low Impact Cardio HIIT (34:30 minutes)*

4/13/17 Cardio Core Blast (53:30 minutes)*

5/04/17 Quick Fix Cardio (32:30 minutes)

5/11/17 Warrior Kickboxing (59 minutes/10 minutes core)*

#272 Love Me Some Cardio Kickboxing (56 minutes)

#255 Kickboxing Plus Core (50 minutes/6:45 minutes of core)

#243 In the Ring (41 minutes)

#232 Kick, Box & Bags (51:30 minutes)

#197 Cardio Kickboxing & Cardio Barre (47 minutes)

#181 Jabs & Kicks (53:30 minutes)

#166 Jabs & Abs (51 minutes/11:30 minutes core)