20 Minute Dumbbell Leg Workout at Home – Squats, RDLs

20 Minute Dumbbell Leg Workout at Home is a short lower body strength workout from Caroline Girvan. As the title indicates, all of the exercises in this workout are squat and deadlift variations. This is an intense little workout! Especially when the moves become unilateral and she changes the interval times. You get very little … Continue reading 20 Minute Dumbbell Leg Workout at Home – Squats, RDLs


MetaShred Extreme

Since I loved B.J. Gaddour's MetaShred 21, I was very excited when he announced the next level--MetaShred Extreme. My husband pre-ordered it for me as a birthday gift. I had already impulse purchased B.J.'s DeltFit Speed Shred and┬áthat has been sitting on my shelf for several months. The original plan was to do DeltaFit first, … Continue reading MetaShred Extreme

Meta Shred 21

Never has marketing sold me on a program as strongly as it has Meta Shred. I am familiar w/ BJ Gaddour from 10 Minute Torchers and though I liked him and his workouts, his name is not what sold me. I follow Men's Health on Facebook and the ad for┬áMeta Shred kept popping up. I … Continue reading Meta Shred 21

10 Minute Torchers

10 Minute Torchers was discovered completely by accident. First, I came across a forum post about a Men's Health workout series called The Anarchy Workout. I was curious so I did some research on it. When I decided to spring for it, I was offered 10 Minute Torchers at the checkout. So, of course, before … Continue reading 10 Minute Torchers