Barlates: Booty Burn/Cardio Sculpt

Booty Burn: Cardio Sculpt is not one of Linda @ Barlates (many) free workouts on YouTube. This workout is only available on Linda’s Booty Burn DVD, where it is one of the 5 workouts included on that DVD. Or, if you are an Amazon Prime member (like I am), you can stream it for free. If you are not a Prime member it is $2.99 to rent or you can purchase the download for $3.99. Of course you can also purchase the download or DVD from Linda’s website.

Wow–this workout was tough! Seriously tough. I was working very hard and hit muscle burn out a few times. Since this is a short workout, I used this workout to finish off another of Linda’s workouts: Bodyweight Basics: Lower. That workout worked me well but didn’t kill me. This workout completely finished me off! My lower body was shaking by the end and I was in my peak heart rate the majority of this workout (according to my FitBit). And now, several hours later, my entire posterior chain is aching–calves, hamstrings, glutes and low back. Linda used no props but I did have to use a chair for balance on some exercises and I also had to pull out my yoga blocks. You are bent forward a lot with your hands on the ground. You also bend forward a good bit in Bodyweight Basics Lower. Well, my lower back was starting to protest. It did not like an hour of hinging forward while working my lower body, so I had to pull out the yoga blocks to give my low back some relief.

This was such an intense workout that part of me wants to purchase her Booty Burn DVD and part of me is afraid of the other 4 workouts! BTW–this is the only workout from that DVD that is free to Prime members, so if I want to do the rest, I have to purchase them somehow.

Booty Burn: Cardio Sculpt is 25:30 minutes with a 3 minute stretch. Equipment: fitness mat. I needed to also use a chair for balance and yoga blocks when hinging forward.

  1. Puddle jumpers; add 2 tap backs each time you leap to the side
  2. Back lunge touching same side hand to the ground + front kick + curtsy lunge touching hand to ground + side kick
  3. In wide split stance with hands on ground in front of you, bend both knees bringing back knee close to ground and straighten (fast stationary lunges w/ hands on ground); do the same thing except legs/feet are in curtsy lunge stance
  4. Repeat #2 & 3 on other leg
  5. Start standing, place hands on floor, jump feet back to plank, jump feet back into wide stance, raise torso and do one cross jack
  6. In a bent knee down dog, jump feet into a lunge then back to down dog, alternate legs
  7. In narrow squat, do alternate rear lunges, tapping knee to ground and never coming out of squat
  8. Compound move: starting in narrow squat do one reverse lunge (just like in #7), do one front knee raise then raise bent leg behind you (other leg remains in squat the entire time), from this position, lower back into lunge w/ knee tapping the floor; single leg pulse squat
  9. Repeat #8 on other leg
  10. While in bent knee split stance, lower hands to floor, do 2 jump lunges (with hands on floor), stand and do one front kick; changes to lowering into lunge with hands on floor then standing with front kick
  11. Repeat #10 on other side of body
  12. With feet wider than hip width, lower into a squat with hands on ground and walk side to side, remaining in squat
  13. Still in deep squat with knees open wide, bringing heels together, raise to standing keeping heels raised then lower back to squat until hands touch ground again (keep heels raised and pressed together throughout); keep hands on ground and pulse squat

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