Signature Series Vol 2

Signature Series Volume 2 is Tracie Long's other new workout. I did Volume 1 on Tuesday and felt it was an excellent total body strength and mobility workout. Volume 2 is even more impressive than Volume 1. Vol 2 is also much more challenging. I feel like Tracie's Signature Series is a continuation of her Stronger … Continue reading Signature Series Vol 2

Signature Series Vol 1

Signature Series Volume 1 is one of Tracie Long's new workouts. I meant to get to it a lot sooner but it didn't ship when she had initially said it would and by the time it finally shipped, I was in the midst of my 2 months of Cathe Live. But that is over now … Continue reading Signature Series Vol 1

Cathe Live: Triple Fit

#189 Triple Fit is the final Cathe Live workout I will be doing for a while. My two months of Cathe Live has finally come to an end. Triple Fit was a great way to close it out. It was crazy intense! For me at least. I am more of an intermediate level exerciser and … Continue reading Cathe Live: Triple Fit

Cathe Live: Low Impact Bootcamp

#183 Low Impact Bootcamp is made up of 6 circuits. Each circuit has 4 exercises: a low impact cardio move, followed by a lower body strength move, a metabolic move (usually a compound move using both the upper and lower body) and ends with an upper body strength move. This is an excellent and intense … Continue reading Cathe Live: Low Impact Bootcamp

Cathe Live: Vertical Loading 2

#194 Vertical Loading 2 is a total body strength workout made up of 3 circuits and each circuit is done twice. Each circuit is made up of 6 exercises that start from the top of your body and work down in a vertical fashion. You start with shoulder exercises and end with lower body exercises. … Continue reading Cathe Live: Vertical Loading 2

Cathe Live: Low Impact Blast Off Circuit

#223 Low Impact Blast Off Circuit is an excellent little workout that packs a lot into just under 41 minutes. Cathe starts you off with low impact cardio intervals then moves you into total body strength work that is pretty metabolic, so your heart rate stays elevated throughout the entire workout. This was just what I … Continue reading Cathe Live: Low Impact Blast Off Circuit

Cathe Live: Fit Tower Bootcamp 2

#286 Fit Tower Bootcamp 2 is another total body cardio + strength workout using the Fit Tower. I was very excited when I saw that Cathe had created another Fit Tower bootcamp workout. The reason I initially re-subscribed to Cathe Live was to do the Live Fit Tower workouts and I had finally worked my way … Continue reading Cathe Live: Fit Tower Bootcamp 2

Cathe Live: PHA 3

#184 PHA 3 yet another amazing PHA workout from Cathe! They are all so good! I thought her PHA 2020 was the best but I hadn't done this one yet! Now I am not sure which is better. What sets this one a notch above the others is that you get 3 circuits--not just 2 … Continue reading Cathe Live: PHA 3

Cathe Live: Lower Body – Upper Body Dumbbell Challenge

#220 Lower Body - Upper Body Dumbbell Challenge is a super tough and intense total body strength workout. The first half of the workout is metabolic lower body, so you will get cardio with your strength work, then you move to upper body which is still intense and fast paced. Your heart rate will still … Continue reading Cathe Live: Lower Body – Upper Body Dumbbell Challenge

Cathe Live: Super Sets

#209 Super Sets is intense! Another excellent total body strength workout. In this workout, Cathe supersets opposing muscle groups--bis & tris, back & chest, then opposing lower body muscle groups and opposing shoulder muscle groups. This workout is made up of 2 total body circuits. Each circuit contains 4 super sets/8 exercises; one exercise for … Continue reading Cathe Live: Super Sets