Cathe Live: Oh My Glutes

#186 Oh My Glutes is an intense metabolic lower body strength workout. With a name like Oh My Glutes--how could I not sample this one? Glutes are my second favorite muscle group to work (back is my favorite) and this workout worked my glutes, along with the rest of my lower body, very well. I was working … Continue reading Cathe Live: Oh My Glutes

Cathe Live: Toasted Trisets Upper Body

#196 Toasted Trisets Upper Body is another excellent upper body strength workout. As the title indicates, you are doing circuits of 3 exercises per upper body muscle group. You repeat each 3 exercise circuit 3 times. For the majority of the exercises you are doing 8 reps but some of the exercises you do more. … Continue reading Cathe Live: Toasted Trisets Upper Body

Cathe Live: Power Legs

#274 Power Legs is an excellent and fun cardio + strength lower body workout. I absolutely love this workout! It is fast paced but not too fast paced like Fit Legs. Cathe gives you time to swap dumbbells and and get into position without missing any reps--but she keeps your heart rate elevated throughout. This … Continue reading Cathe Live: Power Legs

Cathe Live: Leg Day

#235 Leg Day is an excellent and intense no repeat workout--19 different lower body exercises. No boredom here! All your favorite Cathe lower body moves--and some not so favorite moves (Push Dips--ow!). Like most of Cathe's workouts, it is fast paced and higher rep so you are getting cardio with your strength work. And it's … Continue reading Cathe Live: Leg Day

Cathe Live: Fit Legs

#212 Fit Legs is another live lower body triset workout. Just like Booty Max, Fit Legs contains 4 trisets and each triset is done twice. It also contains many of the same exercises as Booty Max but Fit Legs is 12 minutes shorter. What does that mean? This workout is even more metabolic than Booty Max--which … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Legs

Cathe Live: Strong Express Upper Body

#234 Strong Express Upper Body is a fast paced upper body strength workout. Cathe works your upper body hard in a short amount of time. I needed something quick this morning so this worked perfectly. However, I do feel that this workout is unbalanced. Cathe hits the shoulders, biceps and triceps harder than the chest … Continue reading Cathe Live: Strong Express Upper Body

Cathe Live: Booty Max

#193 Booty Max is a lower body triset workout and I love Cathe's triset workouts! So I was very excited about this one. It is made up of 4 trisets and each triset is repeated twice. But Cathe starts working you hard before the "official" trisets even start. In fact, part of the warm up is … Continue reading Cathe Live: Booty Max

Cathe Live: Low Impact HIIT Plus Upper Body

#175 Low Impact HIIT Plus Upper Body is a great idea and a very good workout. I wanted to like it more than I did. The workout starts with a very active warm up then you do 21:30 minutes of low impact HIIT cardio. The remainder of the workout is upper body strength and core. … Continue reading Cathe Live: Low Impact HIIT Plus Upper Body

Cathe Live: Legs for Days

#264 Legs for Days is another thorough lower body workout. It is all strength work. There are some jacks with a fitness loop around your ankles, but that is the only cardio move and you can easily modify that if you want no jumping. But you will still be getting cardio in this workout. It's … Continue reading Cathe Live: Legs for Days

Cathe Live: All In Upper Body

#276 All In Upper Body is another excellent and intense strength workout. The key phrase for this workout is "partial reps." Cathe adds partial reps to many of the exercises to completely burn out whatever muscle group she is working. I also love how this is all upper body--nothing else. I don't have a problem with … Continue reading Cathe Live: All In Upper Body