Cathe’s Cardio Kicks

This is another Cathe workout that has multiple workouts on one DVD. And I LOVE that. However, because I am currently doing Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution for my strength work, I can only do the cardio workout on this DVD. So for today, you only get a review for the Cardio Kicks workout. Circuit Max will be reviewed separately at a later date once I finish Body Revolution

Cardio Kicks is a 58 minute cardio kickboxing workout; 12 minute warm up, 38 minute training period and 8 minute cool down/stretch. Another awesome, fun, intense kickboxing workout by Cathe. I loved this one! Very high energy and I would say it is a high intermediate/low advanced workout. I used weight gloves. I really liked the moves in this workout. Nothing complicated and it was a mix between athletic moves, some high energy aerobics and kickboxing. The warm up is very active with punching, kicks and some aerobic moves and a little bit of stretching. After the warm up you move into 23 minutes of combos. These combos were combined in different ways, so I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure how many combos there were. Perhaps has many as 8? As few as 6? I would think one was an individual punch combo then later it is combined with other “combos” to make a larger combo. Now, normally when an instructor (including Cathe!) does things add-on style it is obvious. Not so with this workout! By then end of the combos though, you are doing every single one of them strung together in one huge combo! But don’t worry—the actual number of combos isn’t really important. It was fun and it was a great workout! That’s what is important. A few of the more aerobic-style moves use up a lot of floor space. She does give suggestions if you are limited on floor space, but still—some of the moves are space hogs! 

After the combos you move into 15 minutes of what she calls Power Drills, but which are basically HIITs. LOVE THEM. They are not the highest intensity HIITs I’ve ever done, but they do the job! They range from jump kicks, to plyometrics to fast/hard punch drills. There are 8 drills total—with number 8 being a long combination of all of the drills strung together with a few new moves added in. 

The workout ends with a nice long cool down/stretch. This workout was a ton of fun, high intensity and an overall great workout with motivating music. Although not perfect, Cathe’s cuing was much better in this workout than in some of her other kickboxing workouts I have done recently. Also, she actually does some instruction in this workout. In all the other Cathe kickboxing workouts there is the assumption that you are not new to kickboxing and so nothing is explained or demonstrated. That is fine with me because I am not new to kickboxing; however, many people are, and this workout gives some minor instruction.

11 thoughts on “Cathe’s Cardio Kicks

    1. Hi Debbie! I actually like longer warm ups but if its too long for you and you feel sufficiently warmed up after 5 minutes then forwarding to the actual workout will not hurt anything. As long as you feel warmed up and ready to kick it up a notch is all that matters.


  1. I am so very sorry. I reread your review and saw that you said that you used weighted gloves. So first off i didn’t really need to ask my question about boxing gloves because i have 2 pound weighted gloves. The other thing is I reread your answer and I took it out of context. For that I apologize. I love and appreciate your reviews and your quick answers.

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    1. I am so glad you are not upset! Cathe’s 2 pound gloves really kick up the intensity of her kickboxing workouts. It’s actually a bit much for me right now–I’m only using one pound gloves, but I will be back up to the 2 pound gloves this year!


  2. Thank you for your response. However what was that first sentence to my question all about. “I don’t know why not.” It was a yes or no question. Too me it kinda sounded snippy. This will be my last question to you.


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