Step Boss: IMAX 4

IMAX 4 is part of Cathe's new Step Boss series. The other two DVDs in this series are Step Sync and PHA 3. Cathe also created a Quick Start Users Guide to accompany this series. This DVD contains the main workout plus an Ab Bonus and an Extended Chair Stretch. These bonuses are included in the … Continue reading Step Boss: IMAX 4


LITE: Cardio Party

Cardio Party is part of Cathe's LITE series. LITE stands for Low Impact Training Extreme and Cathe created it as intermediate level workout series. For more information on the LITE series as a whole, please see the LITE Series review. Cardio Party includes 4 bonuses that are included in the premixes and can also be … Continue reading LITE: Cardio Party

Cathe’s Hardcore Extreme

Hardcore Extreme is another compilation DVD from Cathe. Her compilation collections are basically DVDs that contain premixes--but they are premixes created from multiple existing workouts. And two of them in particular: Terminator and Hardcore Extreme, contain long and brutal “premixes.” Hardcore Extreme is created from 4 workouts in the Hardcore Series: Imax 3, Low Max, … Continue reading Cathe’s Hardcore Extreme

Cathe’s Terminator

The Terminator DVD is another of Cathe’s compilation DVDs. It contains 3 long workouts that are created by combining segments from 4 existing workouts from her Intensity Series: Imax 2, Cardio & Weights, Muscle Endurance and Bootcamp. So they are all basically long premixes--and they are tough. Premixes on crack. I’ll give a brief summary … Continue reading Cathe’s Terminator

Cathe’s Imax 3

Imax 3 is the third workout in Cathe’s Imax series. It is 59 minutes; 9 minute warm up, 41 minute step/HIIT/cardio, 9 minute cool down/stretch. Cathe and crew used a 6 inch step. I love the other two Imax workouts, so I was looking forward to Imax 3. I did my research and I knew that … Continue reading Cathe’s Imax 3

Cathe’s Imax 2

Imax 2 is a cardio step/HIIT workout from Cathe. Imax stands for Interval Max and this is the second Imax workout Cathe created (there are 3 in all). Imax 2 is 54 minutes; 7 minute warm up, 41 minute training time and 6 minute cool down/stretch. Cathe uses a 6 inch step. Imax 2 is also … Continue reading Cathe’s Imax 2

Cathe’s Interval Max

Interval Max is the first in Cathe’s Imax series. There are two more after this one—Imax 2 and Imax 3. These are tough workouts. They are all basically very long HIIT workouts. I really, really like this workout. It was tough and exhausting and rather impressive, considering Interval Max came out in 1999. Before I … Continue reading Cathe’s Interval Max

Cathe’s Intensity

Intensity--just as the title indicates--is an intense cardio workout and I adore it! I really don’t know why I am ever on the fence about purchasing a Cathe workout. This was another one I went back and forth on and finally just did it. Let me give some background on this workout. It is described as … Continue reading Cathe’s Intensity