Cathe’s Stretch Max

Cathe‘s Stretch Max is a lovely little stretching DVD. It contains three 20 minute stretch workouts, perfect to add on to the end of a workout when your body is already warmed up. I love to stretch, but I have a really hard time working it into my workout schedule because I put priority on cardio and weight training, even though I know the importance of flexibility. Having 20 minute stretch workouts makes it more likely I will fit in my flexibility training. It is also necessary for the flexibility session to be enjoyable and, of course, Cathe delivers there, too. So yet another Cathe treasure.

Stretch #1 is 22 minutes and requires no equipment except a yoga mat. It starts standing with deep breaths, some side and neck stretches then swan diving to the floor and rolling/rounding the back to standing. Next is side lunges, runners stretch and down dog. While sitting you do so basic tricep and shoulder stretches, then some hamstring stretches. More hamstring stretches on the back, then deep pigeon into quad stretch. It ends with a seated twist.

Stretch #2 is 19 minutes and requires a stability ball and a yoga mat. You begin sitting on the ball and doing shoulder rolls. You move into a lunge with the side of your glute/thigh still partially on the ball. You’ll do several moves to stretch the arms and shoulders. You roll down (back against ball) to do a glute stretch. Lay on your back on the ball and stretch (very nice). Then stretch over the ball on your side with one knee on the mat and the other out straight. While sitting you roll the ball to each side to stretch arms. While laying on back you use the ball to stretch the hamstrings, glutes and inner thighs. Then a wonderful stretch where you lay face down on the ball and curl over it, then raise up to stretch abs (up dog). Next is quad stretches that require a bit of balance. The stretch ends standing and using the ball to do around the world stretches.

Stretch #3 is 17 minutes and requires a 6 foot resistance band (dynaband) and a yoga mat. You start supine. You will be doing long and deep hamstring stretches with the band looped around one foot; at the end of the hamstring stretches you do a quad stretch. While still on your back you do an interesting “C-stretch”–it actually felt very good. You sit up to do upper body stretches. You’ll stretch your side, shoulders, triceps, forearms and chest. Next you will so some seated hamstring stretches. It ends standing, doing around the worlds with the band.

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