Walk On: Walk Off Belly Fat

Walk Off Belly Fat is part of Jessica Smith‘s Walk On series. On this DVD, Jessica has 3 workouts plus a warm up and a cool down. You can do everything individually or Jessica has a premix menu that combines some of the workouts and lists them by Days (Day 1-5) so you have your workout schedule already done for you–5 days of different workouts. Jessica’s mom Debbie is present doing easier versions of the exercises and there is a new (to me) person named Raquel doing more difficult versions of the exercises.

These were all great beginner level workouts. Due to chemo they actually challenged me! They didn’t kill me or wipe me out, I was able to get through them from beginning to end, but they gave me a great workout, considering. Obviously if you are an advanced exerciser or even intermediate this probably won’t be for you–but maybe for a recovery day or easier workout day? As always Jessica makes her workouts fun.

The warm up is 5 minutes long and the cool down stretch is 6 minutes long. Jessica and her mom use a chair for the stretch and Raquel does her stretch on a mat. During the workouts little health and fitness factoids appear on the screen and, for the walks, you get a notification each time you walk a mile.

2 Mile Belly Fat Blast Interval Walk is 30 minutes long. The structure of the workout is steady state for 3 minutes, higher intensity for 2 minutes. At the halfway point (after you finish one mile) you hear a bell ring. That means the intervals flip–steady state for 2 minutes, higher intensity for 3 minutes. This was a great little workout. Not HIIT level, but it worked me well. These walking workouts actually tax me now and this one gave me a good workout.

  1. Walk or jog forward and back
  2. Side steps on an angle while arcing arms hip to hip
  3. Hamstring curls
  4. Jump rope (3 different levels shown)
  5. Alternating knee raises w/ pull down arms
  6. 2 steps side to side w/ chest fly arms
  7. Alternating low kicks while pushing arms out in front of you
  8. Alternating lunge backs
  9. Side steps w/ claps
  10. Double side step w/ chest fly arms
  11. March or jog while pushing arms overhead
  12. Wide march; changes to wide knee pulls w/ pull down arms
  13. Hamstring curls
  14. Side step w/double jab to side; punch changes to jab-cross
  15. Shuffle feet while punching arms overhead; changes to punching arms in front of chest
  16. Wide alternating knee pulls
  17. Repeat #14 on other side of body
  18. Repeat #15 & 16
  19. Changes back to a shuffle w/ front punch; arms change to speed bag
  20. Halfway point; march in place while Jessica explains how the intervals will now flip
  21. Alternating low front kicks
  22. Side to side zig-zag steps
  23. Lateral skaters w/ arms swinging side to side
  24. Wide double knee pulls
  25. Power walk or jog while pushing arms overhead
  26. Alternate tapping toes out to side while swinging one arm overhead (kind of looks like a pendulum move–but low impact)
  27. Step side to side while clapping; changes to double side steps
  28. Grapevine
  29. Heel taps to the front while pushing arms down
  30. Alternating toe tap to the back (or scissor run) while punching arms up
  31. Double knee strikes to the front
  32. Power walk or jog w/ jumping jack arms
  33. Repeat #30
  34. Alternating low kicks
  35. Hamstring curls w/ row arms; changes to double hamstring curls
  36. Repeat #34
  37. Side steps while arcing arms from hip to hip; arms change to arcing overhead hip to hip
  38. Lateral skaters while swinging alternating arms overhead
  39. March or jog w/ jumping jack arms
  40. Repeat #37 & 38
  41. March in place

3 Mile Flat Abs Power Walk is 45:30 minutes long. This is a steady state walk–low to moderate intensity. This was a great low impact cardio walk that did just what it was supposed to–got me moving and burned some calories. I was sweating and I enjoyed it. The workout consists of lots of basic march variations. Sometimes the variations are arm movements, sometimes it is marching forward and back, side steps, etc. Jessica does use lots of arm movements to work the core. There are also knee lift variations, heel digs, hamstring curls, lateral skaters, V-steps, grapevines, step kicks and upper body boxing moves. I wore weighted gloves to increase the intensity a bit.

Belly Blasting Strength Training is 19:30 minutes. Equipment: dumbbells and a chair; optional–water bottles instead of dumbbells and no chair, just a mat. Raquel doesn’t use the chair at all and does the core work laying on the mat rather than standing like Jessica and Debbie. Debbie is doing even easier variations of the exercises than Jessica is showing. Debbie is also using water bottles (filled with water) in place of dumbbells. The weights that Jessica and Raquel used looked very light–maybe 5 pounds. As you can see, mine were pretty light, too, but heavier than that. I used 4-15 pound dumbbells. What I used is listed below. This is a short little total body strength workout. I enjoyed it. It didn’t tax me like some of Jessica’s Walk Strong strength workouts do but this is about all I can handle lately so it did the job.

  1. Deadlift + bicep curl+ overhead press (9# DBs)
  2. Squats (15# DBs)
  3. Repeat #1 & 2
  4. Lunge w/ diagonal raise (raise DB from opposite hip out and up to same side) (one 6# DB)
  5. Wide plie squat w/ a reach and row (reach DB down toward opposite knee when squatting then pull back into a back row) (one 9# DB)
  6. Repeat #4 on other side of body
  7. Repeat #5
  8. In split stance do standing chest press (4# DBs)
  9. Hinge forward at hips and do alternating lawnmower rows (9# DBs)
  10. Standing, circle one straight leg to side (balance move)
  11. In split stance do a chest scoop (6# DBs)
  12. Hinge forward at hips and do a wide back row (9# DBs)
  13. Still in split stance, do a bicep curl while raising one leg behind you (8# DBs)
  14. Overhead tricep extensions while standing on one leg and raising one knee then pushing the foot down (6# DBs)
  15. Repeat #13 & 14 on other side of the body
  16. Standing single side bicycle crunch (raise and lower knee while bringing elbow to knee)
  17. Lean forward, one hand on seat of chair, raise one leg and bring knee in (but raised so it is out to side of body) and bring same side elbow to meet knee then push arm and leg out straight
  18. Get into straight arm plank with hands on seat of chair and hold plank
  19. Repeat 16 & 17 on other side of body
  20. Repeat #18
  21. Standing front crunch while bringing knee in toward elbows


Day 1: Flat Abs Power Walk 57 minutes (warm up, 3 mile power walk and cool down)

Day 2: Belly Blasting Strength Training 31 minutes (warm up, strength training and cool down)

Day 3: Belly Fat Blast Interval Walk 41 minutes (warm up, 2 mile interval walk and cool down)

Day 4: Flat Abs Power Walk 57 minutes (warm up, 3 mile power walk and cool down)

Day 5: Belly Blasting Strength Interval Combo 61 minutes (warm up, strength training, 2 mile interval walk and cool down)



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