AboutI started this blog in April 2012 and I decided it was about time to (again) update this “About” page. The title “2 Lazy 4 Gym” was chosen not because I am actually lazy but because I value my time. I have a million things to do every day—and that includes working out and I do not want to waste that precious time driving to the gym and doing all of the gym stuff before I can even get started working out. Nor do I want to alter my day for a gym class schedule. Or worse—wait my turn to use strength training equipment that is covered with other people’s sweat. Then have to drive home sweaty (because I will not shower in a gym shower—I spent too many years in the military to ever want to shower in a public place again). And finally, I am an introvert. Working out is “me” time—not social hour. I do not need to take pictures of myself in the gym mirror before, during or after a workout to post to social media. I just want to work out with my favorite trainers in the privacy of my own home.

The reason I created this blog is because I have 100s of workout DVDs and the collection just keeps growing. There are currently 800+ work out reviews on this blog—and I still have tons of workouts to review. I also have exercise ADHD—so I rarely do a workout frequently enough to remember it in detail. Pre-blog I kept track of things on paper, but that was unwieldy and I was inconsistent about recording things plus I misplaced them. So I decided a database was the answer. And that’s what this blog is—a database of the workouts I own (and in the past few years workouts that I have streamed or done on YouTube).

The reviews have changed (evolved) over the years and gotten better. I try to be unbiased—but I am one person and this blog contains my opinions. You may love a workout that I hate. And I may hate a trainer you love. But I need an accurate account of how I felt about a workout since I reference this blog a lot. I don’t just write it, I constantly reference it to create my own workout rotations. I decided to make it accessible to anyone interested since I still scour the internet for information about a workout I am interested in purchasing. And frequently when I do find reviews, they don’t contain all of the information I am looking for. So hopefully this is useful to others trying to make workout purchase decisions.

about2A little bit about me. Now, I know this blog is done anonymously but the basics about me are: I am a female in her late-40s, married w/ two children, two dogs and a well-equipped home gym. I consider myself an advanced home exerciser, but I am no power lifter or cross-fitter. Nor am I a fitness trainer. I  just love to workout. I also think I am something of a hoarder. I don’t hoard everything but for some reason I do purchase workout DVDs somewhat compulsively. I can’t explain it, but there are worse compulsions to have.

***I decided to add some additional info about myself because I have been doing this blog for a long time and, well, life happens, which affects the type of reviews I do. So first, before I even created this blog, I was hit head on by a drunk driver. In the accident both of my heels were crushed. So I have 2 plates and 12 screws in each heel. Rehabilitating from this accident was a long road but by the time I started this blog in 2012, I was able to run, jump and lift weights again. But I do sometimes have some unique, foot related problems that I may comment on in a workout review. I mostly do that because a problem I had may not apply to someone else–my problem with the workout could be unique to me because my feet are full of metal. The other (current as of adding this update/2018) issue that has recently changed the nature of my posts is that I have breast cancer. I had a mastectomy and am now undergoing chemo, which will be followed by radiation followed by reconstruction. So throughout this upcoming year I may not be exercising at the level that readers/followers of this blog are accustomed to. I am hoping there will be times during this year when I can workout again at my previous level but I know there will be a large amount of time when I need something easier than what I have done in that past. So the reviews over the next year will reflect that–meaning there will probably be a lot of reviews for easier/lower level workouts than what normally appears here. But hopefully in 2019 I will be back to my old self (and fitness level).***

I have a Current & Upcoming page that I update several times a year. It will tell you what I have in the works. In addition to that, there is a Streaming page. On this page I list reviews of workouts that are available to everyone for free on YouTube. I also create rotations using workouts that are reviewed on this blog and there is a Rotations page that lists some of these rotations. And finally, I subscribed to Cathe Live for about a 18 months and during that time reviewed 127 of her live workouts. There is a page listing all of Cathe’s Live workouts I reviewed.

Finally, you can email me at fitness@2lazy4gym.com if you have any questions or comments.


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  1. Take care of yourself just read about your heart, I pray that you heal and can get back to your workouts you had planned You are an inspiration

    • Thank you Roselyn! Yesterday my oncologist gave me an even stronger medication which finally seems to be working. So hopefully soon I will be doing better.

  2. I wandered onto your blog when I was considering buying JM’s Body Revolution and I am totally awed at the thoroughness of your reviews. Thank you so much for making all this available to the community.
    Furthermore, your determination to keep fit through physical illness is inspiring, a model to live up to.
    For your blog, you might consider reversing the order of comments so the most recent are at the top. It should be pretty simple to implement (unless you have deliberately set it up the way it is, in which case ignore my comment!).
    Lastly, I did buy the body revolution and I will start it in a couple of weeks when I have finished re-doing Ripped in 30 but do you have a recommendation for a kettle bell workout which is true kettle bell moves rather than regular moves that just happen to use a kettle bell?
    I wish you the very best with the last phase of your treatment (I had radiation a couple of years ago and was lucky enough to sail through it but I hadn’t gone through surgery and chemo first).

