Walk On: Walk the Weight Off

Walk the Weight Off is a 30 day fitness program from Jessica Smith. It contains 3 DVDs and each DVD has multiple workouts on it. Like many of Jessica’s workouts, her mother Debbie is present showing easier versions of some of the moves, and her friend Beth is also present showing more advanced versions. A count down clock appears in the lower right hand corner of many of the workouts when there is 8-10 minutes left of the workout.

These workouts are kind of interesting. I purchased it as a program but each DVD has it’s own introduction and there is no introduction explaining the program (all 3 DVDs) as a whole. But on the back of the card board case all of the DVDs slide into there is a 30 day rotation calendar. However, you cannot purchase each DVD separately, so they were obviously designed to be used together.

This is a beginner level fitness program but a good one! As many followers of this blog know, I have been receiving cancer treatment this year. It is finally over but it ran me way down. But I didn’t want to stop exercising so I have been doing a lot of Jessica’s more beginner level workouts. Plus, I have reduced my workout time to 30 minutes a day Monday-Friday (about 45-60 minutes on weekends). I did this for two reasons–my endurance level has dropped plus I need more sleep so my body can heal. Since I workout in the morning before I go to work, this gives me 30 more minutes in bed sleeping. This program fits perfectly into that criteria. I enjoyed all of the workouts, they worked me well for where I am physically and are helping me heal and recover. An excellent program for beginners! It contains a wide range of workouts–mostly cardio, but strength work, too, as well as flexibility, core work and some focused back work. And it builds up to her Walk Strong programs which will continue to build your fitness level. In fact, that is my plan. I did Walk Strong 1 again before I started this program and I plan to move on to her Walk Strong 2 workouts next then Walk Strong 3–which can actually be advanced. So Jessica can take you from a beginner to an advanced exerciser. This program is a great place to start. I also supplemented this program with her Metabolism Booster workouts. They are cardio + strength workouts and the strength work is better than what is offered in this program so they work very well together.

Disk 1: 5 Day Fat Burn

Walk #1 HIIT Walk is 30 minutes; 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down/stretch. The structure of this workout is 3 minutes of steady state cardio + 2 minutes all out effort. I really enjoyed this workout. For a lot of reasons. I have been in a bad place physically for a while now. I had horrid side effects from radiation but radiation is over and I am slowly healing. I came to this workout this morning feeling better than I have in weeks. And for the first time in a long time I was able to follow Beth! The advanced modifier! Now, I know “advanced” in one of these workouts is nowhere near Cathe level advanced, but nevertheless, it felt good to be able to work harder than I have in a quite some time. And for 30 minutes, I got a good cardio workout. There were no plyometrics but if you follow Beth there is some impact. I was sweating and working hard. This is a beginner level workout, especially if you are following Jessica or her mother, but if you follow Beth it is at the cusp of low intermediate. And it is a fun workout. For where I am right now, this workout felt wonderful! I loved it!

  1. 2 side steps side to side
  2. Marching while pushing arms overhead; changes to waving arms overhead side to side
  3. Alternating tap backs while punching arms forward; changes to punching arms overhead
  4. Alternating low front kicks
  5. Interval: squat pulse; jog in place (or march); knee pulls w/ arm pull downs
  6. Step touch side to side
  7. Hamstring curls
  8. Step out and in
  9. Alternating high knee march
  10. Step taps
  11. Interval: jog in place; alternating tap backs while punching arms overhead (or scissor runs); low impact jacks (or squat jacks)
  12. Alternating low kicks
  13. Wide march
  14. Narrow hamstring curls
  15. 2 steps side to side w/ side punch
  16. Interval: 2 side steps side to side w/ jumping jack arms (or jack to side–2 jacks each way); jog in place punching arms overhead
  17. Heel digs
  18. Wide march; changes to wide alternating knee lifts
  19. March forward and back
  20. Alternating cross punches to the front then overhead
  21. March in place w/ jump rope arms; add alternating taps to side
  22. Interval: jog in place; low impact hop (just lift heels) w/ jump rope arms (or hop w/ jump rope arms); wide fast feet; shuffle side to side

Walk # 2 Toning Walk is 30 minutes; 5:30 minute warm up and 2:30 minute stretch. You need a resistance band for this workout (the flat, 6 foot bands). The band is folded in half for the warm up and you are holding one end in each hand. This is a decent total body strength workout that also has a cardio factor. Not the best strength or band workout I’ve ever done but it did the job. I used Cathe’s resistance bands for this workout. They come in 3 levels–light, medium and heavy. For the majority of the workout I used the medium band, but any time Jessica said we would be working lower body, back or biceps, I used the heavy band. So for #11, 12, 17, 18 & 19 I used the heavy band. For everything else I used the medium band. Early on in the workout I felt many of the exercises in my shoulders more than anywhere else. In fact, now that the workout is over, my shoulders are the only muscle group that still has a burn in them.

