30 Minutes to Fitness: Sculpting RX

Sculpting RX is one of Kelly Coffey-Meyer's newest offerings in her 30 Minutes to Fitness series. The other DVD that came out at the same time is Step Boxing 2. Sculpting RX contains two 30 minute strength workouts. In the intro, Kelly says that workout #1 involves heavier weights and uses supersets. Workout #2 is … Continue reading 30 Minutes to Fitness: Sculpting RX


30 Minutes to Fitness: Step Boxing 2

Step Boxing 2 is the newest offering from Kelly Coffey-Meyer in her 30 Minutes to Fitness series. I have been looking forward to doing Kelly's newest workouts for months but life circumstances kept me from trying them. But I have been feeling great for weeks now, so it was time to finally give them a … Continue reading 30 Minutes to Fitness: Step Boxing 2

30 Minutes to Fitness: Build & Burn

Build & Burn is a fitness program from Kelly Coffey-Meyer. It contains 5 workouts that are all just under 30 minutes. There is no calendar but the idea is to start at workout 1 and do one workout a day. She also includes a week long menu and each meal is interchangeable. It doesn't give macro/nutrient or calorie … Continue reading 30 Minutes to Fitness: Build & Burn

CoffeyFit Raw: 888

888 is another free/live workout from Kelly Coffey-Meyer's CoffeyFit Raw YouTube Channel and I loved it. I have loved all of Kelly's Raw workouts but this one might be my favorite. It is an intense metabolic cardio circuit workout. 888 stands for 8 circuits of 8 different exercises and each exercise is done for 8 reps. … Continue reading CoffeyFit Raw: 888

CoffeyFit Raw: Boxing

CoffeyFit Raw: Boxing is another free YouTube workout from Kelly Coffey-Meyer. I really like this workout for a lot of reasons. First let me describe the workout and then I'll give my thoughts. For this workout Kelly isn't alone. Her brother is with her. She does shadow boxing and he does heavy bag boxing. She … Continue reading CoffeyFit Raw: Boxing

CoffeyFit Raw: Hips & Glutes

Hips & Glutes is an excellent, excellent workout from Kelly Coffey-Meyer's free CoffeyFit Raw YouTube series. I watched the entire workout before doing it to prepare myself and I honestly did not think this workout would be as painful as it was. The good pain. The majority of this workout focuses on the hips and … Continue reading CoffeyFit Raw: Hips & Glutes

CoffeyFit Raw: Cardio Crush

Cardio Crush is another workout from Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Raw workouts she does for free on YouTube. I really enjoyed this workout, but it's not the most intense workout out there. Still, for 30 minutes, it gave me a decent calorie burn. Plus, it was fun and that is pretty important--enjoying your workouts. I really enjoyed … Continue reading CoffeyFit Raw: Cardio Crush

CoffeyFit Raw: Upper Body Blast

Upper Body Blast is the second of Kelly Coffey-Meyer's CoffeyFit Raw workouts I've done. The first one I did was Lower Body & Kettlebells. That one was excellent and I loved it. Since that one is 25 minutes long and this one is 30 minutes long I was very interested in how they might work … Continue reading CoffeyFit Raw: Upper Body Blast

CoffeyFit Raw: Lower Body & Kettlebells

I was so excited when I saw that Kelly Coffey-Meyer was now streaming workouts for free on YouTube! She calls them her CoffeyFit Raw workouts. Lower Body & Kettlebells is the first of her Raw workouts I've tried and I loved it! It delivered exactly what I expect from an excellent KCM workout--intense and tough, … Continue reading CoffeyFit Raw: Lower Body & Kettlebells

30 Minutes to Fitness: Cardio Quick Fix

Cardio Quick Fix is another workout in Kelly Coffey-Meyer's 30 Minutes to Fitness series. I had held off on buying this one for a long time because it seemed like it would be too easy. But then she had her New Years Day sale so I snagged it up (along with a few of her … Continue reading 30 Minutes to Fitness: Cardio Quick Fix