Sexy Back // Resistance Band Workout

Sexy Back // Resistance Band Workout is strength workout from Heather Robertson that only uses a handled resistance tube. Since it is only 12 minutes long you can use it lots of ways. This morning I decided to do an all Heather Robertson back workout. I created a folder/playlist specifically for this morning's workouts and … Continue reading Sexy Back // Resistance Band Workout

Walk Away the Pounds: Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection contains 4 walking workouts of different lengths. A 1 mile walk that is 21:30 minutes, a 2 mile walk that is 32 minutes, a 3 mile walk that is 49 minutes and a 4 mile walk that is 57:30 minutes. These are all walks that can be done by beginners--or, if you … Continue reading Walk Away the Pounds: Ultimate Collection

3 Mega Miles

At this year's library sale, I bought a bunch of Leslie Sansone workouts for $1 each. I love Jessica Smith's walking workouts so much, I decided that I should try Leslie's to compare. And if I like them, I have even more walking workouts to choose from. So I bought 5 of her walking DVDs. … Continue reading 3 Mega Miles

Fit Tower: Boot Camp

Boot Camp is another one of Cathe's Advanced Fit Tower workouts. This workout uses the Fit Tower, the equipment that came with it and nothing else. Also included on this DVD is a Bonus Abs that is also included on the other two Advanced Fit Tower workouts: Legs, Glutes & Core and Total Body. I … Continue reading Fit Tower: Boot Camp

LITE: Bodyweight & Bands

Bodyweight & Bands is part of Cathe's LITE series. LITE stands for Low Impact Training Extreme and Cathe created it as an intermediate level workout series. For more information on the LITE series as a whole, please see the LITE Series review. Bodyweight & Bands contains 4 bonuses that are included in premixes and can also be … Continue reading LITE: Bodyweight & Bands

Fit Tower

The Fit Tower is a piece of exercise equipment from Cathe Friedrich. Though Cathe created and leads these workouts you cannot buy it from Cathe's website. You can get it from Amazon or from a special Fit Tower website. I never expected to buy the Fit Tower. A long time ago Cathe had a different Fit … Continue reading Fit Tower

Walk On: 6 Mile Mix

I have been slowly purchasing all of Jessica Smith's workouts over the past year. I used to not bother with her Walk On workouts but cancer changed that mindset. Now that I own so many of them (I own more than have been reviewed here--so there are more reviews coming) I have found I really love … Continue reading Walk On: 6 Mile Mix

Walk On: Walk the Weight Off

Walk the Weight Off is a 30 day fitness program from Jessica Smith. It contains 3 DVDs and each DVD has multiple workouts on it. Like many of Jessica's workouts, her mother Debbie is present showing easier versions of some of the moves, and her friend Beth is also present showing more advanced versions. A … Continue reading Walk On: Walk the Weight Off

Barlates: Resista-Barre Total Body Workout

Resista-Barre is a collection of cardio and toning segments created by Linda Wooldridge. All of the segments can be done together for a 95 minute total body workout or you can pick and choose from the chapter menu or do one of the 4 premixes. Every segment on this DVD uses either a resistance loop … Continue reading Barlates: Resista-Barre Total Body Workout

Cathe Live: Total Body Band & Glide

Total Body Band & Glide is an interesting Live workout. It is a total body workout using only a resistance band and sliding disks. It is a pretty good workout. I did enjoy it. Not your usual strength training, but a nice departure from the norm. A good way to mix things up. Personally, I prefer … Continue reading Cathe Live: Total Body Band & Glide