  1. Lateral skaters; add sweeping band side to side, bending elbow and pulling it behind you when it comes to the side (band is still folded in half)
  2. Wrap band around hands and circle hands as if you are pedaling them (bicycling with hands rather than feet)
  3. Step tap side to side holding band overhead (still folded in half, one end in each hand) and alternate pulling band down to same side shoulder
  4. Alternating knee raises, still holding band overhead; add pulling band down to knee with each knee raise
  5. Wide plie squats while pulling band down from overhead to chest level (band is now unfolded)
  6. Hold in stationary plie squat and turn palms out so they face the side walls, arms bent and raised to chest height, extend arms straight then bend elbows
  7. Bring band behind back at shoulder level, still holding an end in each hand, elbows bent and palms facing floor, push band forward then pull back while marching in place (chest press)
  8. Extend arms straight in front of you (band is still in same position as #7) and alternate knee raises; open and close straight arms (standing chest fly)
  9. Repeat #5
  10. Split stance facing the side, do one arm tricep kickbacks with band
  11. Stand on band, equal distance on either side and one end of the band in each hand, walk 2 steps to each side (pull up on band to increase resistance)
  12. Still standing on band, do deadrows; changes to just deadlifts
  13. Fold band in half again, holding one end in each hand and hold band overhead, alternating knee raises to side while pulling same side elbow down to meet knee
  14. Still holding folded band, walk forward and back while raising band overhead with straight arms then lowering
  15. Step tap side to side while doing figure 8 arms (still holding band the same as #13 & 14)
  16. Hold band straight out in front of you (still folded) and do alternating knee raises, press band down on top of thigh as knee raises
  17. Open band up and stand on band with one foot, holding one end in each hand, raise foot with band under it (balancing on other leg) and do a knee raise then push heel out toward floor when lowering (tap heel to floor)
  18. Same position as #17 starts in but keep foot with band under it on floor and do bicep hammer curls
  19. Repeat 17 & 18 on other side of body (but this time you do wide bicep curls rather than hammer curls)
  20. Repeat #8
  21. Stand on one end of the band, the other end of the band in one hand, do a one arm overhead shoulder press while also leaning to side at top of press

Bonus: The Healthy Back Workout is 17:30 minutes. This workout is led by Jessica only– no crew. The only equipment you need is a pilates band and a fitness mat. This was a very nice spine conditioning workout. I always like working my back and this bonus does an excellent job strengthening your back and spine muscles, plus it works your core, too. I used Cathe’s resistance bands just like I did in the Toning Walk (above).They come in 3 levels–light, medium and heavy. For the majority of the workout I used the medium band, but for the back rows at the beginning (#3) I used the heavy band.

  1. Standing spine extensions (arching spine)
  2. Stand on one leg, other knee raised, one arm raised overhead and hold; changes to a slow march (holding for a second while balancing on one leg)
  3. Stand in split stance, band is under front foot and you are holding the ends of band in each hand, choke up on band and do back rows, pulling hands/band back to ribs
  4. Stand on band with one foot and hold other end of band in same side hand, raise straight arm that is holding band out to side (Jessica also makes this a balance move by raising other leg)
  5. Lay on belly on mat in sphinx pose; changes to raising in and out of cobra pose
  6. Still on belly, hold band in both hands, arms in front of you in a V, raise arms/head/chest and legs off floor and hold then lower, continue raising up, holding then lowering; changes to holding at top of move and pulling band in to chest then pressing back out
  7. Child’s pose stretch
  8. Lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor, place band across hips and press hands/band (holding an end of the band in each hand) to the floor, raise and lower hips (resisted bridges)
  9. Still on back, knees still bent but feet are now raised off floor at 90 degrees and arms are raised straight to ceiling, extend one leg straight while also extending opposite arm toward floor, alternate sides (dead bug)
  10. Repeat #8 & 9
  11. Get on hands and knees, extend one leg out straight behind you and extend opposite arm straight in front of you (bird dog), and hold, alternate sides
  12. Hold bird dog pose and pulse arm and leg up 8x, repeat on other side of body
  13. Cat/cow stretch

Disk 2: 3 Weight Loss Walks

15 Minute Calorie Burst is 15:30 minutes; 3 minute warm up and 2:30 minute cool down/stretch. For only 15 minutes this is a fun little walk that gets your heart rate up there if you are following Jessica or Beth, which I did. I did this in combination with the Bonus 20 Minute Chair Stretch (below). It warmed me up nicely for the extended stretch.

