Perfect 30: Perfect HIIT

Perfect HIIT is part of Cathe's newest workout series, Perfect 30. It contains two 30 minute cardio interval workouts. One is a high impact HIIT workout and the other is a low impact HIIT workout. This DVD also includes two bonuses: a Pyramid HIIT Bonus (high impact) and an extended stretch bonus. Almost all of … Continue reading Perfect 30: Perfect HIIT

Cathe Live: Fit Tower Cardio Legs

#167 Fit Tower Cardio Legs is another excellent Fit Tower workout. I wasn't feeling 100% when I came to this workout this morning (its been a rough weekend) but I still gave it 100% and got an excellent workout that really wore me out and worked my lower body hard. I had some serious muscle … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Tower Cardio Legs

Focus: Power Up

Power Up is another 30 minute workout from Tracie Long in her Focus series and I did not enjoy it at all. I actually found it a very odd workout and I don't really understand the point of her Focus series now. From what I can see online (and what I have checked out from … Continue reading Focus: Power Up

Fit Body by Julia: Cardio Madness #2

Cardio Madness #2 is a Fit Body by Julia workout. Most of this workout was created by Daniela though the very last portion (Round of Applause Burnout) was created by Christine Comeau. Wow. After doing Cardio Madness #1 I was expecting this to be more doable. Cardio Madness #1 was intense and challenging but entirely doable. This … Continue reading Fit Body by Julia: Cardio Madness #2

Fit Body by Julia: Cardio Madness

Cardio Madness is a Fit Body by Julia workout. This is my 4th workout by Julia. It was actually created by someone named Daniela but, of course, it was performed by Julia. This was another super tough workout (does Julia do any workout that isn't super tough?). Julia wore a weighted vest off and on … Continue reading Fit Body by Julia: Cardio Madness

JessicaSmithTV: Fastest Fat Blaster

As I mentioned in my review of Jessica's Calorie Crushing Cardio, this morning I stacked together 4 of Jessica's workouts and got an awesome workout that was 68 minutes long. I started with Calorie Crushing Cardio, went right into this workout, directly into Cardio Yoga Flow and ended with 13 Minute Total Body Quick Stretch. … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Fastest Fat Blaster

Popsugar: 25 Minute Calorie Crushing Cardio & Legs Workout

Calorie Crushing Cardio & Legs is a short but effective strength + cardio workout by Popsugar and Anna Renderer. This was a fun little workout that combines bodyweight strength with cardio blasts--and some of the cardio is also plyo strength moves. For such a short workout, Anna does a great job giving your lower body … Continue reading Popsugar: 25 Minute Calorie Crushing Cardio & Legs Workout

BeFit: Plyo Box Lower Body Workout

Plyo Box Lower Body Workout is a super intense 15 minute workout from BeFit. The perfect finisher for a lower body workout or even as I used it today--to finish off a Cathe Live cardio workout. According to my Fitbit, 13 of the 15 minutes of this workout I was in my peak heart rate zone. … Continue reading BeFit: Plyo Box Lower Body Workout

Edge Booty Extreme 2

I discovered this workout system from Oxygen Magazine--they sent me a sales email. I was immediately intrigued. I am getting ready to start another round of STS in September and I am planning on adding additional glute focus. I have already tried The Butt Bible for that purpose and loved it, so I decided I … Continue reading Edge Booty Extreme 2

Insanity: Asylum Volume 1

I have actually had Asylum Volume 1 for several years. I got it for my birthday right around the same time I rediscovered Cathe, which put a halt to me doing any other program for a long time. However, over the past year I have been doing workouts by other trainers and programs, and I am finally … Continue reading Insanity: Asylum Volume 1