Popsugar: Ultimate Bikini Bottom Workout

Anna1This little 10 minute workout is different from the first 3 Popsugar workouts I’ve done so far. I also feel the title–Ultimate Bikini Bottom–is a misnomer. Yes, this workout does include exercises for your glutes, but this workout in no way will give you the “ultimate” bikini bottom. In reality, no 10 minute workout is going to do that, but if it were possible–this still would not be the workout that would accomplish it. “Ultimate” really should not be part of the title. Now, that sounds so negative, I know. But I did not dislike this workout. That is the beauty of this huge database of workouts I have created. I (and anyone else) can always reference it and be prepared when they come to a workout, choosing the appropriate workout for what they want to accomplish that day/workout. For this workout–do not expect intensity or a burn (or to achieve the ultimate bikini bottom by doing it). In fact, the workout starts with stretches. When you do glute exercises, you do not do a lot of reps. So how should this be used? You could use it as a warm up for another workout, or like I used it today. I use these 10 minute workouts as add-on/finishers. This morning I did Cathe Live: Solid Cardio + HIIT, which is a 45 minute intense cardio/HIIT workout. So I was actually relieved this was less intense than the other Popsugar workouts I’ve done so far. This functioned as an active cool down for me–in fact, starting with stretching me out! So it actually worked very nicely to finish off today’s intense workout.

For more info on Popsugar and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.

Like the other 3 Popsugar workouts I’ve done so far, this was led by trainer Anna Renderer. All you need for this workout is a mat. And it is only 10 minutes long.

  1. Knee Hug/Hip Stretch (while standing, alternate pulling knee into chest; this changes to grabbing foot with hands and pulling it up as high as possible and into body)
  2. Single Leg Hurdle Stretch (deep runners stretch; she has you pulse while in the stretch if you wish)
  3. Kneeling Hip Circles (on hands and knees, circle knee)
  4. Bird Dogs
  5. Single Leg Bridge
  6. Single Leg Squat
  7. Lateral Lunge/Reverse Lunge Combo
  8. Lateral Bound (skaters over mat)
  9. Split Lunge Hop and Squat (jump lunge then jump feet together, jump lunge–other leg leading–jump feet together, jump into squat)
  10. Seated Spinal Stretch (sit on mat, one left straight other leg crossed over the other, wrap arms around leg and pull into chest)

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