  1. Alternating knee raises bringing elbow to opposite knee
  2. 3 knee pulls + grapevine
  3. Alternating toe taps to side w/ jump rope arms (or jumping jack legs)
  4. Repeat 2 & 3
  5. V step forward; add punching arms (punch high then low)
  6. Jog (or continue marching for low impact); push arms overhead then low
  7. Repeat 5 & 6
  8. Low impact lateral skaters
  9. Alternating low front kicks
  10. Step out wide then back in

30 Minute Fat Blaster is 29:30 minutes; 5 minute warm up and 3:30 minute cool down/stretch. Jessica describes this as an interval workout. You will do steady state cardio then elevate to a more intense cardio interval then return to steady state cardio, The workout cycles through cardio intervals this way. Another great cardio workout. The peak intervals were never HIIT level but they did get your heart rate elevated. I wasn’t at my best this morning but I was still able to follow Jessica and/or Beth for most of the exercises and add some impact. And since I wasn’t at my best–I found that sufficiently intense for my current fitness level!

  1. Alternating toe taps to side while pushing arms overhead
  2. V steps forward and back
  3. Alternating knee lifts while pulling arms down from overhead
  4. Step knee lift then step back, alternate legs; same move, but angle corner to corner
  5. Repeat #3 & 4
  6. Peak Interval: jog (or march) in place while punching arms up and down in a V (cheerleader arms); add traveling forward and back with this move; step out wide then back in narrow; boxer shuffle side to side w/ speed bag arms; repeat the peak interval
  7. Side to side step tap; add cross heel dig (in front of other foot)
  8. March in place and place fingertips on shoulders, elbows out to side of the body, reach arms overhead, return fingertips to shoulders, reach arms out to side, return fingertips to shoulders, keep alternating these two arm movements
  9. Alternating toe taps behind you w/ running man arms
  10. Single knee pull, pulling arms down from overhead
  11. Repeat #8-10
  12. Peak Interval: low jacks (or full jacks); jog (or march) forward and back but in a diagonal; single knee pull (other leg in squat, hinged forward slightly) w/ running man arms; repeat peak interval except for knee pulls

40 Minute Mega Burn is 40:30 minutes; 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down/stretch. This is a longer, steady state cardio walk. No impact unless you are following Beth and even then the impact is minimal. This was a fun walk. Maybe more boring than the others because it is longer and there are no interval/peaks, but I still enjoyed it and got some decent cardio out of it. I did it as my Saturday workout since it is longer than the others and followed it up with her Standing Abs Bonus (below).

  1. V step forward and back; changes to walking forward, do forward V step, walk backward, do backward V step; changes to just V steps forward
  2. Side to side step taps; changes to side to side steps but in an L shape (L steps)
  3. Grapevine
  4. Wide knee pulls, pulling arms down from overhead when raising knee; add traveling forward and back
  5. Hamstring curls; changes to hamstring curls but in an L shape
  6. Side tap side to side w/ torso twist while punching down to opposite foot
  7. March forward and back
  8. Lateral skater taps while holding arms straight out to side, pull one elbow into ribs with each skater tap
  9. Alternating front knee raises pulling arms down from overhead and bringing both hands to hip of knee thats raising; add moving forward and back
  10. Alternating low front kicks while pushing arms forward and back; changes to pushing arms overhead
  11. Side step side to side; changes to two side steps to each side while pushing one arm down
  12. Alternating heel digs to corner of room; add pushing one arm across chest
  13. Walk forward, do forward V step, walk backward, do backward V step; changes to just V steps forward
  14. Feet are hip width apart, alternate tapping toes with running man arms
  15. Low jacks
  16. Grapevines
  17. Wide step toe taps w/ alternating overhead reaches
  18. Repeat #8
  19. Karaoke step
  20. Step back then step forward
  21. Repeat #9
  22. Repeat #19
  23. March in place w/ arms straight out to side, raise arms overhead then return out straight to sides
  24. Step tap side to side while swinging arms side to side; changes to two steps side to side w/ tricep push backs
  25. Toe taps w/ hip twist (easier than it sounds)
  26. Alternating low front kicks; add raising one arm overhead, alternate arms
  27. Alternating side to side toe taps w/ wide arm circles
  28. Repeat #24
  29. March in place w/ finger tips on shoulders, push arms overhead and return fingertips to shoulders

Bonus: Standing Abs is 15:30 minutes; 1 minute stretch. This bonus is led by Jessica only, no crew, and no equipment. This was a good standing ab workout and a nice way to end one of the walks. It’s not the best standing ab workout I’ve done but I did enjoy it and I did feel it. There are a lot of balance challenges in this bonus.

