Naomi Joy Fitness: Jump Lower Body Strength & Cardio

Wow–this workout was much tougher than I expected it to be. I don’t know why I expected something easier. Naomi Joy always creates advanced and challenging rebounder workouts and this one is no different. Jump Lower Body Strength & Cardio is a cardio + strength rebounder workout. As the title indicates, the strength is all lower body work. It is also all body weight strength work, which is where my mind got the silly idea this would not be so tough. Having just completed Rippedism‘s super tough Raw workouts and having done just about everything Mark Lauren has available on DVD, I’m not sure why I thought this might be any different! At some point during every strength circuit my muscles burned out and I had to pause momentarily to thaw the muscle out before I could continue. In addition to that, many of the rebounder moves double as lower body strength moves. Rebounding is already a lower body intensive cardio workout when done properly. Naomi just makes sure you are also doing rebounder cardio moves that add additional emphasis to your lower body.

There are 6 circuits in this workout; 3 cardio circuits and 3 lower body strength circuits. No equipment is necessary except your rebounder. I usually wear yoga socks for rebounding unless the trainer has you getting on and off the rebounder. In those cases, I wear yoga shoes (which I also use for yoga and mobility workouts). So I wore my yoga shoes for this workout. All of the cardio is done on the rebounder. The warm up and the first two strength circuits are done on the floor. The final strength circuit is mat work and it is done on the rebounder. The stretch is done on the rebounder as well. Each exercise is done for 50 seconds followed by 10 seconds of recovery. You get a longer break between circuits. This workout is done voice over with some excellent music.

Keep them coming, Naomi! I love, love, love these workouts! In fact, by early next week, I will have done all of Naomi’s rebounder workouts that she currently has available. She seems to be creating one new workout a week and so far they have mostly been rebounder workouts. I hope she keeps it up because she consistently creates excellent, fun and advanced rebounder workouts. Some of the very best out there. And as a bonus, they are very professionally put together. Think Heather Robertson but on a rebounder. Naomi and Heather are my two absolute favorite YouTube trainers. Both of them not only create excellent and challenging workouts for the home exerciser but they put in a lot of time editing the workouts to make them visually attractive and accessible as well. And they both always have excellent sound quality and music. FYI–more than an hour has passed since I finished this workout and my lower body is still burning. Thank you Naomi!

Jump Lower Body Strength & Cardio is 56:33 minutes; 1 minute intro, 2 minute warm up and 5 minute stretch. The warm up is done on the floor. There are some moves on the floor that will challenge your balance so I had to have a chair nearby. I didn’t use it very often, but during the warm up and a few other times it kept me in the move when my balance started to falter.

Cardio Circuit 1:

  1. Wide jumps while pulling arms down from overhead
  2. Wide twist hop, arms move in opposition to lower body while also swinging high to low
  3. Double hop scissor runs
  4. Jacks with goal post arms
  5. Repeat #2-3

Strength Circuit 1:

  1. Wide plie squats with lat pull down arms
  2. Wide plie squat pulses
  3. Stationary lunges with arms extended to sides in a T
  4. Stationary pulse lunge, arms still extended to sides in a T but now they are doing small circles
  5. Repeat #3 & 4 on other side of body
  6. Lay on back on floor, feet are on rebounder frame, glutes are close to rebounder, raise and lower hips in bridge
  7. Same position as #6 but keep hips raised at top of bridge and pulse hips up
  8. Keep hips lifted in bridge isometrically, extend one leg straight, raise and lower straight leg, toe is pointed when you raise it and flexed when you lower it
  9. Repeat #8 on other leg

Cardio Circuit 2:

  1. Lateral ski hops side to side pulling arms down like ski poles
  2. Double hamstring curl hops with lat pull down arms
  3. Tuck jumps (stick and hold when in squat)
  4. Repeat #1-3

Strength Circuit 2:

  1. Pulsing squat + pulsing curtsy lunge, alternate sides with a squat between each lunge (pulse down 2x with each lunge and squat)
  2. Reverse lunge into straight leg front kick, touch toe with opposite hand when kicking (keep arms raised overhead the entire time unless touching toe)
  3. Hold a single leg squat isometrically while other leg taps back in reverse lunge, taps back in next to other foot then taps back in curtsy lunge
  4. Repeat #2 & 3 on other side of body

Cardio Circuit 3:

  1. Hop front kick with single arm punch (same arm that is kicking, remain on same arm/leg entire interval)
  2. Repeat #1 on other side of body
  3. Squat jumps around the world (quarter turn squat jumps)
  4. Repeat #1-3
  5. Quad stretch

Strength Circuit 3:

  1. Kneel on one knee on rebounder, same side hand is on the rebounder frame, top leg is raised straight to side, draw small circles with straight leg
  2. Get on elbows and knees on rebounder (elbows on rebounder frame), one leg is extended straight behind you, raise and lower straight leg, pulsing the leg 2x at top of lift
  3. Same position as #2, extend leg straight behind you in line with hip, bend knee until sole of foot faces the ceiling then return to start (hamstring curl)
  4. Same position as #3, keep knee bent with sole of foot facing ceiling and pulse foot up to ceiling
  5. Repeat #1-4 on other side of body
  6. Sit on one hip, bottom leg is extended straight, bottom hand is on floor, top leg is bent with foot on rebounder, raise and lower straight bottom leg with foot flexed
  7. Same position as #6, hold straight leg isometrically at top of lift and pulse leg up
  8. Repeat #6 & 7 on other leg

For more info on Naomi Joy Fitness and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


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