HIIT Booty Bootcamp // Butt Workout + Glute Activation

Wow! What an awesome workout!  HIIT Booty Bootcamp // Butt Workout + Glute Activation is another amazing workout from Heather Robertson. She hits your glutes from all angles with different modalities and it creeps up on you. I finished this workout over an hour ago and my glutes and upper hamstrings are still stinging. It … Continue reading HIIT Booty Bootcamp // Butt Workout + Glute Activation


Barlates: Ballet Sculpt Lower

I am currently limited to low impact cardio and standing lower body work that uses no dumbbells. So I have been doing lots of barre workouts! This is one of Linda Wooldridge's free Barlates workouts on YouTube. It has been on my To Do list for a while and I finally got to it this … Continue reading Barlates: Ballet Sculpt Lower

JessicaSmithTV: Lunge Free Lower Body Workout

As I mentioned in my post about Jessica Smith's 1 Mile Belly, Buns & Thigh Walk, I am getting back to working out today but starting slow with short, low impact and lower body focused workouts. So I started with Jessica's 15 minute walk and finished with this 15 minute barre workout. This wasn't the … Continue reading JessicaSmithTV: Lunge Free Lower Body Workout

Cathe Live: Long & Sculpted Legs

Long & Sculpted Legs really fried my legs. It seemed particularly appropriate after my last leg workout (Cathe Live Triset Legs) because this workout fries your lower body in a completely different way. No dumbbells, barbell or step are used in Long & Sculpted Legs. Just a sliding device (I used Slide N Glide disks), … Continue reading Cathe Live: Long & Sculpted Legs

Cathe Live: Legs & Glutes

Legs & Glutes is a Live workout based on the DVD version of Legs & Glutes. So in order to prepare for this workout, I did the DVD Legs & Glutes. I had forgotten how much I love that workout. It is part of her Body Blast Series, which contain some my absolute favorite Cathe … Continue reading Cathe Live: Legs & Glutes

Cathe Live: Lovin’ Those Legs

Lovin' those Legs is another excellent lower body workout from Cathe Live. If there is one thing Cathe never neglects, it is the lower body. Between DVDs and Live workouts, she has created a plethora of lower body workouts. And here is yet another one I love. I actually liked it a lot more than … Continue reading Cathe Live: Lovin’ Those Legs

Cathe Live: Mish Mosh Legs

Another great Live workout from Cathe. This one is just what it says--50 minutes of lower body work. Cathe works primarily the glutes, hamstrings and quads, and she tries to work them in a variety of angles w/ dumbbells and firewalkers. I really enjoyed the diversity of this workout. Lots of fun and worked my … Continue reading Cathe Live: Mish Mosh Legs

Killer Buns & Thighs

Killer Buns & Thighs is another excellent and tough workout collection from Jillian Michaels. This is one of the things I really love about Jillian Michaels; not only does she create effective and tough workouts, but she almost always puts several workouts on one DVD and offers them at an excellent price. So you are … Continue reading Killer Buns & Thighs

10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift

I have purchased another 10 Minute Solution! I can't believe I had forgotten about these workouts. They are such neat little gems. I am digging out some of my older ones to use as add-ons again, so I will be reviewing a few more of these in the future. I was inspired to purchased Butt … Continue reading 10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift

Xtrain: Cardio Leg Blast

Cardio Leg Blast is part of Cathe‘s Xtrain series. For more info on the series as a program see My Intro to Xtrain. Cardio Leg Blast is a 56 minute cardio + strength workout; 7 minute warm up, 41 minute training period, 8 minute cool down/stretch. This DVD also includes Bonus Core #2, Bonus Burn … Continue reading Xtrain: Cardio Leg Blast