Cathe Live: Solid Cardio + HIIT


Solid Cardio + HIIT is another great Cathe Live workout. It is exactly what the title says–cardio alternated with (usually) HIIT level cardio blasts. It is an intense cardio workout and lots of fun. No equipment is needed for this workout. The workout has a long warm up then dives into solid cardio. Some of the moves that are included in this workout are hopping hips side-to-side and changing directions–front, side, back, side, front. Jab punches. Lots of jacks. Air jacks. 3 hops forward, hop turn, 3 hops back. Ice breakers. Grapevine w/ side kicks. Squats w/ side kicks. Jab cross w/ knee jump. Plyo jacks. Jump forward, jump back, jump quarter turn. Windmills. Jacks and jabs. Scissors. Power hop forward, block jack back. Snow angel jacks. Fred Astaire’s. Cathe also puts together some cardio combos like kick forward, kick to side, jack back, leap to side for 3, knee raises w/ speed bag arms; and kick front, kick side, kick front, plyo jack.

But there is lots more than that. That’s just a taste of what this fun and intense workout holds. I really enjoyed it and got a great workout.

Solid Cardio + HIIT is 45 minutes; 9 minute warm up and 3:30 minute cool down/stretch. It aired Live 11/06/14. Here is the video clip.


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