  1. Start standing w/ feet hip-width apart, hands clasped together and arms straight, do a figure 8 motion with arms while keeping hips motionless
  2. In split stance w/ hands behind your head, raise back knee while twisting opposite elbow toward knee
  3. Standing on one leg, other leg behind you w/ toe on floor and opposite arm reached straight overhead, raise toe off ground, bend the knee and bring  leg in front of you and tap opposite (raised arm) to toe (insole facing ceiling), keeping torso straight (no bending or rounding back)
  4. Feet a little wider than hip width, cross arms in front of you, finger tips on opposite shoulders and elbows held out straight in front of you, hinge forward at the hips w/ back remaining flat and when you raise back to standing, rotate torso so you are looking over one shoulder, alternate sides
  5. Weight on one foot, other foot out to side of body w/ toe on floor, both arms are reached straight overhead with hands together, lean torso/arms to side while lifting leg to side
  6. Repeat #1 but this time add alternating knee raises
  7. Stand with feet hip width apart, arms held out straight in front of you w/ palms together, squat and bend elbows twisting elbow toward opposite knee, alternate sides (similar to a twisting chair pose, alternating sides)
  8. Stand w/ legs wide, one hand on hip and other arm raised w/ finger tips touching same side shoulder, lean to side while reaching arm overhead then bringing fingertips back to shoulder when straightening

Disk 3: Major Metabolism Booster

Pyramid Power Walk is 30 minutes; 4:30 minute warm up and 5:30 minute cool down/stretch. The idea of this workout is to slowly raise your heart rate then to slowly lower it back down–like a pyramid. Even if it is not mentioned there is an arm movement with most every move in this workout. Although I only mention each move once, Jessica frequently repeats them. This was a great little cardio workout. I am improving every day and I was able to follow Jessica and Beth–so jogging and jacks for me. It got my heart rate up there at the peak of the pyramid. I really enjoyed this workout.

  1. Alternating wide knee raises pulling arms down from overhead
  2. Step tap side to side; changes to two side steps side to side, lowering into a shallow squat when stepping
  3. Alternating low front kicks
  4. Alternating taps side to side w/ bent arm chest press arms
  5. Jog in place (or march)
  6. Combine 5 & 6–jog forward then do 4 alternating taps side to side then jog back and do 4 alternating taps side to side
  7. Side to side step taps; add alternating side punches
  8. Low impact jacks (or jumping jacks)
  9. Boxer shuffle side to side, facing the side; add punches; punches change to high/low punches (add a squat and hop if following Beth)
  10. Still shuffling, do speed bag arms
  11. Jog forward and back while pushing arms overhead (or march)
  12. Hamstring curls
  13. March in place while holding arms overhead but bending and straightening elbows into a V; march changes to jog (or just keep marching)
  14. Double side step side to side; add cross kick at each side
  15. Grapevine
  16. Alternating toe tap to front w/ figure 8 arms; toe tap changes to alternating knee lift
  17. Step tap side to side; changes to double side step side to side
  18. Return to step tap side to side; changes to traveling in a zig-zag pattern forward and back
  19. V step forward and back; changes to V step back and forward
  20. Alternating knee raises w/ pull down arms

Strength Interval Walk is 30:30 minutes; 5 minute warm up and 2 minute stretch. Jessica recommends using 3-10 pound dumbbells, depending on your fitness level. Jessica is using 5 pound dumbbells, Beth is using 3 pound dumbbells and Debbie uses no dumbbells. I used 4-18 pound dumbbells; the weights listed below in the breakdown are what I used. I loved this workout. Now, pre-cancer, I probably wouldn’t have been all ga-ga over it, but treatment has really run me down and I am finally on the uphill climb, so I was able to come to this workout stronger than I have been in a long time and it felt so good to be able to challenge myself! To have the endurance to challenge myself. Now this isn’t the best strength workout I’ve ever done but for a 30 minute total body strength workout, Jessica does a good job hitting every major muscle group. If you use appropriate weights for whatever muscle group you are working then it is a solid total body strength workout. You will get cardio, too. Depending on the weights you use, this is a beginner to intermediate level workout. Another winner!

