URX-MT: Metabolic Strength Cardio Interval

Metabolic Strength Cardio Interval is workout #9 in the URX-MT fitness program. It is led by trainer Patrick Goudeau. I really enjoyed Patrick's other URX-MT workout, Core Metabolic Cardio, so I was really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately I did not like Metabolic Strength Cardio Interval nearly as much as Core Metabolic Cardio. I … Continue reading URX-MT: Metabolic Strength Cardio Interval


URX-MT: Core Metabolic Cardio

Core Metabolic Cardio is workout #3 in the URX-MT fitness program and it is led by trainer Patrick Goudeau. I was pretty excited since Patrick puts together some of the best metabolic workouts out there. This one did not disappoint. Patrick did a great job creating an excellent cardio workout on the rebounder and he … Continue reading URX-MT: Core Metabolic Cardio

Hard Work Conditioning 24/7

Hard Work Conditioning 24/7 is the 3rd Hard Work Conditioning workout by Patrick Goudeau. Patrick is the master of metabolic strength training and this is another excellent addition to his collection. It is called 24/7 because he has it set up so you can use this workout every day in different ways. In fact, the … Continue reading Hard Work Conditioning 24/7

Kitchen Sink Conditioning

I bought this workout DVD partially for the title alone. Kitchen Sink Conditioning. What an odd and somewhat humorous title! And since it is by Patrick Goudeau, it deserved further evaluation. I did more research and, just as it sounds, it is based on the idiom "everything but the kitchen sink"--as in, this workout uses … Continue reading Kitchen Sink Conditioning

Turn Up and Slim Down

Turn Up and Slim Down is Patrick Goudeau's latest workout DVD. It is a cardio and body weight strength training workout broken down into 10 minute segments. So you can do all 6 segments + warm up and cool down for a 69 minute workout or pick and choose to create the workout of your … Continue reading Turn Up and Slim Down


Release is another Patrick Goudeau Presents workout in the tradition of Kickbox Burn. I love that Patrick finds these awesome trainers and uses his influence to introduce people to them. I am currently in the midst of a long and challenging hybrid rotation (Body Beast, PiYo and Weider Ruthless--reviews of all will post eventually), so … Continue reading Release

Play Ball

I really wanted to love this workout by Patrick Goudeau. Play Ball is described as a "30-minute total body blast [that] is jam-packed with fun" and all you need is a medicine ball. Well, I have 3 medicine balls--2 eight pounders and 1 four pounder that don't get enough play. And the fact that it is … Continue reading Play Ball

Body Weight Blast

Wow! Another winner by Patrick Goudeau and I think this one is my new favorite! It is tough, fun and signature Patrick metabolic strength training. I think this is his best one yet. Don't let the title Body Weight Blast fool you--this is not a body weight only workout. In fact, he uses heavier dumbbells … Continue reading Body Weight Blast

Hard Work Conditioning (1)

Now, I will admit, I do not own a vast library of Patrick Goudeau workouts, but of the ones I do own, I’ve come expect something from him: a brutal and taxing workout. So with the title of Hard Work Conditioning (and after doing Hard Work Conditioning 2) I was expecting some seriously hard work. … Continue reading Hard Work Conditioning (1)

Extreme Calorie Burn

The title snagged my attention, then I saw it was by Patrick Goudeau and knew that it was probably an accurate title! Patrick can burn the fat off anyone with his intense metabolic weight training workouts. I am working on building a solid collection of advanced metabolic weight training workouts and of course Patrick will … Continue reading Extreme Calorie Burn