Barlates: Bounce Intervals/Cardio

This is exactly what I was looking for when I purchased my rebounder. Trust Linda @ Barlates to deliver an excellent, intense and fun workout. Bounce Intervals: Cardio is an all cardio workout done on the rebounder and it was intense. The workout is made up of 20 exercises; each exercise is done for 70 … Continue reading Barlates: Bounce Intervals/Cardio

URX-MT: Metabolic Intervals and Circuits

URX-MT stands for Urban Rebounding Extreme Metabolic Training. I actually bought the entire series as a program. The program is made up of 13 workouts but you can buy each workout individually on the Urban Rebounder site, so that is how I will be reviewing them. The program apparently originally came with more than just … Continue reading URX-MT: Metabolic Intervals and Circuits

Cathe Live: Triple Fit

#189 Triple Fit is the final Cathe Live workout I will be doing for a while. My two months of Cathe Live has finally come to an end. Triple Fit was a great way to close it out. It was crazy intense! For me at least. I am more of an intermediate level exerciser and … Continue reading Cathe Live: Triple Fit

Cathe Live: Oh My Glutes

#186 Oh My Glutes is an intense metabolic lower body strength workout. With a name like Oh My Glutes--how could I not sample this one? Glutes are my second favorite muscle group to work (back is my favorite) and this workout worked my glutes, along with the rest of my lower body, very well. I was working … Continue reading Cathe Live: Oh My Glutes

Cathe Live: Fit Legs

#212 Fit Legs is another live lower body triset workout. Just like Booty Max, Fit Legs contains 4 trisets and each triset is done twice. It also contains many of the same exercises as Booty Max but Fit Legs is 12 minutes shorter. What does that mean? This workout is even more metabolic than Booty Max--which … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Legs

Cathe Live: Low Impact HIIT Plus Upper Body

#175 Low Impact HIIT Plus Upper Body is a great idea and a very good workout. I wanted to like it more than I did. The workout starts with a very active warm up then you do 21:30 minutes of low impact HIIT cardio. The remainder of the workout is upper body strength and core. … Continue reading Cathe Live: Low Impact HIIT Plus Upper Body

Cathe Live: Jabs & Kicks

#181 Jabs & Kicks is another live cardio kickboxing workout from Cathe. I found this one intense! I burned over 400 calories, was in my peak heart rate about 1/3 of the workout (according to my FitBit) and my legs and arms got lots of great conditioning from all the kicks and punches. Jabs & … Continue reading Cathe Live: Jabs & Kicks

Cathe Live: Fit Tower Cardio Legs

#167 Fit Tower Cardio Legs is another excellent Fit Tower workout. I wasn't feeling 100% when I came to this workout this morning (its been a rough weekend) but I still gave it 100% and got an excellent workout that really wore me out and worked my lower body hard. I had some serious muscle … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Tower Cardio Legs

Cathe Live: Cardio Kickboxing & Cardio Barre

#197 Cardio Kickboxing & Cardio Barre is an intense cardio workout. Though "barre" is in the title, you are not doing any real barre work. The barre (or chair back) is more of a balance assist for the last 8:30 minutes of the workout--which is just more intense cardio. The warm up is all low … Continue reading Cathe Live: Cardio Kickboxing & Cardio Barre

Step Boss: IMAX 4

IMAX 4 is part of Cathe's new Step Boss series. The other two DVDs in this series are Step Sync and PHA 3. Cathe also created a Quick Start Users Guide to accompany this series. This DVD contains the main workout plus an Ab Bonus and an Extended Chair Stretch. These bonuses are included in the … Continue reading Step Boss: IMAX 4