Reebok Step: The Video

Reebok Step: The Video is the oldest workout I still own. I owned this workout on VHS and did it all the time it back in the 1990s--I loved it then. When I saw it was on DVD and I was rehabilitating from my accident 10 years ago, I bought it and did it then. … Continue reading Reebok Step: The Video


Simply Circuit

Simply Circuit is a cardio + strength workout, and the strength work is all upper body focused. Those types of workouts are hard to come by so as soon as I read that this was upper body focused, I bought it! I got this workout on sale on Gin Miller's website a while ago--and it … Continue reading Simply Circuit

Gin Miller’s Simply Interval

Simply Interval is a 42 minute cardio/HIIT workout; 5 minute warm up, 33 minute training time and 4 minute cool down. This is another oldie but goody—I had forgotten how much I enjoy Gin Miller’s workouts. She is motivating, she creates solid workouts and her cuing is excellent. Plus—she has great hair! Especially in this … Continue reading Gin Miller’s Simply Interval