2 Mile Dance That Walk // Happy Holidays Walking Workout 2

Today was my last day of work before Christmas, which means it is also the last day I will do doubles until after Christmas. So I decided a Holiday Walk from Gina B was the perfect doubles workout for me to start my holiday. Happy Holidays Walking Workout 2 is a fun cardio walk by Gina set to holiday music. Gina is so cute! She is wearing a reindeer hat and festive colored workout clothes. This walk had great holiday music and Gina was full of holiday cheer and fun. This walk is very dancy–so keep that in mind with all of the moves listed below. I actually had problems with two of steps, but I still had fun with this walk, even if I was stumbling over my two left feet. This is a low impact walk. It is mostly a relatively low intensity walk but a few of the songs get a little vigorous. According to my FitBit I burned 216 calories in 29 minutes. Apparently Gina did a Holiday Walk last Christmas. Now I wish I had done them both this year. Who knows–maybe I will try Gina’s first Holiday walk after Christmas.

Happy Holidays Walking Workout 2 is 29 minutes; 30 second intro, 3:30 minute warm up and 3:30 minute stretch. The moves are listed in the order they appear but they are all done multiple times. There are also arm movements with most of the moves even if its not mentioned.

  1. Grapevine + 3 heel digs
  2. March forward and back + 4 side to side steps
  3. Walk 3 steps to side + 2 side to side steps
  4. 2 single side steps + double side steps
  5. Cross step to back + triple step to change sides
  6. Low impact bouncing hip twists
  7. March forward + knee raise, march backward + knee raise
  8. Step side to side
  9. Speed power walk 8 counts + 2 low impact mini squat and lifts to each side (she calls it bopping)
  10. Alternating tap hops to side
  11. Alternating stationary wide toe taps
  12. Walk 5 strolling steps to side
  13. 4 low cross front kicks
  14. 4 step taps (tapping out to side) while moving forward then 4 moving back
  15. March forward and back
  16. Tap one foot front then out to the side then march in place 3x, alternate sides; changes to kicking instead of tapping and 3 marches change to fast triple steps
  17. Chasse once to each side while moving forward then march back
  18. Alternate stepping out to side
  19. Samba forward and back on a diagonal
  20. March in a “calypso” circle
  21. March 8x + 4 alternating front taps
  22. Alternating low front kicks (more like low step kicks)

For more info on Gina B‘s YouTube workouts and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


6 thoughts on “2 Mile Dance That Walk // Happy Holidays Walking Workout 2

  1. A while ago when I was lurking on VFF, someone posted about Reps to the Rhythm — fun walking workouts set to great music and some of the workouts are even filmed outdoors. Keoni does not talk, he just use hand signals to cue you. I thought you might be interested in his holiday-themed walk. I so wish I could do this workout but I don’t have the strength or stamina yet. I did Jessica’s warm-up from the 4MPW DVD you recommended to me and while I definitely wasn’t out of breath or anything, I couldn’t keep up. I still liked doing it though. Once I can “master” the warm-up it will be nice to start doing a bit of the first mile. I’ve been told to go slow and not overdo it.

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    1. I’ve done lots of Keoni’s walks. His walks are a lot of fun. I don’t blog about everything I do. I take several fitness breaks during my work day and I usually walk to short 10-15 minute walks by Jessica, Gina B and Keoni. Just something that’s fun and gets me up moving.

      Starting with the warm up is a good idea. When I was subscribed to Cathe’s On Demand, I used her blender to create a workout that consisted of primarily her warm ups! That was just before my mastectomy and I needed some good low impact workouts. You do what you have to to keep moving, right?


      1. Keoni’s channel seems super awesome and if I could stream content from my computer to our tv, I would definitely do many of his walks. I just don’t have the space in front of our computer to move around.

        I did Jessica’s warm-up again the other day (just doing it every other day for now) and was able to keep up a bit better. Progress, yay! Without sounding overly cheesy, I am very grateful for your knowledge of Jessica’s body of work and you that you took the time to recommend 4MPW to me.

        I’ve heard of Cathe’s ‘blender’ program. Most likely read about it here on your blog and probably read of it on the VFF site too.

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      2. WOW. 😵It’s a good thing I’m not that well acquainted with Cathe’s body of work (other than posts of yours I read) and can’t stream because I would totally go down the rabbit hole with Workout Blender and not come up for air for weeks with just looking at all the myriad of combinations I could put together.


      3. Yes, I became obsessed with Blender for a while. I created so many workouts. The cool thing about blender is that they are always there. Even though I am not subscribed anymore. If I wanted to do them again, I just sign up and they are still there. What I really liked is I could create my own cardio + strength workouts and leave out all of the exercises I don’t love and only use the ones I do love. It was fun for a while, but too expensive to do long term.


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