Mini Band ABS & BOOTY Workout

Mini Band Abs & Booty Workout is a tough mat based workout from Heather Robertson. Outside of the warm up there is only one standing exercise in the entire workout. Everything else is done on your mat with a booty band. My abs are still a little sore from Heather's Cardio & Abs AMRAP so … Continue reading Mini Band ABS & BOOTY Workout

Naomi Joy Fitness: Rebounder Recovery Workout / Rebounder Lymphatic Circulation / FEEL GOOD

What a fantastic feel good workout! Rebounder Recovery Workout / Feel Good is a new type of workout for Naomi Joy. She says the point of this workout is not to burn calories but to enjoy the fun of rebounding. Naomi's rebounder workouts are usually very intense calorie burners. You are pushing down hard into … Continue reading Naomi Joy Fitness: Rebounder Recovery Workout / Rebounder Lymphatic Circulation / FEEL GOOD

Barlates: 100 Rep Challenge Bums + Tums

Bums + Tums  is part of Linda Wooldridge’s 100 Rep Challenge series. She has 10 workouts in this series (here is her 100 Rep Challenge play list so you can view them all). You can also buy the entire series on DVD (which I have now done). The idea behind these workouts is that you do 100 reps … Continue reading Barlates: 100 Rep Challenge Bums + Tums

JessicaSmithTV: HIIT Strength Pilates Yoga Mash Up

HIIT Strength Pilates Yoga Mash Up is an incredible workout from Jessica Smith that, as you can tell by the title, mashes a lot of different types of modalities into a single (long) workout. This workout was amazing! One of the best workouts I've ever done--and it is free for everyone on YouTube! Thank you … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: HIIT Strength Pilates Yoga Mash Up

Cathe Live: Circuit Works Plus Barre & Core

Circuit Works Plus Barre & Core is another fun, effective and excellent workout that is unique to Cathe Live. You get it all in this workout: cardio, barre, core and total body strength training. Now, I will say it isn't the most thorough strength training workout and, because of the brisk pace, you cannot lift … Continue reading Cathe Live: Circuit Works Plus Barre & Core

Svelte U: Workout One

Tracey Mallett has created two new workout DVDs. They are both titled Svelte U. One is Workout One and the other is Workout Two; however they both contain three 20 minute workouts. This is obviously a review of the first DVD. Though it does contain 3 workouts, I did them all in one session, back … Continue reading Svelte U: Workout One

Lose the Belly Flab

Lose the Belly Flab is another new-to-me workout by Tracey Mallet. I decided to get this one because she mentioned it in Get Your Body Back. She tells you to use the two workouts together. So I checked this one out and though it is core focused it also has lower body work, so I … Continue reading Lose the Belly Flab

Atletica 4: Body Weight Training

Atletica 4 is another tough and unique workout by Ilaria Montagnani. This one is only 30 minutes but she burns you out in that short amount of time. Prior to 2012, Ilaria only had one Atletica (Atletica Vol 1) workout available and I love it. However in 2012 she came out with a flush of … Continue reading Atletica 4: Body Weight Training

Cathe’s Turbo Barre

What a deceptively painful workout. I am nearing the end of my new-to-me Cathe workouts (not a problem because Cathe’s Xtrain should be released in a few weeks--more new Cathe workouts!) and Turbo Barre is one that I put off purchasing, then once I purchased it, I put off doing it for a long time. … Continue reading Cathe’s Turbo Barre

Cathe’s Butts and Guts

Butts and Guts is a 78 minute strength workout that, as the title states, works your lower body and your abdominals. The breakdown for this long workout is: warm up 6 minutes, standing glute work 31 minutes, floor work 19.5 minutes, core work 14 minutes, and stretch 8 minutes. It also contains bonuses: Bonus Stability … Continue reading Cathe’s Butts and Guts