Trainer List

Below is a list of all of the trainers whose DVDs I have reviewed on this blog. For the trainers that have a lot of workout reviews on this blog (i.e., my favorites that I hoard), I have created individual pages for each one. Click on their names below and it will take you to their page. On their page I give a brief summary of the trainer, the types of workouts they create and list all of their workouts that I have reviewed on this blog, with links to the reviews. For the rest of the trainers, I list their name and their workouts that I have reviewed beneath their name (also with links to the reviews). If I have only done their free YouTube workouts then you can check out my Streaming page for those. However, if I have done their workouts both on DVD and free on YouTube, both types of workouts will be included below in some manner. Finally, there are some trainers that aren’t listed below. These are trainers that are part of a fitness program and they only lead one of many workouts in that program (Les Mills workouts and Dream Body are two that come to mind). For more on those, check out the Workout Types page and look under Programs. **03/17/21 Update: I have found that I am now doing more workouts by YouTube trainers than DVD workouts. So I will probably slowly start giving my favorites YouTube trainers their own pages as well. Their workouts will continue to be listed on my Streaming page but the trainer will also have a special page devoted to their workouts here.***

Cathe Friedrich

Naomi Joy

Heather Robertson

Caroline Girvan

Jessica Smith

Kelly Coffey-Meyer

Linda Wooldridge (aka Barlates)

Tracie Long

Jillian Michaels

Mark Lauren

Ilaria Montagnani

Jari Love

The Firm

Alanna Zabel:

Cardio & Conditioning Yoga

Amy Bento:

A-Team Bootcamp

All Pump Extreme


Kettlebell Dynamics

Drop Set Strength

Slo-Mo Strength Challenge

URX-MT: Boot Camp Metabolic Intervals

URX-MT: Kickbox Metabolic Intervals

Amy Dixon:

Double Down

Breathless Body: The Ultimate Calorie Burn

Breathless Body 2: The Edge

Breathless Body 3: HIIT it Big!

Breathless Body 4: Going Strong

Raise Some Bell

Andrea Rogers

Xtend Barre

Xtend Barre: Lean & Chiseled

Andy Speer:

The Anarchy Workout

Anja Garcia:

Black Fire (workout program with Bob Harper)

Anna Benson

FitPrime: G-Force Volume 3

Annie Mairs:

Fierce Force

Ashley Borden:

Ignite: 900 Calorie Burn

Ashley Turner:

Yoga for Weight Loss

5 Day Yoga

Power Yoga

Yoga for Stress Relief & Flexibility

Yoga for Strength & Flexibility

Autumn Calabrese:

The Master’s Hammer & Chisel

B.J. Gaddour:

Meta Shred Extreme

Meta Shred 21

10 Minute Torchers

Billy Blanks:

Tae Bo Extreme

Tae Bo II: Get Ripped Advanced

Tae Bo: Billy’a Boot Camp Elite Mission One

Tae Bo: Boot Camp Elite Mission 2

Tae Bo: Billy’s Ultimate Bootcamp

Bob Harper:

Beginner’s Weight Loss Transformation

Black Fire

Kettlebell Sculpted Body

Kettlebell Cardio Shred

Pure Burn Super Strength

Totally Ripped Core

Ultimate Cardio Body

Skinny Rules Workouts

Total Body Transformation

Bob’s Workout

Body Rev Cardio Conditioning

Yoga for the Warrior

Brook Benten:

Cardio Pump Fusion

Kettlebell: Butts & Guts

Kettlebody by Brook

Carol Miller

FitPrime: G-Force Volume 2

Carrie Rezabek:

Pure Barre: Lowry Lofts 1

Pure Barre: 16th Street 2

Chalene Johnson:



TurboFire Greatest HIITs

Chris Freytag:

Kickstart Your Metabolism

3-2-1 Workout

Fight Cellulite Fast!

Belly, Butt & Thighs

Personal Training

Drop it in 30!

2 Week Turn Around: Strength

2 Week Turn Around: Cardio


Christine Bullock:

Evolution 20

Evolution 20: Super Shred

Super Shred Full Body Workout (free on YouTube)

Rock Your Bottoms Bikini Butt Workout (free on YouTube)

10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift

Dana Pieper

Kickbox Challenge

Darby Brender:

Dream Body Workout

Dream Body Series

Dasha Libin:

Kettlebell Kickboxing: Scorcher Series

Kettlebell Kickboxing: The Body Series

Debbie Millet:

Weider P.I.N.K.

Donna Flagg:

Lastics Lite

Elena Brower:

AM & PM Yoga for Beginners

Elise Gulan:

Ballet Conditioning

Ellen Barrett:


Stretch Sculpt

Peace, Love & Cardio

Ellie Crawley

Kettlebell for Beginners

Erin Kirk:


Gay Gasper

URX-MT: Total Body Metabolic Strength Conditioning

URX-MT: Cardio Metabolic Intervals

Gideon Akande:


Gin Miller:

Reebok Step: The Video

Simply Circuit

Simply Interval

Gregg Cook:

URX-MT: Metabolic Intervlas and Circuits

URX-MT: High Intensity Metabolic Circuit w/ Resistance Bands

Greg Sims:

URX-MT: Metabolic Cardio and Yogic Intervals

URX-MT: Cardio Metabolic Circuit

Guillermo Gomez:

Martial Fusion: Fitness Kickboxing

Cross Training for Fitness (three 15 minute workouts)