  3. I wandered onto your blog when I was considering buying JM’s Body Revolution and I am totally awed at the thoroughness of your reviews. Thank you so much for making all this available to the community.
    Furthermore, your determination to keep fit through physical illness is inspiring, a model to live up to.
    For your blog, you might consider reversing the order of comments so the most recent are at the top. It should be pretty simple to implement (unless you have deliberately set it up the way it is, in which case ignore my comment!).
    Lastly, I did buy the body revolution and I will start it in a couple of weeks when I have finished re-doing Ripped in 30 but do you have a recommendation for a kettle bell workout which is true kettle bell moves rather than regular moves that just happen to use a kettle bell?
    I wish you the very best with the last phase of your treatment (I had radiation a couple of years ago and was lucky enough to sail through it but I hadn’t gone through surgery and chemo first).

    • Thanks for the suggestion Rebecca. I can’t figure out how to do it right now (I gave it a cursory look) but I will look into more this weekend. I agree–newest comments first is better. I have two identical posts from you btw–but one is from “Polly Fragrant.” WordPress stuck you both in my Spam folder. I think that’s why. I actually have a kettlebell program that haven’t tried yet (I will some day) called the Skogg System. You can get it on Amazon. As for individual kettlebell workouts Paul Katami has some really good ones, then there is the Iron Core kettlebell collection and finally Brook Benten has created some good ones. I also really like Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s kettlebell workout.

      So far radiation isn’t affecting me anything like chemo. I did have some pretty brutal fatigue for a few days but that has cleared up so I am wondering if I can attribute it to something else. My oncologist thought it was a little early for the fatigue to be setting in (I am only in week 2 of radiation and I have a total of 7 weeks; I had 3 days of extreme fatigue after only a week of radiation). But she also said it could be because I only completed chemo a little over a month ago. Who knows? But I feel fine again (no more fatigue), so it’s all good.

      ****I figured it out and changed it so now the newest comments are at the top! Thanks for the suggestion!

      • Thanks for the advice. That’s helpful.
        I hope you are kind to yourself on bad days and that whoever gives you hugs is doing a good job.

  4. I am so very sorry about your breast cancer diagnosis. Here’s hoping the chemo treatments are tolerable and extremely successful for you. I read your reviews all the time (ok, 99% of the time I’m reading Jillian Michaels ones, but still…lol), and appreciate the time, dedication, and detail you put into them. Even though like you stated, you post this blog anonymously, I feel a connection with you because most of your assessments are spot-on with mine. Please feel free to contact me if you need help with this blog in any way. In the meantime, be kind and gentle with yourself, and be patient as your strength returns. Because it will. Because you’re healthy, strong, and determined!

    • Thank you so much Renee! And I am glad I was able to post a new Jillian review! Though I am sure Beginner Shred is too easy for you. I appreciate your offer to help, too. I will keep it in mind.

  5. I’m pretty much like you…like to have cardio+ weights. Funny u say kbing circuit…that’s one I wrote down to do. I have never tried yoga. I am going to do the 4 u suggest.

    • I like all of her yoga workouts. Some are very gentle and some are very intense. Since they are all pretty short (most 30 minutes or less) I like to combine them–start with an intense one and end with a nice gentle one.

  6. I have another question! I’m loving barlates thanks to you, and wanted to check out other instructors from your streaming page. Jessica Smith has caught my attention. She has sooo many workouts,just like Linda! Do you have a few favorites that you could suggest?
    I hope you are doing well.

    • What type of workouts are you looking for? Cardio? Strength? Barre? Jessica’s barre workouts are easier than most of Linda’s Barlates barre workouts but still very effective. She does excellent strength workouts and great little intense cardio workouts. Overall tho, one of my favorites of her free YouTube workouts is her HIIT Mash Up. I also loved MetCon 5, Kickboxing Circuit Workout, Leg Day and most of her yoga workouts. I really love more than that–she does awesome workouts and they are free! But those are probably my favorites.

  7. I love your blog – I’m a strictly home exerciser primarily with Cathe and I always use your reviews to decide which purchases to make next 🙂 I’m starting to feel like there’s something missing in my routines – getting some nagging pains here and there. I think it might be good to mix it up even though no one competes cue-wise and quality-wise to Cathe so I’m hesitant even though I think it would be good. So in your opinion, would KCM or Yvette be the right people to check out? I’ve heard of KCM but never done her or Yvette’s exercises. I’m looking for something slightly different, challenging but not too high-impact or something that could be modified, and results worthy. Thank you!

