CoffeyFit Raw: 888

***Update: Kelly has removed all of the Raw workouts lI reviewed from YouTube. I am sure they are still available on her Raw streaming site but that is not free.***

888 is another free/live workout from Kelly Coffey-Meyer‘s CoffeyFit Raw YouTube Channel and I loved it. I have loved all of Kelly’s Raw workouts but this one might be my favorite. It is an intense metabolic cardio circuit workout. 888 stands for 8 circuits of 8 different exercises and each exercise is done for 8 reps. The only break you get is a short break between each circuit to towel off and get a drink. However, during each circuit I had sweat dripping into my eyes! For a 40 minute workout I burned over 300 calories. It reminded me of her metabolic strength workout in Athletic Conditioning 2 which I love. This does have one exercise I wasn’t crazy about–medicine ball slams. You slam a medicine ball from overhead to the ground. Kelly used a 10 pound medicine ball. I only own 4, 6, 8 and 14 pound medicine balls. I did not attempt it with my 14 pounder–instead I used my 8. I didn’t find the exercise terribly intense. But I was also afraid of waking my sleeping husband by slamming a hard ball into the ground. I was doing it on carpet and it really wasn’t that loud, but nevertheless not as intense as I wanted the exercise to be. I don’t know how much difference 2 more pounds would have made. On a fitness forum I saw that someone substituted kettlebell swings for the medicine ball throw downs, so I did the medicine ball throw downs for the first 4 circuits then for the last 4 I did kettlebell swings with my 25 pound kettlebell. That was more the intensity level I was looking for. Plus, I was able to get 12 swings in for Kelly’s 8 med ball throw downs. The other thing I did was I wore 2 pound weight gloves throughout. I did that because she does a punch combo as part of the first exercise and I wanted to make sure I was making it as intense as possible. Since there is no time between exercises, I just kept the weighted gloves on for the entire workout.

I have loved all of Kelly’s CoffeyFit Raw workouts and I hope she continues making them. There haven’t been anymore since June when she posted this one, so I don’t know if she plans to continue. I am glad at least we have the 6 she created because they are all wonderful. I already have plans to revisit all of her Raw workouts. In fact, tomorrow I am doing Upper Body Blast + Lower Body & Kettlebells for an hour long total body cardio + strength workout. I will finish it off with Cathe‘s Flex Train stretch to round out my hour (and also finish off with a good stretch).

888 is 42 minutes long; 45 second intro, 2 minute warm up and 1 minute stretch. The last 1:30 minute of this workout is just Kelly telling you what muscle groups each exercise in this workout works (no exercising or stretching–just talking). Equipment Kelly uses: 10 pound dumbbells and a 10 pound medicine ball. I used 8 pound dumbbells, 12 pound dumbbells, a 25 pound kettlebell, an 8 pound medicine ball and 2 pound weighted gloves. The weights listed below are the weights I used.

You do 8 reps of each exercise and repeat this circuit 8 times.

  1. Punch, cross, upper cut, jack feet and squat thrust
  2. Hammer curl to side punch; alternate sides (8# DBs)
  3. Alternating side lunges, setting DBs on ground and picking them up (12# DBs)
  4. Wide mountain climbers
  5. Raises med ball overhead and throws it on the floor between legs as she squats (I substituted kettlebell swings w/ 25# KB for last 4 circuits)
  6. Alternating side kicks
  7. Alternating jump lunges
  8. Bicycle maneuvers

For more info on CoffeyFit Raw and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.




5 thoughts on “CoffeyFit Raw: 888

  1. Weeeeeell, she had said somewhere that she was going to be putting up more free ones, so I don’t think she’d take the ones down that she’s already posted. Plus, it would be best for her, I think, to keep those up to give people a “sample” of the kinds of workouts that would be offered and available on her paid channel. (Personally, I would wait until she has released quite a few workouts before subscribing.

    And, yes, her new set sounds great! I’m REALLY looking forward to it’s release. I don’t believe, though, that she is going to have premixes for this set since they are each on their own, individual disc. That’ll be a bummer. 😦


  2. According to a reliable source :), “She will be releasing more workouts, but she is also launching a subscription YouTube workout channel that will offer not only RAW workouts, but also the premixes from her DVD’s that are only available on her DVD’s. She recently posted a short video on Instagram and Facebook about her new venture.”

    She said she’s starting up the channel in “The Fall”.


    1. Thanks for the update! Is this subscription different from following her on YouTube (i.e. subscribing to her YouTube feed). Will it cost money, like Cathe Live? I’m guessing it will if it will also offer DVD premixes.

      I have heard about her filming some DVDs–I am excited about that! Like Cathe, she is always an auto-buy for me!


      1. Yes, Kelly is charging for it. I have ZERO idea how paid YT channels work, but, my guess would be that, yes, it would be just like subscribing to her channel now, but, without being a paid subscriber one would either be unable to VIEW the content (I sometimes click on a video on YT and am told if I want to see it, I need to pay X amount) OR, if she is having a separate, designated channel, one wouldn’t even be ABLE to subscribe without paying first. Like I said, though, I really don’t know how it works. We’ll find out soon, though! 🙂

        I, too, am super stoked about her upcoming DVDs! I believe she said she is filming next month in September. Way back in June, she had this to say about her upcoming releases:
        “A 5 DVD box set that has a nutrition guide in it. Each DVD is 30 minutes only. It is designed as a rotation to take all of the guess work out of your weekly workouts. here are the ones I am working on:
        1. Kettlebell/Kickbox Fusion
        2. Total Body Weights #1
        3. Cardio Mash Up
        4. Total Body Weights #2
        5. Tabata Sculpt & Burn”

        This run down was slightly different from her original plan/vision in which she had separate upper and lower body workouts (the latter of which was to incorporate barbell work and is, honestly, what I would have preferred — dedicated, separate workouts for lower and upper). She also stated her cardio would be “bodyweight cardio”, and the tabata one had been envisioned as a workout using “all compound moves”. I’m not sure if those two workouts (her cardio and tabata) will be a blend of both “versions” — it sounds like it could be. I also don’t know if she’s changed anything again since she spoke about them (in June). I am super excited about the kettlebell kickbox one, though! I squealed like a little girl when I read it. LOL 😀


      2. Wow! that sounds like a great set! I am actually interested in all of them–but like you, most especially the Kettlebell Kickbox fusion. That sounds like something I would love.

        I hope when she goes to paid subscription she doesn’t remove the 6 up there now as free. Because I love those. I am not saying I won’t subscribe, but I know I wouldn’t do it consistently.


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