Jessica Smith Beginner Rotation

I have already created a beginner rotation but this one is a little different. It is made up of Jessica Smith only workouts. The reason I created both of these rotations is due to cancer treatment. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2018. I had a mastectomy in March, had chemo from April to … Continue reading Jessica Smith Beginner Rotation


Beginner Rotation

I kind of hate to call this a beginner rotation, but I guess, in essence, it is. It is also a rehabilitation rotation. A way to keep exercising even when you aren't at your best. I was an advanced home exerciser but I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2018. It turned out to … Continue reading Beginner Rotation

Cathe Live Rotation #3

Cathe has come out with some really awesome live workouts recently so I thought it was time for another Cathe Live workout rotation. This rotation is made up of primarily Cathe's newer live workouts (newer than the workouts in my previous Cathe Live rotations, that is) but there are also some workouts that appeared in … Continue reading Cathe Live Rotation #3

Metabolic DVD Rotation

Here is a second metabolic rotation but this time I went with the DVD only structure since many people do not want to subscribe to Cathe Live. I went into a lot more detail about my purpose in creating a metabolic rotation in the intro to the metabolic rotation that includes Cathe Live workouts so I … Continue reading Metabolic DVD Rotation

Metabolic Rotation (DVDs + Cathe Live)

This is a rotation I have been planning to create and do for a very long time but the concept was overwhelming, considering all of the workouts I own. I have a lot of excellent ones. And then there is Cathe Live which is full of excellent metabolic workouts! The object of this rotation is … Continue reading Metabolic Rotation (DVDs + Cathe Live)

Cathe Live Rotation #2

Now that I have done nearly 100 Cathe Live workouts (98 of the 127 Cathe Live workouts as of the creation of this post), I decided it was time to create another Cathe Live rotation. The difference between this rotation and the last one I created, is that I haven't followed this one. I probably … Continue reading Cathe Live Rotation #2

Cathe Live Rotation

At the time of the creation of this rotation (and the end of it--when I post it), I have done 66 Cathe Live workouts out of 109. I had to stop doing new-to-me Cathe Lives during this 5 week rotation--but I am definitely not finished! I still have a list of Cathe Lives I plan to … Continue reading Cathe Live Rotation

Ripped w/ HIIT & Gym Style Rotation

This is a rotation I have been planning for a while but it took longer than it should have to take shape. One of the things delaying it was/is Cathe Live. All I want to do anymore are Cathe Live workouts. So I decided to incorporate Cathe Live into this rotation. However, that also means … Continue reading Ripped w/ HIIT & Gym Style Rotation

STS/Glute Focused Rotation

I decided to post this rotation on my blog for several reasons. First, the usual reason—so I do not forget it! I may want to return to this one day and I need not only the rotation, but my thoughts on how I can improve upon it in the future; and second, because Cathe’s Rock … Continue reading STS/Glute Focused Rotation

Body Beast

My review posts have slowed down, but that is because I have been doing the Body Beast program. I'm doing the entire program, so this review will not post until I am finished. First, what is Body Beast? Body Beast is a Beachbody Fitness Program. Beachbody's website describes it as the most advanced, muscle defining, … Continue reading Body Beast