Heather Robertson 6 Week Rotation

This is a follow up to the Heather Robertson 4 Week Rotation I created back in March 2021. If you have tried that one and are looking for more--here it is! This rotation contains entirely different workouts. Also, no workout in this rotation is repeated. If you have not done the first rotation then you … Continue reading Heather Robertson 6 Week Rotation

Heather Robertson/Caroline Girvan Hybrid Rotation

If you follow my blog then you know the 3 trainers whose workouts I do the most are Naomi Joy, Caroline Girvan and Heather Robertson, and I have created rotations dedicated to each one of them. But that isn't how I personally work out. I mix together workouts from all 3 of these trainers when … Continue reading Heather Robertson/Caroline Girvan Hybrid Rotation

Caroline Girvan 6 Week Rotation

Caroline Girvan is a relatively new trainer to me. I discovered her in March 2021 and have been binging on her workouts ever since. Caroline creates advanced workouts. Almost all of her workouts are strength training workouts. In fact, she only has one workout that I am aware of (and I have scoured her YouTube … Continue reading Caroline Girvan 6 Week Rotation

Naomi Joy 4 Week Rebounder Rotation

I love to rebound. I do it in some fashion nearly every day and my go-to trainer is Naomi Joy. She puts together some of the very best rebounder workouts out there. And she does it for free! All of her rebounder workouts are available for free on YouTube. For more information on Naomi Joy, … Continue reading Naomi Joy 4 Week Rebounder Rotation

4 Week Kettlebell Rotation

I love kettlebell workouts! And some of the best kettlebell workouts are right here on the internet--on YouTube! So I decided to put together a rotation filled with some of my favorite kettlebell workouts. Why should you do kettlebell workouts--other than the fact they are usually a lot of fun? The biggest reason I love … Continue reading 4 Week Kettlebell Rotation

Rebounder Workout Rotation

I have been wanting to create an all rebounder workout rotation for a long time but it has taken a while for me do and review a sufficient amount and variety of rebounder workouts. I also wanted to make sure there are at least a couple different trainers. Even though I personally could do Naomi … Continue reading Rebounder Workout Rotation

Heather Robertson 4 Week Rotation

I have done more of Heather Robertson's YouTube workouts than any other trainer on YouTube. She is one of my favorite trainers and creates some of the most effective and most enjoyable workouts out there. And they are all yours to do for free. Heather has already created quite a few rotations using her own … Continue reading Heather Robertson 4 Week Rotation

Cathe Live Heavy Weight Rotation

I am so enamored of the "heavy weight" live workouts Cathe has created that I decided to create a rotation using them. In order to get measurable strength results, I needed to return to these workouts on a regular basis, which I had not been doing. So I decided to create a 6 week rotation. … Continue reading Cathe Live Heavy Weight Rotation

YouTube Rotation

I received a request to create a YouTube workout rotation and even though I thought it was a great idea, I also hesitated. I have done a lot of YouTube workouts. Even so, what I've done is a tiny fraction of what is out there. Plus, I regularly get suggestions from people to try trainers … Continue reading YouTube Rotation

Best of Cathe Live Rotation

I haven't created a rotation on this blog in a long time. Since I recently created lists of the Best of (in my opinion) Cathe Live workouts, I decided to also create a Cathe Live rotation that uses only workouts from the Best of Lists. So if you are new to Cathe Live and find … Continue reading Best of Cathe Live Rotation