Perfect 30: Perfect Flow

Perfect Flow is part of Cathe's Perfect 30 series. Perfect Flow contains one 30 minute mobility workout, one 30 minute yoga workout and a 9 minute core bonus. The other two workouts included in the Perfect 30 Series are Perfect HIIT and Perfect Pump. I won't be doing Perfect Pump until the beginning of December … Continue reading Perfect 30: Perfect Flow

Perfect 30: Perfect HIIT

Perfect HIIT is part of Cathe's newest workout series, Perfect 30. It contains two 30 minute cardio interval workouts. One is a high impact HIIT workout and the other is a low impact HIIT workout. This DVD also includes two bonuses: a Pyramid HIIT Bonus (high impact) and an extended stretch bonus. Almost all of … Continue reading Perfect 30: Perfect HIIT

Lastics Lite: Stretch Express

Lastics was recommended to me by a blog reader a year or more ago and a Lastics DVD has been on my Amazon wishlist ever since. But I could never motivate myself to buy it. It was an hour long and it isn't cheap. I knew I would not use an hour long stretch workout … Continue reading Lastics Lite: Stretch Express

Essentrics: Class of 2012

Class of 2012 is another Classical Stretch/Essentrics workout that is led by Sahra Esmond-White. Sahra says this workout is a favorite in the classes she teaches so she decided to bring it to DVD for everyone to enjoy. And I am glad she did! It was an excellent mobility, flexibility and bodyweight strength workout. Her … Continue reading Essentrics: Class of 2012

Back Fat Blaster!!! // Upper Body Workout w/ Weights

It's been a while since I have a new-to me Heather Robertson workout. It's not that I don't want to! I do! I love her workouts. I just have a long list of workouts I need to get through. But once I saw Heather had created a back workout I knew I need to give … Continue reading Back Fat Blaster!!! // Upper Body Workout w/ Weights

Brutal Booty & Leg Slimming Workout! / No Equipment & No Repeats

Wow! This was brutal for a bodyweight strength workout! I hit muscle burn out a few times in the course of this workout. Brutal Booty & Leg Slimming Workout is a lower body strength workout from Heather Robertson, and it is awesome! This workout is done in typical Heather Robertson fashion--timed intervals, set to music … Continue reading Brutal Booty & Leg Slimming Workout! / No Equipment & No Repeats

Cathe Live: PHA Supersets

I had not planned to do another new-to-me Cathe Live before I started my 6 week Cathe heavy weight rotation (later this month) but then she created another PHA workout. So I decided I needed to do one more. And I am glad I did! #314 PHA Supersets is another excellent PHA workout! Before I … Continue reading Cathe Live: PHA Supersets

Kettlebell HIIT Workout

Kettlebell HIIT Workout is another awesome total body metabolic strength workout from Heather Robertson. I do miss Heather's workouts. I haven't done them in a while but they are always excellent workouts that work me well and make me feel great during and afterwards. This is one of her full workouts--it includes a warm up … Continue reading Kettlebell HIIT Workout

Essentrics: Full Body Toning

Full Body Toning is another Eccentrics workout lead by Sahra Esmonde-White, daughter of Miranda Esmond-White¬†(the creator of Classical Stretch/Essentrics). The website and description on the back of the DVD case say that this is one of the most popular Essentrics routines. It is often the first workout taught in a live class by newly certified … Continue reading Essentrics: Full Body Toning

Tae Bo: Billy’s Ultimate Bootcamp

Ultimate Bootcamp appears to be Billy Blank's first (or one of his first) bootcamp workouts. The other 2 Billy Bootcamp workouts I've already reviewed were released the year after this one. This workout uses something Billy calls "special op bands." They look just like the Billy Bands in Billy's Bootcamp Elite Mission One and Mission … Continue reading Tae Bo: Billy’s Ultimate Bootcamp