    • Hi Angela–I’m not sure what you mean by pains? Maybe what you need to add is some flexibility/yoga? I try to do that once a week. Both Yvette and KCM are excellent. You will get more variety with KCM as well as shorter workouts. However with Yvette you will get phenomenal calorie burn and be working very hard. They are both different from Cathe yet complementary. KCM is easier than both Yvette and Cathe but not easy–especially if you challenge yourself weight-wise. And again, Yvette is non-stop hard work with cardio in every single workout. If you go to my Streaming page (pages are listed across the top of the blog) and scroll down to the list of Yvette’s workouts (with links to the reviews) I break them down beside the workout so you can see at a glance what muscle group are worked and if it is possible to shorten the workout (many of hers are over an hour long). Yvette’s workouts are not as high impact as Cathe’s but there is impact. KCM is the same–not as high impact, but there is impact. The difference with KCM is that most (not all) of her workouts has a modifier showing low impact versions of the exercises.

      Hope this helps! And if you are having pain, I would suggest adding yoga to your weekly workout routine.

      • Thank you for your thoughtful response. You’re totally right – I popped in a stretch DVD shortly after I wrote you and was humbled to say the least 🙂

  8. I was looking over your blog as I do often, and came across Yvette Bachman. Her utube videos look fun & hard! I work out to cathe and Kcm, how are her workouts compared to theirs? I really think I am going to try one of them!

    • Hi Michele! I find her workouts more challenging than most of KCM’s but she is on par with Cathe. But she is also very different from Cathe, so you are not getting the same kind of workout. But I do think they all work very nicely together (Yvette, Cathe and KCM).

      It’s good that you have worked out with Cathe already, too. Tho Yvette’s workouts are excellent there are form issues. She lifts heavy and that is good, but sometimes too heavy and uses momentum to lift the weights–that isn’t good. So as long as you don’t try to lift too heavy because she is and maintain good form, then you will get a lot out of her workouts. I personally love them and just ignore any poor form I see since I know how to perform all of the exercises properly.

  9. Would you consider reviewing Science Based Six Pack by Thomas Delauer sometime in the future? I’m curious but skeptical about it….

    • I googled it and looked on Amazon but I cannot find any actual program. I did find his website and his YouTube channel but nothing about a 6 pack program. Do you have a link?

  10. Hi there, I’m looking at your own rock Bottom rotation. Most weeks you have A workout for the day then it says double with another workout. Does that mean you do both on that chosen day? Thx Lyanne

    • Hello Lyanne, Yes, that is what doubles are–my second workout of the day. Monday-Friday I workout for an hour in the morning and Monday-Thursday I also workout another 30 minutes after I get home from work. On weekends I can do a longer workout all in one session since I don’t work on weekends.

  11. First I want to say thank you for this great website. I value the information you give about every workout. Like you, I have been working out from home for years. It’s great to see others out there like me. I was wondering what you think of coffeyfit raw not being free anymore. I love KCM but just don’t know if it’s worth $10 a month. Any thoughts? Right now I subscribe to Cathe. I also have 100’s of dvd’s that I use too. So many options! I’m also loving all the youtube workouts that you suggested. I look forward to hearing what you think. Thanks again!

    • Hi Kimberly! You’re welcome! I am so glad this blog is helpful. I’ll be honest, I am disappointed that KCM is charging for her Raw workouts after doing the for free ones YouTube but I do understand why she is charging. If I was doing her workouts more frequently then I would pay the $10 a month but currently it would be hard for me to justify. I can’t even justify Cathe Live anymore because I spend more time doing free YouTube workouts and DVDs I own. I honestly don’t know if I am willing to pay for a streaming subscription anymore. Not while Yvette Bachman, Fit Body by Julia and Jessica Smith continue to post free workouts. And their current workout libraries are already so vast that even if they stopped posting new ones they have plenty to keep me busy.

  12. do you know anything about X-Factor:ST (Weider)? PS love your website. I always check it out before doing a workout and before I purchase. Appreciate the time you take to do this!

  13. I am fairly new to your blog, and it is amazing! I honestly don’t know how you keep up with it! My favorites are your Cathe Live reviews and rotations! I’m excited for the day you come back to it and catch up with the new workouts! Until then, I thank you for your time and effort! It is obviously much appreciated by so many!

    • Thanks! I am glad you are enjoying it. I imagine one day I will return to Cathe Live again. I do have to say, with Yvette Bachman offering some of the best and most enjoyable workouts I’ve ever done on YouTube for FREE, it won’t be any time soon.

