AngieFitnessTV: Rebounder Strength Core Balance Stretch

Rebounder Strength Core Balance Stretch is one of AngieFitnessTV‘s live workouts, but unlike some of her other live workouts that I’ve done, she edited out the beginning and end in which nothing happens except Angie talking to the home exerciser. I really enjoyed this workout. It is a fun total body cardio + strength workout. Angie hits every muscle in your body in some fashion. And she uses lots of equipment. I do have a an issue with part of the strength training that I will just have to find a way to work with in the future but for today’s workout it really wasn’t an issue. The strength portion is done in 2 parts. The first part hits larger muscle groups with a barbell and the second part is upper body pilates strength work with light hand weights. My (future) problem is with the barbell strength work. There is no break between exercises, you flow from one exercise directly into the next and Angie is using the same weighted barbell for every exercise. For me at least, all of my muscles are not created equal and I needed to increase the weight of my barbell for about half of the exercises. I didn’t this morning btw, but in the future I will need to have things set up to make it easier. Angie does everything, including this barbell strength work, on the rebounder and I like that because it adds a balance challenge to the workout but it also makes quickly swapping out barbells difficult. So in the future, I will do the barbell strength portion on the floor and have several barbells of different weights at the ready so I can quickly move between them.

Angie’s barbell is 22-25 pounds; she tells us her barbell has a 10 pound plate on each side, all bars weigh something and hers looks like the light variety, so 2.5-5 pounds additional. I have a similar barbell which is what I used. The barbell itself weighs 5 pounds and I put 10 pound plates on either side, so mine was 25 pounds total. With my left arm recovering from rotator cuff surgery, this weight worked for many of the exercises. It challenged my left arm but not my right arm. But some of the exercises did not even challenge my left arm–back rows, and then the two lower body exercises–deadlifts and squats, didn’t challenge my lower body much. For the pilates upper body I used 3 pound hand weights and I felt every single exercise in my left arm but only felt a few of them near the end of the interval on my right arm. So my upper body is very imbalanced right now! I will get things evened out eventually.

Overall, another very enjoyable and effective rebounder workout from Angie. Love, love, love her rebounder workouts. And just FYI, Angie is always urging her home exercisers to modify the exercises in whatever way works for them. So my commentary in this review is just to remind myself of what I need to do when I return to this workout to make it more effective for me. And I will return to it because it is an awesome workout. You will also see in the equipment list below that Angie uses a lot of different equipment. I love that aspect of her workouts because I own it all too and some of it has been collecting dust for years. So I love being able to dust it off and use it. But she always tells you that the equipment isn’t necessary if you do not have it and gives options for people who do not have all of the equipment. So do not let that long list of equipment scare you off.

And finally, my stats for this workout according to my FitBit: 317 calories burned, 2,652 “steps”, I was in my cardio zone 50% of the workout and my fat burning zone the rest of the workout except for 5 minutes in which I was below even those two zones–that was during the stretch.

Rebounder Strength Core Balance Stretch is 61 minutes; 6 minute warm up and 8 minute stretch. Equipment: rebounder, pilates magic circle, booty band/resistance loop, barbell/body bar/dumbbells, light hand weights (1, 2 or 3 pounds; Angie is using 3 pounds) and a pilates or playground ball.


  1. Double jack legs; add jack arms
  2. Single jumping jacks with arms
  3. Double scissor legs; add raising and lowering arms
  4. Single scissor legs while alternating raising and lowering arms
  5. 4 jack legs + 4 scissor legs; add arm movements
  6. Bounce with arm movements (arms raised to shoulder height, alternate bending elbows bringing hand to shoulder); add directional changes to jumps
  7. Bounce with large arm circles
  8. Hop shift side to side while punching both hands to side
  9. (grab magic circle) Jump on rebounder, holding the circle between both hands and squeeze in on circle as you jump
  10. Face the side, legs wide and shift-bounce forward and back, chop the circle from hip to over other shoulder as you shift hop
  11. Repeat #10 on other side of body
  12. Hop on rebounder, still holding circle in both hands, shift circle side to side as you hop
  13. Double jacks, raising and lowering the circle each time legs change; changes to single jacks
  14. (set magic circle aside and grab booty band) Put band around thighs, above knees, jump on rebounder
  15. Double jacks; add alternating raising and lowering arms; changes to single jacks (same arms but done to single jack speed)
  16. Double scissor runs; changes to singles with alternating arms raising and lowering overhead
  17. Hop with legs wide; changes to 180 hop turns with 2 hops in each direction
  18. 1 jack legs + 2 scissor runs

Strength (on rebounder; grab your barbell/body bar/dumbbells):

  1. Deadlifts
  2. Overhead press
  3. Upright rows
  4. Wide squats (Angie has BB on her shoulders)
  5. Bent over rows with overhand grip
  6. Bicep curls
  7. Bent over rows with underhand grip
  8. (set BB aside) Tricep dips with hands on frame of rebounder and feet on ground
  9. (get light DBs) Stand on rebounder with heels together and toes turned out, with straight arms, raise DBs out to sides of body and continue raising them overhead then lower them in the same arc
  10. Standing chest fly arms
  11. Extend arms to side at shoulder level (in a T) and do bicep curls, curling DBs in to shoulders
  12. Same concept as chest press arms, but open arms on a diagonal (one arm high and one arm low), alternate which arm is high and which arm is low
  13. Arm circles, arm circle from thigh level to shoulder level
  14. Partial bicep curls into serving biceps (do a bicep curl but stop at halfway point then press DBs straight in front of you as if offering the DBs to someone)

Core & Balance (grab your pilates/playground ball):

  1. Lay on back on rebounder, knees bent and heels on rebounder frame, ball is between knees, lift hips into bridge and lower and raise hips while squeezing knees against ball (hips never lower all the way to rebounder); pulse hips at top of bridge
  2. In same starting position as #1, do basic crunches, arms reaching toward heels beside body as you crunch up
  3. Still laying on back on rebounder, legs are extended straight to ceiling and ball is between ankles, circle straight legs/hips (hold edges of rebounder with hands)
  4. Still laying on rebounder with hands behind head, ball is still between ankles/calves, lower straight legs to about 45 degrees and bend and straighten legs
  5. Place ball between knees and roll between plow pose and bent knee boat pose (Angie gives multiple versions of this move for every fitness level)
  6. Bird dog pose with extended arm holding the ball; bring knee in under chest and tap ball to knee then extend arm and leg out straight again
  7. Stand and hold ball against forehead with both hands, raise one knee and balance; move ball to top of head; knee that is bent, extend it straight out to side (torso leans to side) and bring ball in front of chest; lean forward raising leg behind you
  8. Repeat #7 on other side of body

For more info on AngieFitnessTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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