Jessica Smith Beginner Rotation

I have already created a beginner rotation but this one is a little different. It is made up of Jessica Smith only workouts. The reason I created both of these rotations is due to cancer treatment. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2018. I had a mastectomy in March, had chemo from April to July, radiation from August to October. It has been a rough year for me! However I am on the uphill climb now and doing great. But things got very bad for me, especially during radiation. From what I’ve read, most people do not have terrible side effects from radiation. So I got to join that small percentage that had very bad radiation side effects.

The first beginner rotation I created was just a guideline for people–I did the workouts in it but I didn’t follow it as laid out because during chemo my energy and strength fluctuated. I actually followed the rotation below–what is listed is what I did. I was in such poor shape I had to reduce my workout time to 30 minutes a day and do very easy workouts. However, after radiation ended I started to improve. I felt better every week and now I am feeling great–100% again, though I do not have the same strength and endurance as I did pre-cancer. But I am on the road to building myself back up.

This rotation is a build up rotation using Jessica Smith workouts. It is progressive; it starts with her easiest workouts (Walk On workouts) and builds up to some of her hardest–Walk Strong 3. In addition, once I started feeling better I started increasing my workout time in the mornings, so the rotation starts with 30 minute workouts then builds up to 45 minutes. I generally worked out longer than 30 minutes on weekends, regardless of how crappy I felt and, since I had a lot of doctors appointments, on days I had morning appointments I worked out longer than 30 or 45 minutes on those days, too. That only happened in the second half of the rotation though, when I was feeling stronger. So, in the rotation below, there will be some variations. There are several ways you can make this work for you if you want to stay with the 30 minutes a day time limit. Most of the time I extended workouts by using add ons or doing two 30 minute workouts back to back. You can just do the main workout (always the first workout listed–except on Sundays, Day 7) and skip the add on/extra workout. Jessica does have one 40 minute workout I used. Also, she has some programmable Walk On workouts that I programmed for workouts longer than 30 minutes. In that situation, just program a 30 minute workout. On Day 7/Sunday, the main workout is frequently a yoga/flexibility workout. On those days I used the cardio workout as a warm up so it is listed first. If you are keeping your workouts to 30 minutes a day, do the yoga/flexibility workout. If it is a short yoga/flexibility workout (less than 30 minutes) then you can warm up with one of Jessica’s 10 minute workouts or swap it out with one of her 30 minute yoga/flexibility workouts–she has a lot. (All but one of her YouTube workouts listed below are approx. 10 minutes long and one of the DVDs listed below is full of 10 minute walks.)

Finally, in most of the strength workouts I list the weights I used in the review. If the workout was reviewed prior to February 2018, ignore those weights! I did not lift weights that heavy this year. In fact, when I pulled out my Walk Strong 3 workout cards recently, I was rather in awe of how strong I used to be. I cannot lift that heavy anymore. I used lighter weights than what is listed in the reviews for many of the exercises. However if it was reviewed this year (most of the Walk On workouts) then what is listed is what I was able to lift when I reviewed it.

9 weeks is an odd length for a rotation, but it was a build up for me. I now feel strong enough to move on to other trainers–Cathe’s intermediate workouts, Kelly Coffey-Meyer and some other trainers (I’m giving Tracie Long a try). You obviously do not have to stop at 9 weeks. Walk Strong 3 is an excellent program with lots of workouts and you can just start following the rotation calendar that comes with it. And keep supplementing with her Walk On workouts! I love those things! I intend to continue using them. I am about to start doing doubles again and I plan to use Jessica’s Walk On workouts as my doubles workouts, even when I am doing much more intense workouts.

****Update: I just discovered Jessica has “master” rotation calendars that she updates periodically when she produces new DVD workouts. So you can also check there for more ways to combine your Jessica Smith workouts: Walk On Master Calendar and Walk Strong Master Calendar. ****

I own a lot of Jessica Smith workouts (with more on the way!). If you are a beginner (and I assume you are if you are contemplating doing this rotation), variety makes working out more fun. However if you don’t have all of the DVDs I list in the rotation and you don’t want to purchase them, you can substitute with one of her other similar workouts, either from another DVD or from her huge collection of free YouTube workouts (she has a lot more than what I list below).


Acronyms used below: WS=Walk Strong, JSTV: Jessica Smith TV (her free YouTube workouts)

Day 6 & 7 was Saturday and Sunday for me, so those days will almost always have longer workout sessions.