  1. While marching in place, reach arms/DBs overhead and hold them there (5# DBs)
  2. Wide plie squats holding DBs at hips; hold at bottom of plie squat and scoop arms/DBs forward then pulling elbows back to ribs (5# DBs)
  3. Repeat 1 & 2
  4. Wide squats; hold in squat position; add alternating tapping one foot behind you in a shallow lunge; changes to alternating reverse lunges (between lunges you never raise out of squat), bringing DBs down to frame front foot (14# DBs)
  5. Wide leg deadlifts (18# DBs)
  6. Bent over double arm rows (18# DBs)
  7. Repeat 4-6
  8. Alternating knee raises; add straight arm front raise (palms facing ceiling); arms change–hold arms/DBs straight out to side and open and close arms (standing chest fly) (4# DBs)
  9. Alternating step forward (shallow alternating front lunge); add alternating front punches w/ opposite arm and lower deeper into front lunge (4# DBs)
  10. While marching in place, raise arms into goal post, do an overhead press then lower arms so elbows are close together in front of you, alternate between these two overhead presses (goal post + narrow) (7# DBs)
  11. Still marching in place, do bicep curls (7# DBs)
  12. In split stance, do a pulsing narrow lunge w/ tricep kickbacks (7# DBs)
  13. Repeat 9, 10 & 12
  14. While marching in place, do partial hammer curls (7# DBs)
  15. (set one DB aside) While marching in place and holding one DB in both hands, halo DB around head (one 6# DBs)
  16. Alternating shallow side lunge (still holding one DB in both hands); add stir the pot move w/ DB (circle DB wide in front of you) (one 6# DBs)
  17. (set other DB aside) Balance on one leg, other leg extended to side, toe touching floor and same side arm reached overhead, raise knee while lowering arm, bringing elbow to knee
  18. Alternating knee raises w/ chops to hip when raising knee (hands clasped)
  19. Repeat 17

Bonus Chair Stretch is 20 minutes. Equipment: a chair and a yoga block (or something to prop your feet on). This workout is led by Jessica only–no crew. This was a surprisingly deep and thorough stretch (for me at least). You see “chair stretch” and you assume it will be so mild you won’t really feel it, but felt it! Using the chair and the yoga block for many of the stretches helped me go deeper into the stretch. This was a surprisingly excellent extended stretch.

Start sitting in the chair w/ feet on yoga block, taking deep breaths, arching and rounding your back. Shoulder rolls. Head/neck rolls side to side. Still seated, remove feet from yoga block and open legs wide, reach hands behind you, gripping the chair back and lean chest forward. Legs still wide, hinge forward at the hips, lowering hands to floor or yoga block. Place both feet back on yoga block and do eagle pose in just the arms. Move block to the side of your chair (still on the floor) and place one foot on yoga block, extend other leg out behind you so you are in a warrior pose but supported on chair, reach one arm overhead while other arm leans on bent leg (supported side angle pose). Reverse the stretch (supported reverse warrior pose). Place yoga block in front of chair again and place both feet back on block. Cross one ankle over opposite knee, reach arms overhead and hinge torso forward over legs, lower arms to leg, pressing down on crossed leg to stretch the hip. Cross legs so thighs are together now, place one hand on top knee and twist torso toward back of chair (spinal twist). Stand up and stand behind chair, do a quad stretch holding the chair back for balance. Come into a split stance, back leg straight and front leg bent, holding chair back for balance (stretching straight back leg). Down dog with hands on chair seat. Standing cat/cow (hinged forward, hands on thighs). Forward fold. Roll slowly back up to standing. Hands on small of back, arch back. Ends with deep breaths.



5 thoughts on “Walk On: Walk the Weight Off

  1. I am really enjoying your website and the insightful information you provide. I would love to know your suggestion for the best Jessica Smith program for a beginner, middle aged woman, when purchasing just one program to start with. Thank you in advance! – Christina


    1. Hello Christina! I am so glad that my blog is useful! If you are a beginner then I think the best Jessica Smith program would be Walk On: Walk the Weight Off. Keep in mind you can always follow Jessica’s mom Debbie if anything Jessica is doing is too much. It is a great program with tons of variety. And once you are able to do all of the workouts at Jessica’s level then she has tons more workouts and programs to try. All of her Walk On Workouts are excellent but Metabolism Booster is probably my favorite. And once you have mastered her Walk On workouts, definitely give her Walk Strong programs a try. If you have any questions, please ask! In case you haven’t found it yet, here is the page where I list all of Jessica’s workouts I’ve done and reviewed.


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