Booty Burn // At Home Leg and Butt Workout

Booty Burn // At Home Leg and Butt Workout is short but effective lower body add on/finisher from Heather Robertson to burn out your lower body. I used it to finish off Heather's Total Body HIIT Workout and it did a great job adding the finishing touch to my glutes. This workout is done interval … Continue reading Booty Burn // At Home Leg and Butt Workout

Barlates: Target 15/Squats & Raises

Target 15: Squats & Raises is an excellent little mini workout from Linda @ Barlates. The title means you are doing 15 exercises to "target" a specific area. You are also doing 15 sixty second intervals with no rest/recovery periods, so the workout is 15 minutes. I really enjoyed this workout. There are no complicated … Continue reading Barlates: Target 15/Squats & Raises

Barlates: Torch & Tone/Slide

Torch & Tone: Slide is another lower body and core workout from Linda @ Barlates. It is primarily metabolic lower body work, but there is a lot of plank work which works your core hard. I found this a very tough workout--tougher than I expected it to be. Yesterday was Black Friday and my husband … Continue reading Barlates: Torch & Tone/Slide

Barlates: Torch & Tone/Weights

Torch & Tone: Weights is an intense workout from Linda @ Barlates. I was working hard to get through this workout. It is a lower body workout with some core work at the end. And it was killer! I was in my peak heart rate at times. This is a high rep workout that moves … Continue reading Barlates: Torch & Tone/Weights

Barlates: Metabolic Training/Cardio Sculpt

/Metabolic Training: Cardio Sculpt is cardio + strength lower body focused workout from Linda @ Barlates. You do get some upper body conditioning but it is using very light weights and combined with the low impact cardio. This workout really burned my hamstrings and glutes out. Linda starts with a long low impact cardio warm … Continue reading Barlates: Metabolic Training/Cardio Sculpt

Inner + Outer Thigh Slimming Workout

Inner + Outer Thigh Slimming Workout is another little bodyweight add on/finisher workout from Heather Robertson. I used it today to finish off an hour long total body workout and it gave my lower body some nice additional work. I've done several of Heather's short lower body add on/finishers over the past few weeks and … Continue reading Inner + Outer Thigh Slimming Workout

How to Get Thinner Thighs

How to Get Thinner Thighs is another excellent mini workout from Heather Robertson that is perfect to use to either finish off another workout or combine with other workouts. Same difference, I guess. Just depends on its placement in your workout line up. This morning I did another all Heather Robertson lower body workout. I … Continue reading How to Get Thinner Thighs

HIIT Booty Bootcamp // Butt Workout + Glute Activation

Wow! What an awesome workout!  HIIT Booty Bootcamp // Butt Workout + Glute Activation is another amazing workout from Heather Robertson. She hits your glutes from all angles with different modalities and it creeps up on you. I finished this workout over an hour ago and my glutes and upper hamstrings are still stinging. It … Continue reading HIIT Booty Bootcamp // Butt Workout + Glute Activation

Rippedism 2

Stu and Jeff are back with another tough fitness program--Rippedism 2. In their intro, they promise that these will be the most efficient workouts you have ever done. They also say that this program is appropriate for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. The only equipment you need are dumbbells. They recommend 3 sets--heavy, … Continue reading Rippedism 2

Fit Tower: Legs, Glutes & Core

Legs, Glutes & Core is one of Cathe's advanced Fit Tower workouts. The only equipment you need for this workout is all of the Fit Tower equipment: the Fit Tower, a flat 6 foot resistance band, a resistance loop (firewalker) and a yoga mat. This workout also includes an 11:30 minute core bonus--this is in … Continue reading Fit Tower: Legs, Glutes & Core