Martial Fusion: Kickboxing Cardio Power

Martial Fusion: Kickboxing Cardio Burn

Martial Fusion: Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing

Heather Corndorf:

Moxie 1 & 2

Kickbox Burn

Ingrid Romero:

Edge Booty Extreme 2

JB Burns

URX-MT: Extreme Metabolic Cardio Blast

Jeff Hirsch & Stu Lopoten:

Rippedism 1

Rippedism 2

Rippedism Combine

Rippedism Raw

Jeremy Strom:


Jodi Hendrix:


Kelli Roberts

URX-MT: Poly Performance Metabolic Plyometric Circuits

URX-MT: Maximum Metabolic Intervals

Kim Haegele

Yoga Fusion: Strength & Sculpt

Leslie Sansone

3 Mega Miles

Walk Away the Pounds: Ultimate Collection

Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan

Mix & Match Walk Blasters

5 Day Slim Down

Lindsay Brin:

Pretty Fierce: Weight Loss

Pretty Fierce: Lean Out

Lindsi Sanor:


Mia Togo:

Daily Yoga

Michelle Dozois:

Peak Fit System

Peak 10: Fat Blaster Cardio Strength

Peak 10: Fat Blaster Cardio Interval Burn

BodyFit 360: Volume 1

BodyFit 360: Volume 2 (Bodyweight Dance Conditioning)

BodyFit 360: Volume 3 (Athletic Conditioning)

Slim, Strong & Sexy Body Sculpt

Ultimate Workout

Your Best Body Circuit

Peak 10: Cardio Interval Burn Remix

Peak 10: Cardio Strength Remix

Rockin’ Body Cardio Jam

Peak 10: More Cardio Interval Burn

Peak 10: More Cardio Interval Strength

Peak 10: Cardio Interval Burn

Peak 10: Cardio Interval Strength

Mike Donavanik:

Extreme Burn: Total Body Interval Training

BeFit: Maximum HIIT Workout for Weight Loss (free on YouTube)

Mike Karpenko:

Tapout XT

Tapout XT 2

Mindy Mylrea:



All Systems Go!

All About Legs

Gliding Extreme

Total Body Double G Workout

Awesome Intervals

Med Ball Madness

All Out Cardio

Tabata Bootcamp with Toys

Intensity Overload: No Equipment Required

Miranda Esmonde-White

Classical Stretch: Aging Backwards

Classical Stretch: Season 8

Classical Stretch: 55 Minute Core Workout

Classical Stretch: Back Pain Relief and Prevention

Classical Stretch: Season 12

Patrick Goudeau:

Hard Work Conditioning 24/7

Kitchen Sink Conditioning

Turn Up and Slim Down

Play Ball

Body Weight Blast

Hard Work Conditioning

Extreme Calorie Burn

Hard Work Conditioning 2

Lean, Hot Body

URX-MT: Core Metabolic Cardio

URX-MT: Metabolic Strength Cardio Interval

Paul Katami:

Katami 4×4

Kettlebell Drills

Double Down

Kettlebell Krush


A.S.A.P. Hollywood Bootcamp 4×4

Burn & Build

Pauline Nordin:

The Butt Bible

Sadie Lincoln:

Barre Conditioning

Sagi Kalev:

The Master’s Hammer & Chisel

Body Beast

Sahra Esmond-White

Essentrics: Barre Workout

Essentrics: Full Body Toning

Essentrics: Class of 2012

Sam Harper:

PopPhysique: Original Butt

PopPhysique: Leg & Butt Workout (free on YouTube)

Sarah Lurie:

Iron Core Kettlebell

Scott Herman & Susan Bercraft:

BeFit in 30 Extreme (DVD)

BeFit in 30 Extreme/90 Day Program (free on YouTube)

Shaun T:


Asylum Vol 1

Focus T25

Insanity: Max 30

Insanity: Fast & Furious

Shelly Knight:

Physique 57: Thigh & Seat Booster

Shiva Rea:

Flow Yoga for Beginners

Simone De La Rue

Body by Simone: Trampoline Cardio

Steve Uria:

Weider Ruthless

Susan Chung:

Rapid Fire: Kick, Box & Core Burn

Rapid Fire 2: Results

Rapid Fire 3

Rapid Fire 4: Sweat

Sylvia Wiesenberg:

Tonique 2

Tamal Dodge:

Hatha Flow Yoga for Beginners

Yoga for Energy & Relaxation

Tanya Becker:

Physique 57: Classic  57 Minute Full Body Workout

Physique 57: Express 30 Minute Full Body Workout

Teigh McDonough

Yoga Fusion: Power

Terry & Tina Shorter:


Toby Massenburg:


Max 30



Tony Horton:


P90X Plus

Tracey Mallett:

The Method: Cardio Boot Camp

The Method: Jab, Kick & Burn

The Method: Cardio Kick

Svelte U: Workout One

Svelte U: Workout Two

The Booty Barre: Beginners & Beyond

Lose the Belly Flab

Get Your Body Back

6 Minute Quick Blast Method

Bikini Body: Bootylicious

The Booty Barre: Total New Body


The Butt Lifting Workout That’s Better than Spanx (free on YouTube)

Tracy Anderson:

The Perfect Design Level I (beginner)

The Perfect Design Level 2 (intermediate)

The Perfect Design Level 3 (advanced)

Targeted Training Boot Camp

Method Express

Precision Toning

Mat Workout

Vivica Jensen: