Cardio Back & Bicep Burn

I am feeling much better this morning so I was thrilled to actually enjoy my workout again! I didn't take Nyquil last night so that wasn't dragging me down this morning either. This morning was Cardio Back & Bicep Burn by Yvette Bachman. This is one of her newer workouts and I knew from the … Continue reading Cardio Back & Bicep Burn


HIIT Step/Bicep Weight Circuits

HIIT Step/Bicep Weight Circuits is an intense cardio + strength workout. Because it is one of Yvette's long workouts (71:30 minutes) this can be shortened into an approx. hour long cardio only workout. The first 52 minutes (including the warm up) is all interval cardio. When Yvette has you add risers to your step, stop … Continue reading HIIT Step/Bicep Weight Circuits

Chest/Triceps Cardio Circuit

Chest/Triceps Cardio Circuit is a cardio + strength circuit workout that alternates chest or tricep strength exercises with cardio bursts. Cardio + strength workouts are my absolute favorite types of workouts and Yvette Bachman continues to deliver some of the best I have ever done. Between yesterday's workout (Step Cardio with Legs/Shoulders and Back) and … Continue reading Chest/Triceps Cardio Circuit

Step Cardio with Legs/Shoulders and Back

Step Cardio with Legs/Shoulders and Back is another excellent cardio + strength workout from Yvette Bachman. Though "back" is in the title, it didn't get a lot of work--at least compared to the work that legs and shoulders received. But it does get some work. I really enjoyed this workout. It is fun like all … Continue reading Step Cardio with Legs/Shoulders and Back

HIIT/Heavy Weights/Stability Ball

HIIT/Heavy Weights/Stability Ball is another one of Yvette Bachman's long but excellent workouts. But luckily it has two distinct parts so it is easy to cut this down to approximately an hour in length. It is primarily strength + cardio but there is also a good bit of stability ball cardio/core/hamstring work at the end. … Continue reading HIIT/Heavy Weights/Stability Ball

HIIT, Step, Heavy Leg (& Bicep) Work

The title of this workout is actually HIIT, Step, Heavy Leg Work but I added the word bicep because you get as much bicep work as you do leg work. And I wouldn't classify the leg work as heavy though the bicep work is. This is one of Yvette Bachman's longer workouts--76 minutes! But like … Continue reading HIIT, Step, Heavy Leg (& Bicep) Work

Step/Heavy Weights/Core Circuits

Step/Heavy Weights/Core Circuits is another awesome cardio + strength circuit workout from Yvette Bachman. In fact, it is very similar to┬áher circuit workout that I did yesterday: Moderate Impact & Heavy Weights. In fact, today's workout worked my chest and triceps and yesterday's workout worked my biceps, upper back and shoulders. So they work together … Continue reading Step/Heavy Weights/Core Circuits

HIIT, Cardio Core, Weights and Bosu ball

HIIT, Cardio Core, Weights and Bosu Ball was a super intense workout from Yvette Bachman. I was really working hard during this workout and I was worn out by the end of it! I was inspired by the fact that Yvette wears weighted gloves in just about every one of her workouts--making them even more … Continue reading HIIT, Cardio Core, Weights and Bosu ball

Fit Split

Fit Split is Cathe's newest fitness program, similar to her 4 Day Split and Cross Train Express programs. Fit Split contains 4 workouts. Each workout is part cardio, part strength. It also contains a bonus core workout and lots of premixes so you can approach these workouts in different ways. The workouts are not sold … Continue reading Fit Split

HIIT, Cardio Step/Circuit Heavy Weights

HIIT, Cardio Step/Circuit Heavy Weights is yet another excellent, fun and effective workout from Yvette Bachman. It is one of her longer ones (69 minutes) but it is done in sections so it can easily be shortened and used for my weekday morning workout (Yay!). After the warm up, the first part of the workout … Continue reading HIIT, Cardio Step/Circuit Heavy Weights