Slim, Strong, & Sexy Body Sculpt

SSSBThat is a really long name for a workout: Slim, Strong & Sexy Body Sculpt. It’s one by Michelle Dozois and it’s part of her Your Body Breakthru series. It appears there are 3 workouts in this series and two have been reviewed here already: Your Best Body Circuit and Rockin’ Body Cardio Jam. Slim, Strong, & Sexy Body Sculpt contains two 30 minute strength workouts: an upper body + core and a lower body + core. I have had this workout as long as I have had the other two, but I never used this one very much (I used to use the other two a lot). However, back in the day that I used these workouts I never did doubles, so I decided to revisit it since the length of each workout is perfect for a doubles workout. And now that I have revisited these workouts, I remember why I never seemed to do them very often. These are very band-heavy workouts. And not resistance tubing–but dynabands. I never seem to mind dynabands when Cathe uses them and I even didn’t mind using it in Michelle’s Your Best Body Circuit, but I did not like all the band work in the upper body workout. It worked well and was very effective in the lower body workout, but I felt as if it made the upper body workout too easy. And I used a heavy dynaband. However, the lower body workout worked my lower body very comprehensively–the band actually made some lower body exercises very challenging. So it’s a mixed bag. Now that I’ve tried these workouts again I will probably use the lower body workout for a doubles workout but not mess with the upper body workout again.

Upper Body & Core is 30 minutes long; 2:30 minute warm up, 26:30 training time and 1 minute stretch. This is an intermediate level workout. You need a band and two sets of weights for this workout: moderate and heavy. I used 15 and 20 pound dumbbells. This workout set up in 4 circuits, or at least that’s how it is chaptered.

1. grab the band and do fencer lunges, chest presses, lateral bend with overhead press, lift arm diagonally upward to the back (all of these exercises are done with band only).

2. grab a heavy dumbbell and wrap one end the band around the handle and secure the other end under one foot; do one arm rows. Set aside dumbbell and do double arm pull backs with band. Set band aside and grab moderate dumbbells for bicep curls. Lay on back with heavy weight and do pullovers; add legs pulling them in and out for core work. Set dumbbells aside and lay on your stomach with folded band held in both hands in front of you; raise and lower upper body while pulling band back, then rotate arms side to side (“peek through window”).

3. Grab heavy weights and lay back down; chest press, both wide and narrow. Set dumbbells aside and wrap band around back securing ends under hands and do push ups with plank rocks. Still using the band do seated one arm flies. Set band aside; tricep dips on floor and side planks.

4. Grab moderate dumbbells and do squats with overhead press; lift one leg for a balance challenge. Set dumbbells aside and grab band for “shoulder blaster”: hold the ends of the band in each hand with the center of the band under one foot and raise straight arms to the front and side. Grab one moderate dumbbell and wrap one end of the band around the handle and secure the other end under one foot; do one arm bicep curls. Using only the band do an overhead tricep press/bicep curl combo.

Lower Body & Core is 30 minutes; 2 minute warm up, 26 minute training time and 2 minute stretch. This is also an intermediate level workout but maybe high intermediate if you use heavier dumbbells and choke up on your dynaband. You need a band and two sets of dumbbells: heavy and moderate. I used 15 and 12 pounds for this workout. It is also set up in 4 chapters.

1. Side-to-side squats (no weights). Grab heavy dumbbells for squats and deadlifts. Set the dumbbells aside and grab the band for a balance move: put band under one foot and hinge forward at the hip, lifting other leg up behind you while pulling up on band; this will turn into a pulsing reverse lunge with a leg lift.

2. Grab heavy dumbbells for curtsey squats. Set dumbbells aside and use band for one leg squats. Set band aside and grab moderate weights for plie squats and fencer lunges. Set dumbbells aside and grab band. Put under feet and cross, holding ends tight at hip. You will use this now as a firewalker (you can tell I do lots of Cathe–she loves firewalkers) to lift legs to side and back.

3. Grab your mat and keep your band handy. Resting on one knee with one hand on ground bring top leg forward and back. Lay on side and wrap band around top foot for leg circles and leg presses. Seated spinal twist holding band folded in front of you. Set band aside and lay on back for bridges with crunches.

4. Lay on side and do a double leg lift. Next you do an odd move that is hard to explain but I’ll try: raise upper body, roll onto hip, raise bent legs then extend legs (still on one hip) and arms at same time, then roll back down. Lay on stomach and bring heels together (legs bent/knees separated) and raise knees/heels. Lay on back for core work. Toe dips. Circle straight legs with head/shoulders lifted.



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