Cathe’s Push Pull

Push Pull is the second half of a Cathe multi-workout DVD. The other workout on this DVD is Supersets which has already been reviewed on this blog. It is interesting because Push Pull is actually a superset workout, too—opposing muscle group supersets, so it’s nice that they were combined on the same DVD. I really, really like this workout a lot. In fact, the Push Pull/Supersets DVD combo is just a unique, awesome combo. For a 45 minute workout, Push Pull is pretty comprehensive and hits a lot of muscles in new ways. It even works your shins! Not the most advanced Cathe workout out there, but if you go heavy enough, it is high intermediate. Go to the premixes and you can always work yourself much harder. And I won’t lie. I am feeling some lower body soreness. This will definitely be a go to workout when I’m short on time, or I want to do some stretch/yoga afterwards. In fact, today, I did Stretch Max stability ball after Push Pull. It was very nice!

Push Pull is a 44 minute total body strength workout; 3 minute warm up, 37 minute training period and 4 minute stretch. Cathe has a one minute intro at the beginning bringing it to a total of 45 minutes. Equipment needed is a tall step, a stability ball, a barbell and dumbbells. Have your equipment at the ready. This workout moves fast. I had to pause the DVD a few times to set things up!


Barbell Squats

Deadlifts (barbell)

Static lunge with heel lifted with dumbbells (non-working heel will be on a 3 pound dumbbell)

Leg Press (dumbells and high step)

Bench press on floor (dumbbells)

Deadrows (dumbbells)

Chest flys on ball (dumbbells)

Y’s on ball (no weights)

Inverted shoulder press on high step

One arm row (dumbbells)

Front raise on ball (dumbbell)

Rear delt raise on ball (dumbbells)

Bicep curls with one leg/knee on ball (dumbbells)

Slow Dips (on high step)

Tricep kickbacks (dumbbells)

Outer thigh on ball

Inner thigh with ball

Superman on ball

Crunches with ball

Calve raises (on 6 inch step using barbell rod for balance)

Tibialis Anterior w/ball (sitting on high step)

Premixes: Total Body (2 sets of each exercise) 77 minutes, Upper Body only (3 sets) 65 minutes, Upper Body only (2 sets) 46 minutes, Lower Body (3 sets) 53 minutes, Lower Body (2 sets) 46 minutes, Pull only 18 minutes, and Push only 19 minutes


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