Barlates: Feel Good Series

As soon as I saw the trailers for Linda Wooldridge's Feel Good Series, I had to have it. The workouts looked very similar to several of her other series that have come out at the same time (Fusion Flow Series, Dynamic Flow Series and Energy Flow Series) and have been reviewed here. The Feel Good … Continue reading Barlates: Feel Good Series


Barlates: Barre Basics Series

Barre Basics is part of a series Linda Wooldridge created. There are 3 disks and each disk contains 4 workouts. Barre Basics, Barre Intermediate and Barre Advanced. They are sold separately or you can buy all 3, which is what I did. I got the full series from Total Fitness DVDs. Their titles make the … Continue reading Barlates: Barre Basics Series

Barlates: Upper & Lower Drop Sets

As soon as I saw that Linda Wooldridge was filming Drop Sets workouts I was very excited. She did these workouts one by one and released clips of each workout on YouTube as she did them (links to each clip are included below in each review, and here is a clip to the two disk set, but … Continue reading Barlates: Upper & Lower Drop Sets

Barlates: Bosu Total Body Fusion

I got a Bosu Ball for Christmas! I got it primarily for Yvette Bachman workouts but once I owned it, no reason not to find other workouts I can use it with. And since I am already a big fan of Linda Wooldridge's Barlates workouts, I was thrilled to see she had a whole DVD … Continue reading Barlates: Bosu Total Body Fusion

Barlates: Interval Barre Fusion Lower

Interval Barre Fusion is actually a 3 DVD series but the only DVD I purchased is the one for the lower body (there is also an upper body DVD and a core DVD). They all contain three 25 minute workouts. Lower Body also has a warm and stretch (the other two probably do, too, but … Continue reading Barlates: Interval Barre Fusion Lower

Barlates: Stretch Flex Tone Lower

Stretch Flex Tone Lower is a workout that I purchased directly from Linda Wooldridge via her website. She also has a series DVD that has 3 Stretch Flex Tone workouts but since I was only interested in the lower body workout, that's all I ordered. FYI--when you order directly from Linda, she will put multiple … Continue reading Barlates: Stretch Flex Tone Lower

Barlates: Yoga Barre Fusion

Yoga Barre Fusion is a collection of 3 workouts from Linda Wooldridge that combine yoga and barre into intense body weight strength workouts. Do not let the word yoga in the title make you think you will hold any pose for long--at least not during the majority of any of the workouts. The actual holding … Continue reading Barlates: Yoga Barre Fusion

Barlates: Old School Series

Old School Series is a collection of 4 strength workouts by Linda Wooldridge in which she has you lifting heavier weights than what she normally uses in her workouts (she usually uses 1-2 pound hand weights or body weight). She never goes super heavy in these workouts, but they are also pretty high rep workouts. You … Continue reading Barlates: Old School Series

Barlates: Mat Barre Series

Mat Barre Series contains 3 workouts that use some combination of a pilates ball, a resistance loop or a resistance band--and in one of the workouts, all 3 are used. These are all total body strength workouts done on the floor (mat work). They are all very tough and effective workouts. Since none of these workouts have … Continue reading Barlates: Mat Barre Series

Barlates: Total Body Cardio Barre

Total Body Cardio Barre contains 4 workouts created by Linda Woolridge: Total Body Barre Express (34 minutes), Total Body Mat Workout (40 minute), Total Body Cardio Sculpt (32 minutes), and Total Body Compound Moves (16 minutes). Total Body Barre Express is 34:30 minutes long; 2:30 minute warm up (#1 below is the warm up) and … Continue reading Barlates: Total Body Cardio Barre