  14. I remember when I could go like you. I did not think I would ever slow down but after 60 BAM! I could no longer train so hard. So be careful and don’t overdo it. After age 65 you will realize you are no longer bionic. Please be careful!

    • No, I have not tried it or heard much of anything about it. I probably won’t try it either. I never say never, but it’s something I am currently watching.

  15. I am new here, I’ve spent time looking through a lot of content, so if there’s an answer to my question already, please forgive me asking it again. In a nutshell, I need a recommendation for me: 54, life-long exerciser EXCEPT I’ve had to take an entire year off due to a torn meniscus. I have recently started walking but am itching to get back into a stronger, healthier post-menopausal woman. Do you have any recommendation for a dvd, or trainer, or specific program to start again in a way where I won’t re-injure my knee?

    • I have been there! I was hit head on by a drunk driver in 2009 and both of my heels were shattered. I have plates and screws in both heels. The rehab for that was long! And similar to what you are going through, I had to start with no or low impact. I don’t know where you are in the rehab process, but I started with Leslie Sansone’s walking workouts and pilates workouts. After that it depends on what type of strength training you are looking for. I just discovered Barlates and Jessica Smith and they both work very well for people looking for low/no impact. Barlates (Linda Wooldridge) is more advanced and does not show as many modifications, but most of her workouts are intense with little to no impact. Jessica Smith is more intermediate but she shows a whole range of modifications from beginner and/or no/low impact, to advanced/high impact. So her workouts can be modified to all fitness levels. BTW–both of those trainers have TONS of free workouts on YouTube. And finally, Kelly Coffey-Meyer workouts are always perfect. In the majority of her workouts she has a modifier showing modifications to almost every exercise. She has strength, cardio and metabolic workouts.

  16. By the way, what do you do with all of the workouts you never see yourself going back to? Do they get relegated to some “wall of shame” in your workout library? 🙂

  17. I just want to say that I LOVE YOU! You are helping me get my 55 year old self in decent shape by following your reviews regarding at home workouts. I’m a Cathe lover, I have about 6 of her DVD’s (one HIIT set) that’s my version of hording! 🙂

    • I’m so glad this blog is helping you! It’s amazing how much is out there! But once you find that (or those!) soul mate workout(s)–it makes it so much easier to motivate yourself.

      • I think I am going to subscribe to her streaming service. I already want to buy her XTrain series and I want the new one she just announced. I want to try the ICE series. Question: when her new Advanced Fit Split Workouts DVD is released (she is taping now) will it be available on the streaming service as well? If so, I should join right away because I already want to purchase about $200.00 of her workouts today alone not even including the new one that will be released in the fall!! lol

      • I think so. I haven’t been subscribed to her streaming when something new comes out. Except maybe the fit tower workouts and since I wasn’t interested in them I didn’t notice them. Plus I only used the streaming for Cathe Live and blender since I own all of her DVDs. And yes, these obsessions can get very expensive. I have purchased everything Cathe has done on DVD (except Fit Tower stuff) plus subscribed to streaming. I am currently on hiatus from blender and Live because I am doing Katami 4×4 but I will be subscribing again soon!

  18. Still loving your blog and wishing I had some of your motivation! Curious about the new Cathe Fit/Split. Seems similar (but different) than 4DS. I’m always so tempted to buy during the pre-sale. Appreciate your thoughts! I figure it is Cathe – how bad can it be? 🙂

    • Hi Nancy! That’s what I thought. Sounds like an updated 4Ds–which I LOVE–so I, of course, pre-ordered the moment I opened the email! I’m pretty excited about it. especially since I’ve passed on all her Fit Tower stuff.

      • I really didn’t see myself using the Fit Tower or DVD’s. I passed, too. Pretty much the only Cathe stuff I’ve really passed on in years. I wish KCM would come out with more DVD’s. I really love her, too. My current favorite is Circuit Burn, but there are many!

      • Circuit Burn is one of my favorite KCM workouts, too! Have you tried her CoffeyFit Raw workouts on YouTube? I am loving them so far.

      • I just saw that she had them because of your blog! I haven’t tried them yet, but am definitely planning on it!! How did you discover she had them?

      • I follow Kelly on Facebook. Now I have the YouTube app on my phone and it sends me an alert every time she (and other YouTube trainers I follow) upload something. So now I learn about it even quicker.

  19. I really love your page! Such great information! It pushed me to lift heavier like you did for ICE Chiseled Lower Body and boy am I feeling it. Will regularly view your page 🙂

    • That is such an awesome workout, isn’t it? I really love her ICE series. I didn’t think I would but they turned out to be excellent and challenging workouts–and more fun than many of her other workouts.

  20. Thanks for your reply, I do plan to give On Demand ago at some point, so will give them a go then. Although looking at the video clips, I think they will be modifable.

