Gin Miller’s Simply Interval

Simply Interval is a 42 minute cardio/HIIT workout; 5 minute warm up, 33 minute training time and 4 minute cool down. This is another oldie but goody—I had forgotten how much I enjoy Gin Miller’s workouts. She is motivating, she creates solid workouts and her cuing is excellent. Plus—she has great hair! Especially in this workout! This is a great interval/HIIT workout. The intensity increases as the workout progresses; so the HIITs don’t seem that intense at first, but as the workout progresses they definitely get harder. You use a step for this workout—the higher the step, the higher the intensity. I used an 8 inch step. On the step you will do high impact moves and even some plyometrics. Between intervals and when Gin is demonstrating a move you have the option to march in place or do a recovery move on the step. I always did the recovery move. She shows several levels of intensity—low impact, high impact and higher impact (usually the plyo). Each HIIT is done for one minute. However, the first HIIT is actually done 90 seconds and halfway through the workout she inserts a bonus 15 second HIIT—a completely different move. 

The training period consists of 8 HIITs: 1. 5 knee repeaters, 2. L-tap scissors, 3. Leap, dig and lunge, 4. Press lunge, 5. Shift kicks, 6. Swim and kick, 7. Lindy tap pendulum, 8. Jacks up and down. None of the moves are difficult to learn. It’s not basic choreography, but not complex either—maybe a higher level of basic choreography? She also demonstrates each move, then has you go through them with her before the HIIT, so you are familiar with the foot work. And if you are doing the preview in high-impact-mode, you are getting more than 60 seconds of high intensity work. 

Overall, it is a great little workout—high intermediate level. Makes me want to pull out more of my Gin Miller workouts.


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