Jessica Smith

I came late to Jessica Smith workouts, discovering her in 2017. Boy was I missing out! Jessica has created workouts for all fitness levels and she always shows modifications for people who cannot do impact or need easier versions of other exercises. She believes everyone can and should workout, regardless of your fitness level. Just do something to take care of yourself! Something is better than nothing. And even if you are doing the easiest version of the exercise, you are still running laps around the folks sitting on their couch doing nothing. But if you are an advanced exerciser, you can still get an excellent workout with Jessica. Her strength workouts are very metabolic. You are always burning calories when you do a Jessica Smith workout–unless it is yoga (though she does have some intense yoga workouts on YouTube). Jessica’s focus is cardio, metabolic strength, flexibility and fusion workouts. She has several DVD series and you can gauge the level of the workouts by the series. Workouts in her Walk On series are generally her easiest workouts (and contain a lot of walking workouts). Workouts in her Walk Strong series range from intermediate to advanced. And her 10 Pounds Down series are more advanced. However, as I mentioned already, in all of her workouts, regardless of the level, she shows modifications. You can buy Jessica’s workouts on DVD on Amazon or you can download them from her website.

Jessica does not have a huge DVD library (not nearly as vast as Cathe Friedrich), but she does have a vast library of free workouts on YouTube. And her free workouts are just as excellent as her DVD workouts. Since I have already created a list of Jessica’s YouTube workouts that I have done and reviewed on my streaming page, click here to see them all. I will break down her DVD workouts that I have reviewed by series. If they are not part of a series they will be at the very bottom of the list.

Walk On:

Walking for Weight Loss, Wellness & Energy

Get Strong (2 strength workouts)

5 Mix & Match Miles

4 Mile Power Walk

3 DVD Superset (six 30 minute walks/one is a strength walk)

10 Minute Quick Walk Mix

6 Mile Mix

Metabolism Booster (strength walks)

Walk the Weight Off (full program with cardio walks and strength walks)

Walk off Belly Fat

15 Minute Fast Fat Blasts

21 Day Weight Loss Plan (four 30 minute walking workouts–one is a strength walk)

5 Fat Burning Miles

Walk Strong (Walk Strong 1 & 3 are full programs; Walk Strong 2 are more supplemental workouts):

Walk Strong 1

Boost Metabolism + Muscle (Walk Strong 2/strength)

Burn Fat & Have Fun (Walk Strong 2/cardio)

Build Balance + Inner Strength (Walk Strong 2/fusion)

Walk Strong 3

10 Pounds Down:

10 Pounds Down (2 long workouts, one cardio and one strength)

Better Body Blast (three twenty minute workouts/strength, cardio and core)

Cardio Abs (three twenty minute workouts/strength, cardio and core + a tabata bonus)

Non-Series workouts:

Fusion Flow & Glow (three 30 minute workouts + one 13 minute core bonus)

Stretch + Relax (5 sessions from 15-20 minutes)

Walk a 5K (The Fun Way) (2 workouts; 65 and 58 minutes)

Split Session Strength (36 minute upper body workout, 46 minute lower body workout, 16 minute core bonus)

Total Body Circuit: Work it! (one 48 minute and one 38 minute workout)

Total Body Strength Training (3 workouts, 28-49 minutes)

Total Body Balance (four 20 minute fusion workouts)

Gentle Yoga Stretch (two 30 minute yoga workouts)

Yoga Fusion Fix (3 yoga workouts of different lengths)

Look Better Naked (two 30 minute workouts, one cardio and one strength)

Yoga Stretch for Beginners and Beyond (two 30 minute yoga workouts)

Total Stretch (3 yoga/flexibility workouts of different lengths)

Gentle Yoga for Back Pain (two 30 minute workouts)

Gentle Yoga for Balance, Flexibility & Mobility (four 20 minute workouts)

Feel Good Fusion (2 workouts, one cardio and one strength)

Cross Training for Fitness (two 15 minute workouts)