Barlates: Standing Barre Thighs

Standing Barre Thighs is part of Linda Wooldridge‘s Standing Barre Series. There are 5 workouts in this series and so far I have done 4 of them: this workout, Standing Barre Glutes, Standing Barre Pretzel and Standing Barre Abs. They are all available for free on YouTube and you can also get all 5 workouts on … Continue reading Barlates: Standing Barre Thighs

Gliding Extreme

Just as the title implies this is an extreme workout. It is advanced and it is tough. BTW--I loved it. Excellent, excellent workout from Mindy Mylrea. Gliding Extreme is set outside in a meadow. There is a large round platform set in the grass and Mindy does all of her sliding on this platform. It's just Mindy--no … Continue reading Gliding Extreme