Workouts/programs used in this rotation:

Walk Strong 1

Walk Strong 2:

Boost Metabolism + Muscle

Burn fat & Have Fun

Build Balance + Inner Strength

Walk Strong 3

Feel Good Fusion

Total Stretch

Yoga Stretch

Walk On:

6 Mile Mix

Metabolism Booster

Walk the Weight Off

Walk Off Belly Fat

21 day Weight Loss Plan

5 Fat Burning Miles

10 Minute Quick Walk Mix

Jessica Smith TV:

10 Minute Toning Walk

10 Minute Interval Walk

12 Minute Indoor Power Walk

Lower Body Circuit Walk

Upper Body Circuit Walk

Barefoot Fusion Walk

9 Week Rotation:

Week 1:

Day 1: WS #1: Total Body Training

Day 2: WS #1: Brain Fitness Fun

Day 3: WS #1: Lower Body Sculpt

Day 4: WS #1: Upper Body Sculpt

Day 5: WS #1: Cardio Party

Day 6: Feel Good Fusion: Fusion Strength

Day 7 : WS #1: Dynamic Stretch

Week 2:

Day 1 WS #1: Total Body Training

Day 2: WS #1: Interval Mix

Day 3: WS #1: Barefoot Fusion Sculpt

Day 4: WS #1: 360 Abs

Day 5: WS #1: Total Body Training

Day 6: 5 Fat Burning Miles (Belly, Buns & Thighs + Power Posture + Strong Knees & Hips)

Day 7: Feel Good Fusion: Flow Cardio + Total Stretch: Deep Stretch

Week 3:

Day 1: 21 Day Weight Loss: Tread & Shred

Day 2: 21 Day Weight Loss: Low Impact HIIT

Day 3: 21 Day Weight Loss: Cardio Core Walk

Day 4: Walk Off Bell Fat: Strength Training premix (Day 2)

Day 5: Walk the Weight Off: 30 Minute HIIT Walk

Day 6: Walk the Weight Off: Strength Interval Walk + Total Stretch: Total Stretch

Day 7: Walk the Weight Off: 15 Minute Calorie Burst + 20 Minute Chair Stretch

Week 4:

Day 1: Walk the Weight Off: Toning Walk

Day 2: Walk the Weight Off: Pyramid Power Walk

Day 3: Metabolism Booster: Upper Body Circuit Walk

Day 4: Metabolism Booster: Lower Body Circuit Walk

Day 5: Walk the Weight Off: Fat Blaster Walk

Day 6: Walk the Weight Off: 40 Minute Mega Burn + Standing Abs

Day 7: Feel Good Fusion: Flow Cardio + Walk the Weight Off: Healthy Back Workout

Week 5:

Day 1: Metabolism Booster: Total Body Time Saver + Stronger Knees

Day 2: Walk the Weight Off: HIIT Walk

Day 3: Metabolism Booster: Lower Body Circuit Walk

Day 4: Metabolism Booster: Upper Body Circuit Walk

Day 5: 21 day Weight Loss: Cardio Core Walk

Day 6: Walk the Weight Off: Strength Interval Walk + Chair Stretch

Day 7: 5 Fat Burning Miles (Turbo Charged Walk) + Walk the Weight Off: Health Back Workout + Total Stretch: Total Stretch

Week 6: I had doctor’s appointments Days 3 & 5

Day 1: 21 Day Weight Loss: Tread & Shred

Day 2: Walk the Weight Off: Pyramid Power Walk

Day 3: Metabolism Booster: Lower Body Circuit Walk + 5 Fat Burning Miles (Belly, Buns & Thighs + Turbo Charged Walk)

Day 4: Metabolism Booster: Upper Body Circuit Walk

Day 5: Walk Off Belly Fat: Day 1 premix

Day 6: Metabolism Booster: Total Body Time Saver + 21 Day Weight Loss: Low Impact Walk

Day 7: Total Stretch: Dynamic Stretch

Week 7: This week I started working out for approx. 45 minutes every day (longer on weekends); I also had a doctor’s appointment on Day 4

Day 1: WS #2: Boost Metabolism + Muscle: Upper Body Focus + JSTV Upper Body Circuit Walk

Day 2: WS #2: Boost Metabolism + Muscle: Lower Body Focus + JSTV Lower Body Circuit Walk

Day 3: WS #2: Burn Fat & Have Fun: Stride & Step + JSTV Indoor Power Walk

Day 4: WS #2: Boost Metabolism + Muscle: Total Body Focus + Burn Fat & Have Fun: Ready, Steady, Go

Day 5: Walk off Belly Fat: Day 3 premix

Day 6: Walk the Weight Off: Strength Interval Walk + 15 Minute Calorie Blaster

Day 7: WS #2: Build Balance + Inner Strength: Core Control + Yoga Stretch: AM Energy Flow

Week 8: I was off work Day 4 & 5 so I did longer workouts on those days.

