JessicaSmithTV: 19 Minute Squat Free Lower Body Strength Workout

Squat Free Lower Body Strength Workout is one of Jessica Smith’s newer (free) YouTube workouts and it is a solid add on workout. Not a ton of reps but it does the job if you are using it as a finisher to another workout, which is what I did. I did Barlates: Energy Flow/Functional first, which tore my legs up. This was the perfect way to finish it off and round out my hour. I needed something that continued to work me well but was not nearly as intense as the Barlates workout I had just finished and this fit the bill nicely.

Peanut also joins us for this workout. She is chewing her bone, wandering around then crashing into a nap, looking adorable as always.

19 Minute Squat Free Body Strength Workout is 19:30 minutes; 5 minute warm up and 1:30 minute stretch. Equipment: 2-15 pound dumbbells (Jessica is using 7 pound dumbbells and I used 15 pound dumbbells).

  1. Side leg lift, holding DBs against your thighs
  2. Stationary pulse lunges
  3. Single leg deadlift
  4. Lift leg across body, lead with heel, insole to ceiling
  5. Repeat #3 & 4 on other side of body
  6. Get on hands and knees, raise and lower straight leg behind you; keep leg raised straight behind you and bend and straighten knee; keep knee bent and pulse/push foot up to ceiling
  7. Lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor, cross one ankle over the other knee, raise and lower hips, foot on floor is flexed so you heel is pushing into floor
  8. Lay on one hip and forearm, knees bent in front of you, open and close legs in a clamshell, keeping heels together
  9. Same starting position as #8, bend top knee in toward chest then press leg out straight away from you
  10. Repeat #7-9 on other side of body

For more info on JessicaSmithTV and other (free) streaming workouts I’ve sampled and reviewed, check out my Streaming page.


6 thoughts on “JessicaSmithTV: 19 Minute Squat Free Lower Body Strength Workout

  1. Viewing this immediately made me thing of the “Leg Conditioning Drills” part of Cathe’s “Kick Max” dvd. I think that I will use that tomorrow.


      1. I tried to do them both. I was able to get through Jessica’s, though I skipped her one-legged half-squats due to a problem with my right knee. It is, as you said, easier than Cathe’s, but it is a good workout. I would not hesitate recommending it to people. Much of what she does in this routine is similar to parts of other programs in the rotation I have been using for the past few weeks,so my muscles were not shocked by anything new.

        Cathe’s routine is 18 minutes long. I had to stop at the 4-minute mark. I remember, all those years ago, when Kick Max came out, viewing the “Leg Conditioning Drill” for the first time, and thinking that it appeared to be too easy to do any good — and then I actually tried it. The same thing happened to me then. I had to slowly increase day-by-day, taking several weeks before I could keep up with Cathe and her crew to the end. The reason I don’t push through a tough routine, as I sense you do, is that I don’t like being unable to walk up the stairs of my house because I am too sore. That has happened several times in the past. I often have to repeat a stupid mistake several times before getting the point. : – )

        My current plan is to combine it with Linda Wooldridge’s Fusion Flow Easy Cardio a couple of times a week and see how that works out. I am trying to delay having to use those electric carts at Walmart for as long as I can.

        I don’t see any typos. I am willing to bet that I will find them after I send this off.


      2. Ha ha! That’s exactly what happens when I post a blog post–I proofread it, it looks good, I hit post. Then I go back and read it and find all of the typos! Why don’t I see them until AFTER I post it? Cathe’s barre is tough! But barre and mat workouts are deceiving. I came to them late after doing workouts like Jari Love, P90X, ChaLean Extreme, and I thought barre and mat work was sissy stuff. I re-framed my thinking really quick! It burns! And I have been crippled by DOMS before–recently in fact! Once my surgeon gave me the all clear a little over a month ago, I started Mark Lauren’s 90 Day Challenge (I just finished week 5–so not even halfway through yet). The first workout had 4 sets of body weight only front lunges. I honestly did not think that would be an issue. But I was crippled for the next 4 days! Sitting and standing were agony!


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