  21. I always check out your blog as completely trust your opinion on whats hot or not! I was just wondering if you could give me a bit of advice.. I love Cathe & have pretty much all her DVDs. However I have not purchased the new Fit Tower Advanced DVDs as I don’t have a Fit Tower & living in the UK I have no way of purchasing one. I was just wondering if you have tried these DVDs yet & if so could I modify with a chair for some moves? I really want to get the DVDs but no point if they are not able to be modified in some way. Thanks

    • Hi Aimee–no, I haven’t tried these DVDs and I don’t plan to. I just can’t see myself using them very often. However, if I were ever to change my mind, I wouldn’t buy them with the Fit Tower. I would just use a chair. I don’t know if that is a suitable substitute. You can sign up for her OnDemand and try them that way to see if they are modifiable. There is a lot more to OnDemand–even tho it is $19.95 a month you could do a lot in the month–Cathe Live and Blender–plus trying those workouts to see if they are modifiable.

  22. LOVE LOVE LOVE your site! I belong to a mom-n-pop fitness operation that does quite a bit of Insanity type workouts. But I want the option of working out at home too. You do a great job of describing the workouts. Doing Insanity 30 with Shaun T now and I like to know what the workout is before I do it so I’m mentally prepared. Plus now I don’t buy a DVD set until I read your reviews.
    Thank you for taking the time to do this!!!
    ~ Fanatic in Iowa

    • You’re welcome! I am so glad my blog is so useful! I feel the exact same way. I always want to be mentally prepared when coming to a workout. If it’s been a while since I’ve done a workout, I always re-read my own review before doing it again!

  23. I just wanted to stop in and thank you for making my workouts so much easier and more efficient. The fact that you have taken the time to write the breakdowns out has helped me improve my physical fitness level with ease.

    You are awesome! Thank you again!

  24. I stumbled upon your reviews because I have over 300 workout dvds and am always looking for the next one. I tried a few new ones thanks to you (Meta Shred and the Anarchy workout), so thanks for the info.

  25. I just recently came across your blog and I’m so glad I did! I love working out at home, but I’ve been bored with my usual workouts lately after doing them for years now. I need to find something new to motivate me and after reading just a few of your reviews so far, I already have a list that I’m excited to try. This is just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

  26. Hello!! I recently found your page, and it´s amazing!! I´m a big Jillian fan, but in my country `workout at home´ is something very weird. When I try to explain my habit to other people, they look at me like If I´m crazy!! And of course they are always telling you that you´re never going to get results with that. So it´s a pleasure for me to meet a workout DVD fan like you!! Thanks for sharing all this good information with us! (and sorry for my english)

    • Hello Cris! It’s crazy, isn’t it? I worked out at a gym a long time ago and I get much better workouts now than I ever did when I went to a gym. That’s what happens when people judge without trying–they miss out on a great thing!

  27. That is impressive! I’m going to give it my best shot, but i hate every second of it. And, there is NO chance I am getting up that early on the weekend. I’ll get in a workout somehow those days!

  28. Hey, there! I assume from your background that you workout in the morning before work. I need to do the same (before my 8yo gets up and I have to get her ready and to school, then drive to work). I just don’t have the time or energy for a longer workout by the time I get home. While I can get out of bed at 5am to get to a meeting or catch a plane, it is really a struggle to drag myself out of bed an hour early for a workout (even though I feel great when I’m done). I’ve read all of the tricks and such, but wondered if you could offer any motivation!!

    • Hi Nancy! Yes, I work out every work-day morning at 4:30am (6:30am on weekends). To be perfectly honest, what “motivates” me is habit. I have been doing this for more than 10 years (when my kids lived at home, too). And sometimes when I get out of bed I don’t feel like working out but it is such a habit that I do not even think about it or consider it. I just do it. Many times I am not even really awake until the warm up is nearly done! I do not have any tricks unfortunately–just persistence. Do it enough times and it becomes more than a habit but in intrinsic part of your day. So that when you do not do it, your day seems all wrong and “off.”

  29. Hello,

    I just discovered your blog through VF. I love your reviews! I’m a huge Cathe fan, dating back to the 90’s. Like you, I work out for 60 minutes in the morning. Since her more recent DVDs are less than that, I am always looking for an “add-on” which many of her DVDs work well for as you point out. It would be great if you tag – label these shorter workouts.


    • That’s a good idea and one I have actually been thinking about. I did add the time lengths to the workout lists under Streaming and Cathe Live, but now I think I will add some categories to the category menu along the right hand side for 10, 20 and 30 minute workouts. It will take some time tho! Once I create them I’ll have to go through 300+ reviews and add the category to the review but I hopefully I can get it done in a week or so.

