AngieFitnessTV: Fit Over 40 Stability Ball Cardio Walk

I was disappointed in Stability Ball Cardio Walk but that is probably more my fault than the fault of the workout. Stability Ball Cardio Walk is day 17 in AngieFitnessTV's Fit Over 40 program. It is a very low intensity low impact cardio walk. I generally do things to increase the intensity of Angie's low … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: Fit Over 40 Stability Ball Cardio Walk

AngieFitnessTV: No Repeat Low Impact Cardio Mix

This was a tough workout! Much tougher than I expected it to be. No Repeat Low Impact Cardio Mix is another of AngieFitnessTV's "premix" workouts. It is cut from one of Angie's super long live workouts: No Repeat Cardio & Weight Training which is 81 minutes. However, like all of her live workouts the actual … Continue reading AngieFitnessTV: No Repeat Low Impact Cardio Mix

Cathe Live: Ramped Up Total Body

#281 Ramped Up Total Body is another excellent total body strength workout from Cathe. I feel well worked after finishing this workout--especially my lower body. The ball work at the end fried my legs! You do 4 circuits and each circuit consists of 7 exercises--or at least that is what Cathe said would happen at the … Continue reading Cathe Live: Ramped Up Total Body

Barlates: Target 15/Standing Abs

I am 5 days post surgery and I have started exercising again. I have the usual limitations--no weights/resistance, no impact and no plank based moves. So I have to be creative to get an effective workout. This morning I did Cathe's Low Impact Step Lower Body Blast premix and finished the workout off with this … Continue reading Barlates: Target 15/Standing Abs

Barlates: Warm & Stretch with Ball

I love Linda's Warm & Stretch workouts! They are perfect to combine with my Sunday yoga workouts. Lately I have been doing Classical Stretch on Sundays and I use the Warm & Stretch workouts to finish it off. I keep expecting the Warm & Stretch workouts to be lower intensity than Classical Stretch but I didn't break … Continue reading Barlates: Warm & Stretch with Ball

Cardio/Kettlebell Mash Up

Cardio/Kettlebell Mash Up is an interval workout that alternates kettlebell exercises with cardio exercises. The workout ends with some lower body and core work using the stability ball. Since kettlebell work is very metabolic anyway, this is non-stop cardio. Yet another workout from Yvette Bachman that I absolutely love. It is more of a moderate … Continue reading Cardio/Kettlebell Mash Up

Bootcamp/Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Bootcamp/Bodyweight HIIT workout is yet another awesome workout from Yvette Bachman. I loved this one! I know, I say that about all of Yvette's workouts but there are different levels of love and this one is up there in the top levels. Just like all of her workouts, this was intense, however, it was slightly … Continue reading Bootcamp/Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Fit Body by Julia: PHAT #3

With PHAT #3 I have now done all of Julia's PHAT workouts (though they were all created by Jori, Julia performs them on her YouTube channel Fit Body by Julia and makes some modifications to Jori's workout). Like all of the PHAT workouts I really enjoyed this. It was an excellent total body metabolic strength … Continue reading Fit Body by Julia: PHAT #3

Barlates: Barre Ball Blast

Barre Ball Blast is a collection of primarily lower body and core segments that use nothing but the stability ball and a mat--so body weight training. There are 6 segments plus a warm up and stretch. You can choose "Play all" for a 115 minute workout, or use one of the premixes that group segments … Continue reading Barlates: Barre Ball Blast

All About Legs

All About Legs is a collection of 4 short workouts that each work your lower body using various equipment--medicine ball, stability ball, step + resistance tube and sliding disks. Each segment can be used alone since they all start with an easy move that functions as a warm up and they all end with a short stretch. … Continue reading All About Legs