Build Balance + Inner Strength

Build Balance + Inner Strength is part of Jessica Smith's Walk Strong 2 series. The other 2 DVDs that are part of this series are Burn Fat & Have Fun and Boost Metabolism + Muscle. There is a 1:30 minute intro in which Jessica explains that the 3 workouts on this DVD¬†are "fusion" type workouts. … Continue reading Build Balance + Inner Strength


Burn Fat & Have Fun

Burn Fat & Have Fun is part of Jessica Smith's Walk Strong 2 program. The other two DVDs in this collection/program are Boost Metabolism & Muscle and Build Balance & Inner Strength (which will be reviewed later this month). She also has a Walk Strong 1 program and a Walk Strong 3 program--these workouts fall … Continue reading Burn Fat & Have Fun

Walk Strong 3

Walk Strong 3 is the third program in the Walk Strong series from Jessica Smith. Though I will be summarizing the program here and reviewing each of the workouts, here is Jessica's website that gives her own description, a video clip and other information about the Walk Strong 3 program. And here is a page … Continue reading Walk Strong 3

Walk Strong: 6 Week Total Transformation System

Walk Strong is a fitness program by Jessica Smith. It has been on my wish list since I discovered her via her YouTube workouts. I had planned to get it with any¬†Amazon gift cards I got for Christmas and my birthday (since I always get them) but then Groupon offered it for half the price … Continue reading Walk Strong: 6 Week Total Transformation System

Boost Metabolism + Muscle

Boost Metabolism + Muscle is a workout DVD by Jessica Smith that has been on my wishlist for a long time but I couldn't decide to get it until I discovered Jessica's YouTube channel JessicaSmithTV. I have done a lot of her free YouTube workouts and I love them--so I finally bought it. This DVD … Continue reading Boost Metabolism + Muscle