  30. Hi
    Really appreciate your blog. I read that you do two workouts a day. I am thinking of doing the same. I want to workout at lunch time then after work. after work i am thinking of doing cathe low impact workouts- cardio and at lunch strength three times a week and spinning the two others. Can you give me any advice on doing doubles? I don’t want to get injured(already have slight knee pain) or crash on my workouts. Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Yolanda! The biggest thing that I do is schedule everything out in advance. Even if you only do a week at a time. That way you can be sure you are putting enough time between any workout that gives you a lot of impact. I make sure I don’t do HIIT level workouts that include plyometrics any more than 3x a week and make sure there is always a day between them. However, looking at the plan that you have, it looks workable just as it is. There is no impact and cardio can be done every day. As long as you’re giving yourself some recovery time between strength workouts, then you have an excellent plan already mapped out!

  31. Love your blog. I use it almost daily. What is your favorite live met/circuit workout that is heavier focused on weights? I did scrambled cardio and weights Mon and it had a cardio focus I thought (great wo !) So now want more weight focus

  32. I learned about your site through Cathe’s site. Great information and I love just how relatable you are. I will be following you from here in out.

  33. Love this blog! So helpful. Thank you for putting so much time into this! I was wondering if you could make a recommendation for me, since you know what you’re talking about! 😉
    I’m a HUGE Kelly Coffey-Meyer fan. It looks like you’re a big Cathe fan. I’ve never done anything by her before–if you were to pick one Cathe workout to get started on…what would you recommend? Bonus: I love step aerobics. Any thoughts? Step or otherwise?

    • Hi Laurel! And you’re welcome! I’m not sure what your fitness level is. Cathe is more advanced than KCM. I will tell you what my absolute favorite Cathe workout is: High Step Challenge. It uses the high (square) step and is a cardio + strength workout and the step choreography is basic and athletic. Cathe’s step cardio can get pretty complex and KCM’s is easy in comparison (her choreography I mean). Party Rockin’ Step #2 is a lot of fun and not too complex. Let me know the type of workout you are looking for and I could probably give a better recommendation. Strength (split series or total body)? Cardio? Cardio + strength? More metabolic cardio (using dumbbells)? And level–intermediate? Advanced? And finally–do you like high impact or do you prefer lower impact workouts? Oh–and length? KCMs are all 30 minutes but Cathe’s are longer–some are really long and others in the 40-50 minute range.

      • Thanks for the quick reply!! I’ll definitely check out those two you recommended. I would love more difficult step choreography–so that’s welcome!
        I’ve always just done videos to stay in shape, but just recently have gotten more into it with trying to plan workout rotations–very beginner in that regard.
        Trying to gain muscle and get rid of a few pounds that seem to hang on. So, I’m guessing total body? Would love to become more knowledgeable on what workouts to do when in order to get where you want to go (reading your workout rotation section right now! 😉 )
        As far as level, probably intermediate to advanced. I like a variety of lengths! 30 minutes for weekdays before work and longer ones for the weekend.

      • Then I think you will like Party Rockin Step #2–more complex choreography than KCM but not overcomplicated. It is more of a steady state cardio workout and it is fun. And if you find the choreography too easy? Then try Party Rockin Step #1–that one is way too complex for me! Cathe doesn’t have any workouts that fall in the 30 minute limit that aren’t HIIT workouts. However, she always has “timesaver” premixes, so you can do a shorter version of her workouts. One of my favorite Cathe strength workouts that is total body and high-intermediate is Push Pull wonderful workout with premixes that can make it more advanced. The best bonus about this DVD is it has two full strength workouts on it. The other one is Supersets and it is also an excellent total body strength workout!

  34. Thank you so much for this blog! I stumbled upon it while looking for some reviews of Cathe’s DVDs after trying and loving her ICE series and your site popped up. It’s become an invaluable reference source because you take the time to break down every part of a workout – I’ve been copying and pasting a ton of those breakdowns into my Word reference guide! I don’t know if you’ll see this but this 40-something female (who also has two golden furballs and while not a husband a long term boyfriend) thanks you so much! 🙂

      • I LOVE the muscle meltdowns! Before Cathe I had a hard time finding DVDs that provided enough weight training (sorry but I don’t buy Tracy Anderson’s claim that women should only lift three pounds…then again, I don’t buy most of her “scientific” claims LOL). I especially love the triceps and biceps meltdowns! Your blog is wonderful, it’s been so helpful when trying to decide what DVD to buy; I just bought Cathe’s Body Max 2 based on your review. Having a lot of trouble with the choreography (hopefully that will come in time) but it was worth it for the strength and ab sections alone! 🙂

  35. Hi! I found out about you from the Cathletes Facebook site. LOVE your reviews! I’m in my low 40’s with 2 kids as well and a home fitness junkie. Will be following you for future reviews!!