Day 1: WS #3: Total Body + Total Body Training

Day 2: WS #3: Cardio Step Jam + JSTV: 10 Minute Interval Walk

Day 3: WS #3: Cardio Interval Step + Streamline Sculpt

Day 4: WS #3: Cardio Hit! + 6 Minute Mile (Mile 4, 6, cool down & stretch)

Day 5: WS #3: Upper Body + 6 Minute Mile (Mile 1, 2, cool down & stretch)

Day 6: WS #3: Lower Body + 6 Minute Mile (Mile 3, 5, cool down & stretch)

Day 7: JSTV: Barefoot Fusion Walk + Yoga Stretch: PM Relaxing Flow

Week 9:

Day 1: WS #3: Metabolic Conditioning + JSTV 10 Minute Toning Walk

Day 2: WS #3: Boogie I.T. + Quick Walk Mix: Powered Up Walk

Day 3: WS #3: Lower Body + Quick Walk Mix: Buns & Thighs

Day 4: WS # 3 Upper Body + Quick Walk Mix: Abs & Arms Walk

Day 5: WS #3 Cardio Hit! + Quick Walk Mix: Happy HIIT Walk

Day 6: WS #3 Total Body + Quick Walk Mix: Steppin’ Strength Walk + Dance Walk + Chair Stretch

Day 7: WS #3: Barefoot Cardio Core + Yoga Strength & Stretch




15 thoughts on “Jessica Smith Beginner Rotation

  1. Thank you so much for this! I have been a long time blog follower and was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I remember reading about your journey and went back searching for it to re-read. Let me say how encouraging it is to read about someone who was able to work out almost every day. I really needed to read that instead of all the horror stories. I thought i was going to breeze through with surgery and radiation but found out this week that chemo is likely. I am going to order Jessica’s DVDs today and print out the rotation so I at least have a plan. I am glad that you have recovered so well and wish you all the best going forward.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Sue! I am so glad this rotation is helpful and I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It is hard to stay motivated and active when going through treatment but everything I read says that continuing to exercise helps you weather treatment better. I think it helped me a lot. You just have to keep moving at whatever level your body will allow. I followed Debbie (Jessica’s mom) a lot during treatment! I was always grateful that Jessica’s workouts offer so many different levels you can perform exercises at. Just focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know what specific type or stage of breast cancer you have but thankfully it is usually very treatable. You just have to get through the treatment (which often feels so much worse than the actual cancer when you are going through it). Best wishes and I hope you weather treatment well!


  2. I had a right side mastectomy in 2020. Did the chemo and radiation before that. Today I will finish a year of infusions that are to help prevent a recurrence. I had recently started to put together my on own plan from the many Jessica Smith DVDs I own and a Breast Cancer Recovery Exercise DVD I recently purchased. I have followed Jessica for some time now but the infusions sap energy and leave me tired.

    Thanks for this Plan I will hopefully get started with it next week or the following week.

    I am glad you are recovering from your own cancer journey and wish you well


    1. I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. It is a long and difficult journey–I am glad to hear that you have made it to the other side and are on the road to building yourself back up. I underwent all of my treatment in 2018 and reconstruction in 2019. It wasn’t until early 2021 that I began to feel my old self again. So give yourself time.


  3. I wanted to say a *HUGE* thank you for posting this!!! I had been trying to get back into working out after a big surgery, but I couldn’t find a beginner rotation that would “stick” (I get terrible workout ADHD and most beginner rotations repeat the same workouts and dvd constantly).

    This had enough variety to keep my interest that I’ve been able to stick with it the whole time and get the huge confidence boost of *FINALLY* completing a rotation. I’m excited to try your regular beginner rotation and hope maybe one day you do an intermediate rotation. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome, Aeryth! I just had another surgery myself yesterday. Outpatient with a 4-6 week rehab. So I will be returning to formal exercise at a much lower level myself in June/July. I may put together a more intermediate level rotation when I am ready for that and post it here.


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