Barlates: Bounce Series/Cardio Sculpt

Bounce Series: Cardio Sculpt is another fun rebounder workout from Linda @ Barlates. This one is not as intense as some of Linda's other rebounder workouts that I've done but it is still a solid and effective workout. Today is my yoga/flexibility/mobility day and I always like to do a short workout beforehand to warm … Continue reading Barlates: Bounce Series/Cardio Sculpt

Barlates: Bounce Intervals/Cardio

This is exactly what I was looking for when I purchased my rebounder. Trust Linda @ Barlates to deliver an excellent, intense and fun workout. Bounce Intervals: Cardio is an all cardio workout done on the rebounder and it was intense. The workout is made up of 20 exercises; each exercise is done for 70 … Continue reading Barlates: Bounce Intervals/Cardio

Cathe Live: Strong Express Upper Body

#234 Strong Express Upper Body is a fast paced upper body strength workout. Cathe works your upper body hard in a short amount of time. I needed something quick this morning so this worked perfectly. However, I do feel that this workout is unbalanced. Cathe hits the shoulders, biceps and triceps harder than the chest … Continue reading Cathe Live: Strong Express Upper Body

Cathe Live: Low Impact Conditioning Express

#191 Low Impact Conditioning Express is a great little workout--perfect for what I used it for today: recovery. I usually do yoga and/or mobility on Sundays but I've switched things up recently in order to cram in as many Cathe Live workouts as I can in a 2 month period. I approached this workout as … Continue reading Cathe Live: Low Impact Conditioning Express

Core Movements: Volumes 5 & 6

This is the final DVD in Tracie Long's Core Movements series. This DVD contains Volume 5: Push Back and Volume 6: Bottoms Up. Before I get to information on these specific workouts, I have to discuss the actual physical DVD. I ordered the Core Movements series through Tracie Long's website. When I received them, the 3 … Continue reading Core Movements: Volumes 5 & 6

Core Movements: Volume 3 & 4

Just like Volume 1 & 2 in Tracie Long's Core Movements series, Volumes 3 & 4 are functional strength, mobility and core work along with deep and intense stretching. I really love this series and never expected to! Just like in Volume 1 & 2, the first workout on the DVD, Volume 3: Bottom Line, … Continue reading Core Movements: Volume 3 & 4

Core Movements: Volume 1 & 2

Core Movements is a series of workouts by Tracie Long. There are 3 DVDs in this series and each DVD contains 2 approx. 30 minute workouts. Once I fell in love with Tracie's workouts I started hoarding all of her newer stuff but for some reason I avoided these Core Movements workouts. The idea of … Continue reading Core Movements: Volume 1 & 2

Focus: Weightless (Volume 6)

Focus: Weightless is a bodyweight strength and cardio workout from Tracie Long. That must be what the title represents (but I don't know this for sure)--strength work without weights. No equipment is needed for this workout except an exercise mat and Tracie claims you will work every muscle in your body in the course of … Continue reading Focus: Weightless (Volume 6)

Full Upper Body Workout // Toning + Strength

Full Upper Body Workout // Toning + Strength is another excellent metabolic strength workout from Heather Robertson. This morning was upper body day for me so I stacked several of Heather's workouts to equal my hour.  I started with her 5 Minute Warm Up, then I did her Arm Toning + Strength Workout which is … Continue reading Full Upper Body Workout // Toning + Strength

Arm Toning + Strength Workout

Arm Toning + Strength Workout is a tough but through and excellent upper body strength workout from Heather Roberson. This workout even burned Heather out! On the final exercise she had to drop her weights a few times because her arms were burning out. I did, too--but I had a lighter set of hand weights … Continue reading Arm Toning + Strength Workout