  36. I just wanted to thank you for your reviews! They are so helpful and well written. I am a new Cathe Live Subscriber and your reviews of those workouts have been invaluable. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

  37. Thank you very much for the Cathe Live reviews! I agree that they are generally easier than her DVDs, but have enjoyed her cardio, step and lower body workouts so far. I look forward to reading your thoughts on those!

    • Though they are easier, they aren’t easy! I am still getting a great workout from the Live workouts. And so far, I am honestly finding them more fun. I did not expect that. I really love Cathe’s DVDs, but these live workouts have really reminded me of why I got addicted to home workouts in the first place!

      • Yes, me too! Sadly, my Cathe DVDs (as well as pretty much all my DVDs from other instructors) have been laying dormant on my shelf since I discovered streaming workouts like Cathe Live. The spontaneity and continual freshness of their content make the streamed workouts so much more appealing to me.

  38. Wow!!!Just stumbled across your site….fantastic information and I’m so glad I found it. Have been working my elliptical trainer for many years, day in day out, but suddenly decided I needed a change earlier this year, so I sold the elliptical, bought a spin bike and discovered the world of DVD programs which I didn’t know existed. Wish I had done this years ago. I’m just finishing up XTF Max (one more week to go) and will be starting PiYo in January. I can’t wait to spend time looking at all of your reviews. Thank you so much for all the effort you put in!

    • Hello! I’m so glad you are finding my reviews helpful. I have seen XTF Max before and have wondered about it. What are your thoughts about that program. I believe that is the same company that created RIPT90–and I really like RIPT90.

      • Hi again. It’s the first program I’ve done, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I would say it is probably beginner/intermediate. It is “no frills” for sure, and I know many people find the instructor annoying (based on Amazon reviews), but I didn’t have a problem with her–in fact, I think I’ll probably miss seeing her after I finish the program on Tuesday! She does repeat a lot of the same jokes on different DVD’s, and she talks about sweating a lot, but I am used to it now. Anyways, I am definitely seeing body changes over the 3 months that I have done this (I don’t have weight to lose) and I am approaching 50 (quickly), so I would say this has worked well for me. I didn’t like the yoga DVD (way too many down dog routines for my wrists), so I did level 1 of JM’s Yoga Meltdown on my yoga days instead (free on youtube) which worked out well. One of the other issues is that I don’t think she works both sides of the body equally–it all seems kind of random in terms of time and/or reps for each side. Now I am interested in RIPT 90 (since you say you like it)….seemed like it was mostly for men, but I do want to emphasize weight-lifting more, so I will check that out. I would really like to get her one-on-one 5 disc series because they are similar to “circuit burnout” (my favorite DVD of the whole XTFmax set), but they don’t ship to Canada from Amazon.com–I’ll have to see if I can find it somewhere else. Anyways, if you have any specific questions about the program, please ask! You can probably find some clips on youtube as well. Take care.

  39. Thanks for the quick response! I haven’t done those particular workouts, but I have done other Tracy Anderson and Pure Barre dvds. I’ll be interested in your impressions!

    If you haven’t already, check out Linda Wooldridge’s Barlates workouts. She has a bunch of free content on YouTube you can try before buying. I think you’d like them because they’re on the more intense side within the barre genre.

  40. Hi again, you posted that you were interested in trying more yoga and barre workouts. I was wondering which barre workouts are on your list, so I can look forward to reading those reviews. 🙂

    • Hi! Yes–I can tell you what I checked out from the library this past weekend. Pure Barre: 16th Street Vol 2 and Element: Barre Conditioning. I’m not sure what Tracy Anderson is at this point but if she is barre, too, then that one is Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout. I currently plan to be doing them (and reviewing them) all the first week of November.

  41. I love love love this blog!!! We have the same taste in workouts. Thank you for your time writing out reviews … I have placed a few orders on your reviews … thanks.!!

  42. Just want to add to the fan girl praise of your blog! 😀 I have been addicted to your site recently and reading almost every review (okay not every single review but close!). You have been instrumental in my recent binge collecting of all things Kelly Coffey-Meyer. lol I already had pretty much all of Cathe’s workouts, but I still enjoyed reading your reviews. We have the same taste for the most part! Thanks so much for your time and effort with this blog!!!

    • I am so glad this blog is helpful! It is a great (though expensive!) day when you discover that trainer that you must hoard everything they have ever created. It was so expensive when I discovered Cathe–she has so many awesome workouts and none of them are cheap. But so worth it! I do the same thing with Kelly–I already have her new ones on pre-order! I pre-ordered on Monday!

