Naomi Joy 4 Week Rebounder Rotation

I love to rebound. I do it in some fashion nearly every day and my go-to trainer is Naomi Joy. She puts together some of the very best rebounder workouts out there. And she does it for free! All of her rebounder workouts are available for free on YouTube. For more information on Naomi Joy, please check out the trainer page I have created for her.

Naomi creates rebounder workouts that cover all of the bases: cardio, strength training and flexibility/mobility. If you own a rebounder and love to rebound like I do then this rotation is for you. This is a 4 week advanced and intense strength, cardio and flexibility rebounder rotation. This rotation is very metabolic. In fact, if you are trying to lose weight, this is the perfect rotation to combine with a calorie deficit diet to speed up your weight loss while also building lean muscle.

This rotation requires some equipment: a rebounder and dumbbells. You also need a booty band/resistance loop and a fitness mat. All of the cardio is done on the rebounder. Your strength workouts are also cardio + strength workouts. This means that the cardio is done on the rebounder and most of the strength exercises are done on the floor. If you are like me and bounce in yoga socks (or barefoot), then you will need to wear shoes on your strength days–unless you are one of those people who lift relatively heavy dumbbells barefoot. Most of Naomi’s workouts contain long deep stretches at the end, which is where the flexibility aspect comes into play. She also has some short dedicated stretch workouts that are included in this rotation.

This is a no repeat rotation, meaning every day you will do a different workout. Naomi has a lot of excellent rebounder workouts. Nearly all of her longest workouts are included in this rotation. However she has far more 20-30 minute workouts than I could fit into this rotation. So if you like the ones included in this rotation, know that she has many more. Just visit the trainer page I created for her where I also list all of her workouts that I have reviewed on this blog.

This rotation is not for beginners. You can be new to rebounding however. If you are physically fit, workout regularly and consistently, and can do intense workouts then you will catch onto rebounding relatively quickly. But if you are new to exercise then do not attempt this rotation. Naomi does have a great beginner rebounder workout you can try but it is not included in this rotation.

Here is how I schedule my workouts in YouTube. I have created a private playlist on YouTube for each day of the week. Every Sunday I get out my rotation for the week and plug in my workouts on the days I plan to do them in the order I plan to do them. Then in the morning I just go to the YouTube app on my AppleTV, click on the playlist I created for that day, choose the first workout, hit play and it will play through all of the workouts in the playlist from beginning to end. You can use this rotation post to do the same thing. Click on the workout review and the link to the YouTube workout is in each review, so you can create your playlists from this rotation. I also recommend subscribing to YouTube premium. They will give you a free month. Long enough to get through this rotation. It is worth it if you do YouTube workouts every day like I do.

Before we get to the rotation, I would like to add something here. Before I started paying for YouTube premium, but was doing more YouTube workouts than DVD workouts, I started getting really sick of the ads. That is why I finally subscribed to YouTube premium. However, if you are not willing to pay a monthly fee to get ad-free workouts (or even sign up for a free month), do not use an ad blocker. You are depriving trainers who take the time to create the workouts you love and give them to you for free. The least you can do is sit through 5-20 seconds of commercials. These trainers do not make much money unless they have hundreds of thousands of viewers. When you block the ads, you are stealing money from them.

On to the rotation! Most days you have only one workout to do. But a few days you will do more than one. Two days in the rotation I add on a longer stretch by Naomi. Those two stretches are not done on the rebounder. They are done on the floor on a fitness mat. The other two days I not only give you two workouts but for your first first workout I give you a choice. The first workout is a short (approximately 20 minute) tabata workout. On both days that I do this, Naomi has created two versions of the tabata workouts, a beginner workout and an advanced workout. It’s up to you which one you want to do. Most (not all) of Naomi’s beginner workouts are not truly beginner workouts. They are just easier than her advanced workouts. So choose depending on how you feel. On the days I give you those workouts, they are paired with 30 minute rebounder cardio workouts. The 30 minute workouts are two of my favorite of Naomi’s cardio workouts but they are also easier most of her other HIIT workouts (not easy, just easier). So Just know I am not pairing two uber intense workouts back to back. But still, if you feel you cannot handle one of Naomi’s advanced tabatas paired with one of her 30 minute HIITs, then choose the beginner tabata. You will still get a great and fun cardio tabata workout. And if time is an issue then skip the stretch at the end of the first tabata workout and move straight into the 30 minute HIIT workout.

