AngieFitnessTV: Fit Over 40 Upper Body Push

Today was upper body day for me and since I am working my way through several of AngieFitnessTV's different series/programs, I decided to combine two workouts from her Fit Over 40 Program: Upper Body Push (this workout) which is Day 2 in the program followed by Cardio-Upper Body Sculpt which is Day 13. Using the appropriate … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Fit Over 40 Upper Body Push

Get Extremely RIPPED! and Chiseled

Jari Love's newest offering Get Extremely Ripped and Chiseled was one of my Christmas presents. I am a big fan of Jari Love. HIIT and metabolic weight training are all the rage now, but she was doing both before they become popular. She was one of the forerunners of the most effective and advanced training … Continue reading Get Extremely RIPPED! and Chiseled