      • Me too! lol I pre-ordered Kelly’s newest as well as ICE from Cathe. It is futile to resist… 😉

  43. Awesome review site. Thanks so much for the extensive reviews. I love fitness DVDs and I’ve only just discovered there are others like me. Your reviews are outstanding and unbiased. Thanks again.

    What would you say is the most comprehensive fitness dvd or program you’ve done?
    What are your go to sets or discs? ?

    • Thanks Brandy! There are a lot of good programs out there and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. None of them are perfect and (IMHO) they all need some type of supplementation. However, the best all around programs are Cathe’s. However, her “programs” aren’t comprehensive either (though they get close). Xtrain is excellent and probably the the best program out there but lacks flexibility. She does stretch you out nicely after each workout, but I personally want more. Ripped with HIIT is a close second but again–lacks flexibility. And she doesn’t stretch out as well in Ripped with HIIT as she does in Xtrain at the end of the workouts. So for those two you would need to add in some yoga or extended stretching. However, those two are probably the best fitness programs out there. Now, the most comprehensive program out there there (but not necessarily the “best” program), is Chalean Extreme. One day I will get the review of that up. She covers everything. Not necessarily in depth, but she does a good job covering all of the bases. And it is a very good program btw. My #1 go-to is Cathe. In fact, when I don’t do Cathe workouts for a while I start pining for her workouts–they are like a “fix” and I feel better after I start doing her workouts again. Weird huh? Kelly Coffey-Meyer is a close second. I love a lot of trainers and workouts but if I had to pick just one (or two) and was forced to get rid of all the rest–I couldn’t part with my Cathe or Kelly Coffey-Meyer workouts.

  44. I just want you to know that I ADORE your site and your reviews! You are my go-to website when I’m deciding which Cathe workout to do next (or Jillian or Beachbody…you get the idea)
    THANK YOU for your site and your reviews!!! 🙂

  45. ….I have been doing Cathe for about a year now; mixed w/other cardio- I also can’t master much step only routines- but will one day….anyways- have you taken a peek at her website- she uploaded a ~47 min step video at one of trips- I’ve been doing it just as one of my workouts of cardio only- and the Hiit- premix of another fav of mine xfire or To the Max, later in the day….curious is you felt the workout filmed during her trip was a good one- I’m dripping after it- so I really like it; I’m on 3 risers.

  46. I am a little surprised you hadn’t heard of either of those, since you are a fellow fitness DVD addict 🙂 but thank you for investigating them — I am looking forward to your reviews!

  47. Thank you so much for writing all these reviews! I refer to them all the time, especially the ones that have breakdowns, and eagerly await your new ones. It seems that we have similar workout tastes (i.e., we are fellow intensity addicts), so I was wondering whether you have tried any of the Dream Body DVDs or the Tonique DVDs. I own both the 1st and 2nd Dream Body series and wanted to see what you thought of them. Likewise, I am thinking about acquiring some Tonique so wanted to get your impressions. Thank you again for your hard work on this blog!

    • Thank you for writing! I had not heard of either of these workouts and I am intrigued! I was almost ready to purchase the Dream Body workout collection until I saw the price! I moved that to my wishlist, but I will be buying at least one of the Tonique’s to give it a try! I love finding new trainers and intense workouts–but it is not always a good thing! It can get expensive!

  48. Your extensive reviews of workout videos have helped me a lot in choosing which ones to buy. Thanks for taking the time and effort to write these reviews. I used to scoff at doing workout videos as I didn’t think they could give me the burn that I had only associated with running or sweating it out at the gym. But when I started exercising to workout videos, I soon realized how terribly wrong my previous impression was. Many of these videos do kick serious butt and have helped me reach my goal weight in no time. Working out at home has many advantages, i.e. eliminating the time-consuming commute to the gym and back, avoiding the clarion call of donut shops and fast-food that beckon from my car window, having to wipe somebody else’s sweat from the elliptical machine (ew!), not to mention that it costs less in the long run than a gym membership.

    • Congrats on reaching your goal weight! And I am so glad my reviews are useful. There are some really great–and intense–workouts out there, all on DVD. And I am so glad because I hate the gym and I could never be as creative as all of these trainers who create the workouts then make them available to us–saving us time and money. There are more coming! I still have so many that I already own and haven’t reviewed yet, but even better–I have a wishlist of new workouts I want that I hope will be partially satisfied this Christmas!

  49. Hello,
    I’ve read a couple of reviews, I wanted to thank you for all the detailed info.
    Great work and best wishes on your fitness journey!

  50. Wow–your blog is just what I’ve been looking for! Very helpful. I’m a big Cathe fan so it’s nice to hear someone else’s spin on her workouts along with the others you review. Thanks and keep it up!

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