GymRa: Mini Trampoline HIIT Workout

Mini Trampoline HIIT Workout is a fun and intense rebounder cardio workout. The workout is led by trainer Lindsay Bushman and it is set outdoors. The scenery is really nice--lots of greenery and a beautiful tree behind her. You can barely hear the music but that's okay. Openfit/Xtend Barre introduced me to Spotify. I searched … Continue reading GymRa: Mini Trampoline HIIT Workout

URX-MT: Metabolic Intervals and Circuits

URX-MT stands for Urban Rebounding Extreme Metabolic Training. I actually bought the entire series as a program. The program is made up of 13 workouts but you can buy each workout individually on the Urban Rebounder site, so that is how I will be reviewing them. The program apparently originally came with more than just … Continue reading URX-MT: Metabolic Intervals and Circuits

Step Boss: IMAX 4

IMAX 4 is part of Cathe's new Step Boss series. The other two DVDs in this series are Step Sync and PHA 3. Cathe also created a Quick Start Users Guide to accompany this series. This DVD contains the main workout plus an Ab BonusĀ and an Extended Chair Stretch. These bonuses are included in the … Continue reading Step Boss: IMAX 4

HIIT Workout With Weights // 20 Minute Full Body Workout

HIIT Workout With Weights is another intense metabolic strength workout from Heather Robertson. This workout really builds. I was (as usual when doing Heather's workouts) working very hard. HIIT definitely belongs in the title of this workout. Every move uses dumbbells plus there is some weighted plyometrics. I did this as a doubles workout and … Continue reading HIIT Workout With Weights // 20 Minute Full Body Workout

30 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout // At Home (No Equipment)

30 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout at Home is pure HIIT cardio workout from Heather Robertson. This was not Heather's most enjoyable workout but it was intense and effective. It got the job done! It is made up of 3 circuits. Each circuit contains 3 exercises and is repeated once. The bonus? This workout contains a … Continue reading 30 Minute HIIT Cardio Workout // At Home (No Equipment)

Metabolic Strength Vol 1 & Vol 2

Tracie Long has 3 DVDs in her Metabolic Strength series. Each DVD has two 30 minute workouts on them. When previewing these workouts, I immediately knew I wanted them all. Total Fitness DVDs has clips of all of the Metabolic Strength workouts up on their website and that is where I previewed and purchased these … Continue reading Metabolic Strength Vol 1 & Vol 2

The Firm/Zip Trainer: Firm & Cardio

Firm & Cardio are the deluxe add on workouts available at the time the Zip Trainer program came out (see that review for more info on what a Zip Trainer is). This deluxe add on came with a 7 pound core ball but the core ball is no longer available, only the DVDs. Firm & … Continue reading The Firm/Zip Trainer: Firm & Cardio

The Firm: Zip Trainer

The Zip Trainer fitness program was created by The Firm. It contains 8 short workouts and comes with the Zip Trainer, a nutrition guide and a fitness guide. The workouts are led by 6 Firm trainers: Emily Welsh, Allie Del Rio, Stephanie Huckabee, Alison Davis, Kelsie Daniels and Annie Lee Coffey. The fitness guide introduces … Continue reading The Firm: Zip Trainer

The Firm Express

The Firm Express is a 30 day fitness program that contains 12 twenty minute workouts and 2 bonus 10 minute workouts. The workouts in this program are based on a specific HIIT protocolĀ of 8 seconds of high intensity work followed by 12 seconds of recovery, repeated 4 times. The 8:12 HIIT protocol is supposed to … Continue reading The Firm Express

Killer Cardio

Jillian Michaels Killer Cardio DVD contains 2 short cardio workouts. They are both structured in tabata format (20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of recovery). They both have 4 circuits containing 4 exercises and each circuit is repeated. I really enjoyed both of these workouts. They are not the most intense workouts I … Continue reading Killer Cardio