Get 2000 Steps/Fat burning Walk

This is the second workout I did by Gina B from her Up to the BEat Fit YouTube Channel. I needed another workout to accompany Gina's ABBA Walk so I can get at least a 30 minute doubles cardio walk. So I decided to add this one on. Just like the ABBA walk, this is … Continue reading Get 2000 Steps/Fat burning Walk


1 Mile Disco Boogie to ABBA

I love ABBA, so when YouTube recommended this workout to me, I needed to try it. It is by a new-to-me YouTube fitness channel called Up to the BEat Fit. This cardio walk is led by Gina B. She is in Sydney, Australia. I loved this little walk. It is 14 minutes long, set to … Continue reading 1 Mile Disco Boogie to ABBA