Every workout below has been reviewed on this blog. So read the reviews before doing the workout to prepare yourself in advance. Especially on your strength days. That will help you to make sure you have all the equipment you need. I also recommend having some type of step beside your rebounder. It can be anything–a chair, a step stool or a cardio step. I have a full length step and a high step with lots of risers. For my rebounder cardio workouts I use the high step with all of the risers (10), which is 24 inches. I set my water bottle and towel on it so they are close by during the workouts. For workouts that use dumbbells or other equipment while on the rebounder, I use the full step with all the risers which is 14 inches. I set out whatever equipment I need, as well as my towel and water bottle. This makes working out on a rebounder easier for me. You don’t have to get off your rebounder for your equipment. On most of your cardio + strength days, you will be getting off of your rebounder for the strength work; for those workouts just set your dumbbells on the floor nearby and make sure you have adequate floor space for things such as lunges. Naomi often pushes her rebounder on its side during the recoveries to make room. I have a large home gym so that isn’t an issue for me, but if your workout space is small, just lift it onto its side to get it out of the way.

Week 1:

Day 1: Rebounder Workout with Weights (51:20 minutes)

Day 2: Fitness Rebounder Workout // All Cardio (52:28 minutes)

Day 3: Rebounder HIIT Total Body Circuit / Strength + Cardio (59:23 minutes)

Day 4: Rebounder HIIT Tabata//Cardio/Beginner Trampoline Workout (19:55 minutes) OR Rebounder HIIT Tabata Workout // Advanced Rebounder Workout (23:29 minutes) + 30 Min Mini Trampoline HIIT Cardio Workout (36:16 minutes)

Day 5: Rebounder / Rebounder Lymphatic Circulation / Feel Good (35:04 minutes) + 7 Minute Stretching Session

Day 6: Mini Trampoline HIIT Circuit Workout (54:27 minutes)

Day 7: Rest

Week 2:

Day 1: Mini Trampoline Upper Body Sculpt (43:44 minutes)

Day 2: Jump Lower Body Strength & Cardio (56:33 minutes)

Day 3: 30 Min Mini Trampoline Rebounder HIIT Cardio Workout (35:32 minutes)

Day 4: Rebounder HIIT Cardio Workout / Plus Strength (47:44 minutes)

Day 5: 45 Min Rebound / Burn Calories Workout at Home (53:52 minutes)

Day 6: Rebounder Total Body Circuit Workout // Strength + Cardio (57:14 minutes)

Day 7: Rest

Week 3:

Day 1: Mini Trampoline Workout with Weights / Interval Workout / Cardio + Strength (41:10 minutes)

Day 2: 45 Min Rebounder Killer Cardio Workout / Fitness Trampoline / CARDIO SWEAT (54:14 minutes)

Day 3: Rebounder Strength & Cardio (56:30 minutes)

Day 4: Trampoline Cardio Workout / Booty Band / Inner Thigh Finisher (33:42 minutes)

Day 5: Rebounder Workout with Light Weights / Cardio SweatFest / Mini Trampoline Advanced (32:56 minutes)

Day 6: Rebounder HIIT with Weights Workout // Cardio, Strength & Core Circuit (58:44 minutes)

Day 7: Rest

Week 4:

Day 1: Trampoline Workout with Weights/ Strength & Cardio Intervals with Dumbbells/ Full Body Workout (54:53 minutes)

Day 2: 45 Min Rebounder Cardio Workout / Trampoline Cardio / Jumpsport (54:35 minutes)

Day 3: 45 Min Rebounder HIIT Cardio Workout w/ Abs Finisher (46:57 minutes)

Day 4: Trampoline Workout // Lower Body Burner Circuit // Cardio & Strength // Heavy Weights (57:18 minutes)

Day 5: Rebounder HIIT Tabata // Beginner Trampoline Workout (20:05 minutes) OR Rebounder HIIT Tabata Workout / Low Impact Cardio Workout // Advanced Trampoline Workout (24:08 minutes) + 30 Min HIIT Low Impact Rebounder Workout  (36:17 minutes)

Day 6: Rebounder Upper Body Strength Circuits // HIIT Sprints (43:02 minutes) + 10 Min Daily Stretch Routine / Yoga Stretch (10:53 minutes)

Day 7: Rest


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